Adding a community section to your WordPress website could be your interest. If so, you can add forums and other discussion boards to help in better user engagement. Thus it helps in building a community on your website. It would help if you were connected to different people in the world. Or with this, you can even find out specific individuals who have the same interest as your discussion topic.

What Are The Different WordPress Forums Available In The Market To Add Community Section To Your Website?

Forums are relevant in community building and conversation logging. Thus you can get a functional integration with the websites. We all know, there are a significant number of forums if you need to choose them online. 

Suppose if you like gardening, then Google search will bring specific forums for you. The same is for web design, basketball, email marketing, and the forums for men with long hair. If you want to add these forums to your WordPress website, consider the forum plug for integration to the current website. 

Why Do You Need A WordPress Forum?

SEO Value For your underrated website, forums can play a significant role in overcoming this problem. It is the best way to have improved SEO value in the best manner. Forums contain useful content that helps to rank your website in a better manner. Thus it helps to bring up a lot of search traffic on your website. 


WordPress provides the best platform for supporting a website to have more customers on it. Also, it offers a board for discussing questions and answers. Thus it relatively answers all user queries. 

Social Networking

Forums are the best way to create an excellent social network with users. Thus it offers the best platform for the interaction of the user and the owner to discuss relevant topics and keep sharing their ideas and network. 

It is possible to turn a website into a full forum. However, for that, you need to choose a theme instead of a plugin. The best part for the forums is it has evolved over many years. These could be question-answer layout a picked by Stack Overflow and Quora. 

Similarly, you can work with WordPress forums with different styles with the help of different plugins options. If you outline different features, you need even to consider the total cost it can keep for you. There are several WordPress forum Plugin, which is very famous. With the list we mention below for the forums, you can get complete detailed information for different types of forums available for WordPress. Decide the one that suits the best for your website. 

You have millions of choices to compare and thus find the best out of all. The entire forum world is growing day by day. Also, you can contribute to this with the best WordPress forum plugin. 

Choose the Best WordPress Forum Plugin Available in 2020

Plugins need to undergo complete testing to find out what experience users have with you. It can even let you know if the customers are enjoying the way the website appears. This entirely depends upon the forums you have managed to include on your website. To help you with choosing the best forum, you have put a together list for testing. However, make sure you check in-depth reviews and their features. 

Buddy Press

Buddy Press- What Are The Different WordPress Forums Available In The Market To Add Community Section To Your Website?

If you are building an excellent social network using a WordPress Website, Buddy Press is the best choice for you. Buddy Press ensures to have specific coding skills and the standards as WordPress. Thus using this forum plugin, you can quickly create a full online community with the profiles of users, his activity streams, messaging, and other networking options. 

As Facebook works, Buddy Press allows the users to add new friends and send them messages and create several groups. Also, you get notifications with it. The best reason why all love to have a BuddyPress forum is a feature-rich online platform. The working of BuddyPress is similar to bbPress, as they both offer go-to solutions for the online communities.

One other similarity is the development group for both forum plugin. It is a free and open-source platform that makes you trouble-free while launching a website. It is like a social network packed up into a plugin. One other best part is the combination working of bbPress and BuddyPress together as one. Thus it is the right platform for people to build up relationships with other people.

Standard Features of BuddyPress WordPress Forum Plugin

  • You can use BuddyPress for free, and still, this platform is developing. 
  • There is a 100+ plugin that develops every day. Consider an instance of using BuddyPress with registration. There is a unique plugin featuring this function. 

DW Question & Answer

DW Question- What Are The Different WordPress Forums Available In The Market To Add Community Section To Your Website?

If you want to develop a community like Quora questions and answers, then there is nothing better than using DW Question & Answer Forum Plugin for the same. This forum has threads and conversations in the form of Question and Answers. On the next, this website features a sound voting system, and hence the best answer which users found to be relevant will rise to the top. What makes the DW forum to be unique is its voting feature. It gains a lot of attention from people with better responses. DW Question and Answer has primary control over quality as people love to explore different answers to a particular question.

Standard Features for using DW Question & Answer Forum

  • DW Question & Answer is a wholly organized way of questioning and answering. The best part is the introduction of a voting system, which shows relevant questions on the top. 
  • There is a captcha that keeps scammers out.
  • Some shortcodes help you get rid of the forum on a particular page in a few seconds.
  • You can create your private questions and answers from the discussion and, hence, a better user base.
  • There are some unique add-ons available with DW Question & Answer that you need to download. Take an instance of add-ons on the leaderboard to the forum.


Forums- What Are The Different WordPress Forums Available In The Market To Add Community Section To Your Website?

