With the use of the power of WordPress and a suitable directory WordPress theme, classifieds advertisement and listing websites can be created easily. Throughout the world, classifieds advertising is a multi-billion dollar industry.

11 Best WordPress Classifieds Themes For 2021

The industry is continuing to create consistent growth, largely thanks to online classifieds advertising. It should never be taken lightly while selecting the right WordPress theme for your directory is an all-important decision to make. You are afforded the ability to create professional directory websites by harnessing the power of WordPress, coupled with a premium theme.

For the classified sites, keep reading to find the top WordPress themes. You might like our guide on how to create a site like Craiglist if this is your first website. You can add a classified ads plugin instead if you already like the design of your site.

Classified WordPress Themes

Each of these themes works well with the latest version of WordPress and is responsive or mobile-friendly. As an excellent classified ads business, use these templates to start a classified directory, build a reputation, and sell advertising.

The following are the top picks for the best-classified ad WordPress themes for 2021:

1. ClassiAds by Design Invento (Themeforest)

ClassiAds by Design Invento- 11 Best WordPress Classifieds Themes For 2021

Theme Description

Used mainly for classified websites, Classiads is a WordPress theme. It is the theme that mainly focuses on an important design concern with its experience for the user for your website.

It is becoming a growing concern for search engine rankings as you want your website to be mobile-friendly, and Classiads nail the mobile designClassiads nail the mobile design. It allows you to use a massive variety of fonts for your website, as you will love the advanced typography specifically.

The customization of your website is made incredibly easy with the drag-and-drop design options. By allowing you to jump right into the launch of your website with the installation of Classiads makes it a quick and simple process. You can support several product types as there are many custom fields.

2. AdForest by ScriptsBundle (Themeforest)

AdForest by ScriptsBundle-11 Best WordPress Classifieds Themes For 2021

Theme Description

For the classified ad sites, AdForest is yet another great Themeforest theme. Customers are a big fan of the support the developers are providing as it has got a clean design and some great features. They are all very comprehensive with the listings in AdForest. Including the photos and videos are easily accessible, and contact information is kept readily available in multiple locations with all of the details you could want to know about the items.

On-site messages, bidding on ads, and seller ratings, are some cool features of AdForest. There is likely much more coming to the theme of this classified ad with the developers who are constantly updating them with the addition of new features.

3. Classifieds Theme by PremiumPress

Classifieds Theme by PremiumPress- 11 Best WordPress Classifieds Themes For 2021

Theme Description

The simplicity in its installation is one aspect that you will love about Classifiedstheme by PremiumPress. To have Classifieds installed on your website quickly as you do not have to be a technical wizard, and you have complete access to its treasure trove of features once it is set up.

It includes the Google Maps embeds, built-in memberships, on-site messaging, pricing tables, Elementor compatibility, and a lot more are the popular features here. You can set up recurring payments with members who can easily create free or paid accounts, and it means that you will be getting passive income through your website. Classifieds offers integration with on-page advertisement space that makes sure even more revenue for your website additionally.

4. Listfinity by Pebas (Themeforest)

Listfinity by Pebas- 11 Best WordPress Classifieds Themes For 2021

Theme Description

Listfinity has a clean and spacious design compared to most of the other classified ad themes. It is still effectively designed since ads are featured prominently despite showing fewer ads on-screen on several of the layouts.

The unique functionality is what really sets Listfinity apart. It includes advanced searching and filtering through the custom fields like all the classified ad themes. Listfinityhelps you in creating a nested system to make the visitors filter consecutively narrowing down their search, however. They can easily select a continent, then a country, and then a city along with its specific neighborhood or the street, for example.

Listfinity truly is a full-fledged classified ads theme as it is a lot more than a directory theme. Including the upsells for including more pictures or placing the ad more prominently on the site, there are many ways to charge the members for ad listings. To become a massive success years ago, these are the tactics that eBay used.

5. Motors by Stylemix Themes (Themeforest)

Motors by Stylemix Themes- 11 Best WordPress Classifieds Themes For 2021

Theme Description

With an emphasis on automobiles, Motors is a classified theme by Stylemix Themes. For the car dealerships, repair shops, boat dealers, general directories, and car rentals, multiple demos are set up. It is what makes them the unique choice among the developers.

You need not be thrown off by the name in itself. For any classified directory, motors can be used. You will be able to select any criteria for the search filters as it can allow you to select any. A car dealership can make use of qualities like the make, model, and the condition of the car in which your visitors are going to find them.

The individual inventory item pages, motors have several layouts for the directory pages. The product comparison table that allows the visitors to make a purchase decision is the most specific and cool feature here. Motors is a great them and an obvious choice for anyone who gets into the industry of automobile overall.

6. Classima by RadiusTheme (Themeforest)

Classima by RadiusTheme- 11 Best WordPress Classifieds Themes For 2021

Theme Description

Many of the webmasters will be happy to use Classima, which is a gorgeous theme. It has got all the aspects of the business that you need, with some great customer reviews, an attractive design and it also comes at a lower price than most of the alternatives.

With the classified listing features that are also added, Classima has directory functionality here. The members can pay to add listings on the site that will eventually expire after the members are done signing up. Including the perks like more listings and more prominent placement, there is also an option to sell a subscription membership.