Undoubtedly premium versions bring a better alternative for using WordPress Forum Plugin. Forum is a premium forum plugin that provides the best options if you want to create a successful forum on the WordPress Website. The best part of this plugin is the user-friendly choice. 

Usually, people love working with Forum Plugin for the front end on their website. Thus admin will have the option to manage the replies, questions, tags, categories, and topics. 

Standard Features for Using the Forum WordPress Forum Plugin

  • All the premium options are beneficial while using Forum if you want to create a successful forum on your WordPress Website. 
  • Forum is a minimalist plugin that is also user-friendly. 
  • If you want to work on the front end of your website to attract more and more users, then Forum is the best option. 
  • The forum helps in the management of different topics, replies, tags, categories, and forums. 

Asgaros Forum

Asgaros- What Are The Different WordPress Forums Available In The Market To Add Community Section To Your Website?

If you want to work on the changes with the current website by making it a lightweight forum, there is no other better option than Asgaros Forum. You can insert a shortcode on a particular page with this WordPress Forum Plugin. Thus it is straightforward for the admin to keep everything on track with fast and easy accessibility. You have a simple structure with elegant looks that has a powerful editor and the notification system.

Now it has become easy for the users to create their profile and thus end by forming member’s list. On the other hand, people have a choice to complete messaging, upload, and search. 

Standard Features of Using Asgaros Forum

  • If you use Asgaros Forum, it becomes easy to manage the topic and a post as simple as possible. 
  • You can allow for guest posting with this forum. However, you cannot turn off guest posting.
  • Asgaros is free to use the forum as there is no other upsell in the way.
  • There is one statistics page in the forum that lets you see how it is performing. You can even get into the admin tools for search and ban the use of users. 
  • You can upload different files into Asgaros Plugin.
  • Asgaros makes your website lightweight and offers traditional layouts with the modernized design. 
  • On the website, developed will have a donation button, which shows if they would contribute to the work or not.
  • This plugin has an option to work with widgets. Thus you can add different modules. It has multisite compatibility, which offers a mobile theme.

Discussion Board- WordPress Forum Plugin

Discussion Board- What Are The Different WordPress Forums Available In The Market To Add Community Section To Your Website?

If you want to have a minimalist and a new forum, you can place it on the website using the Discussion Board Forum Plugin. It works with a single click installation process and hence best for the beginners to use it. It is a frontend forum to create registrations such that users can further post the topics through the simple form. It is a lite version for WordPress forum Plugin that has standard functionality. Thus it works for most of the organizations. If you want to have a premium version for this forum, it begins at $29 and then lasts to $49. 

Standard Features for Using the Discussion Board WordPress Forum Plugin

  • With the Discussion Board, you will have an option for the free and simple forum. You have the option to use the powerful and premium features at $29.
  • For this forum, User Management is a significant concern. The user has the option of login from the frontend with the necessary form. These forms are not complicated, and hence it makes it easy to use.
  • You have complete spam protection if you are using this forum. Thus you can keep away all the junk posts and the bots. 
  • This forum has three layouts included in it. It has done most of the customization with the help of WordPress Customizer
  • You have an option for using thousands of shortcodes like login forms, lists, content, and much more.
  • There is a premium version that helps in setting the post statuses. 

WpForo Forum

Wpforo Forum- What Are The Different WordPress Forums Available In The Market To Add Community Section To Your Website?

If you want to have a free version of a forum with attractive features, nothing could be better than having WPForo Forum. A company can make money by selling different add-ons. The collection provides various options like custom user field, polls, ad management, private, messaging, and much more. It is the best option for those who want to have something unique and exciting with modern design. The colors are bright with a nicely organized thread and hence comfortable for the user to work with it. Even there are many layouts provided to let you start with all modern and responsive designs. 

Standard Features for Using WPForo Forum

  • It has a modern layout than using any other forum plugin. Thus it gives good competition to others.
  • Users have an option to vote and give answers to the questions presented. 
  • This forum has a different profile system as per modern needs. It has member ratings and badges that give out credibility.
  • This forum runs with drag and drops editor. So why to mess between the code?
  • You have an option to subscribe to different topics and also receive the notifications with the updated topic. 
  • There are three different layouts available with WPForo. These are an extended forum, simplified forum, and the question-answer format. 

Final Verdict

WordPress forum plugins have been simplified for a long time. These have helped in generating the conversation for the organization on ethical norms. If you are done with your search, then you would like to go for a real forum plugin, as listed above. So, choose the one according to your needs. Only a few organizations are interested in the forums. In case you want a modern design, then WPForo is the first choice for you. To build social networks, there could be nothing better than going for the BuddyPress forum. It makes a good sense. Hence you must choose the one that suits your requirement as others want in the form of questions and answers.

Kriyank Patel

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