To make it a top choice amongst WordPress users, this premium theme also includes some advanced features. A live chat option allows the buyers and sellers to communicate directly on your site, for instance. To give you a great way to create custom designs, it also integrates with the Elementor page builder plugin for page creation.

7. Classiera by JoinWebs (Themeforest)

Classiera by JoinWebs- 11 Best WordPress Classifieds Themes For 2021

Theme Description

A theme for directory and ad listing websites in WordPress is Classiera by JoinWebs. It is a very flexible theme that you are going to notice right away. All come in with their own unique features, as Classiera has five different homepages. While still hammering out your official website’s final details, a neat countdown feature can also be used. You also get seemingly endless ways to fine-tune the content and design with the custom category options.

To find what they need, the advanced search bar with the Classiera gives users a detailed set of options here. To discover the listings, that includes the Google Maps integration along withClassieramaking even searching by location a good possibility. The features presented at Classiera will make you and your visitors fall in love.

8. ClassiPress by AppThemes

ClassiPress by AppThemes- 11 Best WordPress Classifieds Themes For 2021

Theme Description

For making use of classified ad websites, ClassiPress is an App Theme WordPress theme. Leaving you more time to see what is inside of this theme, this is a straightforward theme to install. Including the ones that are related to fixed, percentage, and category pricing, your ads will have several customization options. You can select the ads to feature on the homepage with the custom fields that can be added to your ads easily.

Memberships are completely integrated with ClassiPress as they are the prominent feature of classified websites. The ability to add a 30-day unlimited membership option at a price of your choosing is one popular feature of this theme here. You will have anyone wanting to start their own membership offering unlimited access to the features of the websites.

9. Classifieds by Templatic

Classifieds by Templatic- 11 Best WordPress Classifieds Themes For 2021

Theme Description

The visitors will enjoy browsing more than a simple list of links with these Classified themes that have really a visual look. You can help the visitors quickly navigate the content of the site with the use of icon-based category buttons with the promotion of popular ads on the homepage. Advanced filtering and user ad submission to make monetizing your site easy is what is included in this Templatic WP theme.

10. Classify by JoinWebs (Themeforest)

Classify by JoinWebs- 11 Best WordPress Classifieds Themes For 2021

Theme Description

To create an ad marketplace that comes with a great feature set is a solid theme. Google Maps embeds, custom details, and image sliders are supported by the Ad pages. For clothing like the brand and size, along with the addition of info like the location and experience needs for a job listing, is what you can add.

To list several ads, in-ad video support that arrives with a bundled with Layerslider is how Classify comes as. If you like the clean aesthetics of Classify, then you can consider the other themes in this list first.

11. ClassifiedEngine by EngineThemes

ClassifiedEngine by EngineThemes- 11 Best WordPress Classifieds Themes For 2021

Theme Description

The WordPress theme that can really make your website stand out is the ClassifiedEngine. To create, edit, and monetize the ad space, this theme has several customization options. The nature and the user-friendliness of the interface will also be noticed by the sellers. To show off all their listings on the site, they will love to create a profile even. As ClassifiedEngine features integrated payment gateways, you can even allow your users to set up some specific payment plans.

You will not have to worry about any search engine penalties on mobile as ClassifiedEngine automatically will create a mobile-friendly version of your website. To all the aspects of your website, you can also integrate the map functionality.

Which Classified Ads Theme Is Suited For You?

It can be tough to select just a single theme with all these great options that are present, so here we have a few of the closing thoughts. ClassiAds has received loads of five-star ratings from its customers as it has been around for quite a while. You can go with ClassiAds if you wish to have a dependable choice for a classified ads theme. Listfinity is a newer theme that is making a splash. For ad searching and plenty of monetization tools included, it has some thoughtful features.

Advanced Premium Features For Classifieds Websites

You will be able to present your data is not only attractively and appealingly but with functionality and usability in mind with the use of premium grade listings and classifieds WordPress theme.

With the implementation of various advanced aspects that might arrive bundled with premium WordPress themes for classifieds, including enhanced searching capabilities and filters, grid and list view options, sorting functionality, custom metadata, and taxonomies, payment processor integration, Google Maps integration, rating system, image and video gallery support, grid and list viewing options, selectable layouts, and templates, selectable fonts library, custom color option, image and video gallery support is how you can help improve the experience of your visitors.

Get a feel for what the theme offers as you try before you buy, as it is important to test drive the demos of the theme. To offer to your visitors, select a theme that is providing all of the features here. It will contribute greatly to the success of your directory listing sites when you leave your visitors with a positive lasting impression.

Responsiveness On Desktop And Mobile Devices

It is of great importance in today’s mobile-driven world to make sure that your classified and listings WordPress website looks great on both desktop computers and mobile devices. It should be completely compatible across all the major browsers and mobile devices to have a premium classifieds and listings theme for WordPress. Based on which device they might be making use of, this should make sure that your visitors are receiving a consistent user experience regardless of anything. Using a variety of different browser versions and devices to make sure that your visitors will be catered for, test out the theme demos.

Functionality And Customization Are Key

They usually come loaded with an array of options and selectable templates that you can use to fine-tune each of the pages, and not only are premium classifieds and listings WordPress themes visually appealing. You will be able to maintain a high level of functionality throughout every page of your directory website. The most important ingredient to create an engaging classifieds website that is unique, easy to navigate, and great to look at is by being able to customize the fine tune of the layouts of your chosen pages.

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