WordPress contact form plugins may seem like a subject, which has been covered quite well on the web, but is this the case?

7 Best Alternative To Contact Form 7

Here’s what I mean; we used Contact Form 7 for years and didn’t even think twice about trying other solutions. But is it likely that the development in the contact form has wholly stopped? Is Contact Form 7 the all and all of WordPress’s contact forms?

Of course not! Of course not! So today, we’re looking at the top 7 WordPress contact form plugins:

1. WP Forms

7 Best Alternative To Contact Form 7

WPForms is a highly functional plugin, which also somehow provides a nice and clean user interface. All works with drag-and-drop, making it easy to create new forms and allows you to access pre-built form templates to speed things up more.

WPForms is the best plugin for the WordPress contact form. Here are the characteristics that make WPForms the most powerful WordPress form builder on the market. Just create an excellent form in a few minutes without having to write any code. Start with pre-built templates to save time. WPForms is 100 percent responsive to mobile, tablet, and desktop applications. With our smart conditional logic, you can easily create high-performance forms. The answer leads quickly with our instant form notification for your team. View in one place all your leads to simplify your workflow. Payments, donations, and online orders can be easily collected without hiring a developer. Create and connect subscription forms to your email marketing service. Simply integrate your forms in blog posts, pages, sidebar widgets, footers, etc. Our intelligent captcha and spam protection prevent spam submissions automatically. 

The easy WordPress drag & drop form builder allows you to create contact forms, online surveys, donation forms, order forms, and other formats without writing any code in minutes.

Let’s just list the cool features you get from WPForms:

  • All forms created with this plugin are mobile and responsive.
  • Includes payments online via PayPal and Stripe. Great for sales, gifts, and installation that does not involve coding.
  • You can create and integrate email subscription forms with popular email marketing services.
  • There is entry management right in the wp-admin – all the entries you received don’t have to go anywhere.
  • It automatically blocks spam submissions.
  • You can insert the forms through shortcodes anywhere.

2. Ninja Forms

Ninja Form- 7 Best Alternative To Contact Form 7

Ninja Forms is a 100% WordPress Formbuilder for beginners, suitable for all beginners to seasoned WordPress developers. We’re not just saying it; we’re standing by it. Our support team will help you realize the potential of your site wherever your forms are concerned.

Not a tech man? No problem. No problem. No coding skills necessary. With a dedicated back support team, you can design beautiful, intricate shapes like a pro. No question is too small – build your forms with a professional team that answers any question or deals with any problem. Drag and drop fields. Drag and drop fields. Easy layouts for rows and columns. Multi-page shapes. Forms conditional. You do not require to be a designer to create forms that merge nicely with your WordPress website.

Ninja Forms makes compliance with WordPress GDPR simple. We will never collect or store personal information or information from your forms. For Right to Forget and Data Export requests, templates are easy to use. Relationships with native WordPress GDPR automated compliance features.

The core Ninja WordPress Form Builder is 100% free always. Build the most modern, user-friendly, drag-and-drop forms in minutes in WordPress. Ninja Forms is one of the most feature-rich plugins and can provide you with much more than just contact form functionality. You can do it to create subscription forms, surveys, or anything else that you can do online. Ninja Forms also handles form submissions within the WordPress dashboard for you.

It is relatively easy to create forms. You will begin by going to Forms / Add New. A simplified drag-and-drop interface can be used there. You have to click on a particular type of field to add form fields and then reorder it in a similar way to how you work with WordPress widgets.

You can add your forms to blog posts via shortcodes – every shortcode is a form. This is how the contact form looks:

  • The number of customizations it provides is cool about this plugin. To name a few:
  • You can set specific email notifications to be sent on successful submissions of the form. You and the user can notify you.
  • You can assign specific submission actions, such as the display of a success message.

A free plugin version is available. The one paid is $99-$499.

3. Forminator

Forminator- 7 Best Alternative To Contact Form

Not your typical plugin for form-making. Forminator is an easy-to-use WordPress Form Builder plugin for all websites. This is the easiest way to create any form—contact form, order form, payment form, email form, feedback widgets, real-time polls, buzz-feed “No False Answer” tests, service estimators, and payment option registration form including Stripe and PayPal.

For everybody, well, it’s the magical WordPress form builder!

The drag and drop visual builder by Forminator makes it easy to set up and add forms to your WordPress homepage. Collect information, interact with your content, and generate larger conversions with Forminator.

FORMINATOR Forms, Quizzes, Surveys, Polls, Calculations, and more…

  • Forms – custom forms with several fields as you want for all your needs.
  • Polls – interactive user reviews with many dynamic options and settings.
  • Quizzes – Fun or challenging social media quizzes for your visitors.
  • Calculations: Collect information, generate leads, take orders and invite visitors. 
  • Payments – Payments, donations, down payments, sell merch, with the integrations included in Stripe and PayPal.

Forminator is also proud to be a verified partner of Stripe. This partnership enables us to make the most of our Stripe integration with additional resources, for example, the ability to raise support questions or request a personalized price review.

4. Jetpack

Jetpack- 7 Best Alternative To Contact Form

Jetpack is a famous WordPress plugin created by WordPress.com people. The plugin brings many of the most important features on WordPress.com to WordPress self-hosted sites and thus contributes significantly to the improvement of WordPress-powered blogs and websites.

As you know, Jetpack – Camp Automattic’s main plugin – also has a contact forms module. In Jetpack / Settings, you only have to activate it:

Creating Jetpack contact forms works a little differently from other plugins in this list. You get to design forms right on the post/page editing screen, rather than create a form and then include it in different posts/pages:

Jetpack provides you with the option of changing the fields (remove existing or add new ones) and add the form to your post.

There are many related WordPress plugins, many of which work well. Still, suppose you want a post that is accurately calculated to determine whether a post is connected without sticking your database or adding an extra charge to your server, or you are interested in reducing the bounce rates on your blog. In that case, you should take the Jetpack-related posts module into account.

5. Contact Form 7

Contact Form 7- 7 Best Alternative To Contact Form

Hey, I won’t lie to you here; although I began to question Contact Form 7 on the market, it remains one of the best solutions there, and it’s only part of the list that I have to include.

Contact Form 7 provides you with access to an additional section called Contact in the WordPress dashboard. You can create new forms there and adjust existing forms.

Working with a form is moderately straightforward, I would say. What you get is an HTML-based interface. To adjust your shapes, you must take care not to damage the structure. Not particularly hard to do, to be honest, but not as easy as the other plugins on this list.

In other words, you can also add personalized elements to the form fields (extra text or images) because you work with the HTML structure, which sometimes works very well. Once you have finished changing your form, simply take the shortcode and add it to some post or page.

6. Everest Forms

Everest Forms- 7 Best Alternative To Contact Form

Everest Forms is the best form for WordPress with easy drag and drop. Create any shapes in a minute. Drag and drop fields make controlling and sorting form fields extremely easy. Create as many forms as you want, with no restriction on how many WordPress forms you can create. Simple and two columns on the form are supported. We have tried to keep our shapes simple, clean, and reactive 100 percent. Shortcode enables you to display your form on Page, Post, sidebar, and more. We know that you hate spammers, so we supported Google Recaptcha for the form. Choose from two different design templates. The plugin is fully ready for translation. Go ahead and translate the language from your own.

Everest Forms is an excellent and user-friendly plugin. It is free, and most of its features can be downloaded. Users can easily drag and drop their fields to create flexible forms by simply clicking. You can create unlimited forms with a wide range of variations, multiple columns, reCAPTCHA, and more with this tool.

To create a new form, in the Plugin’s All Forms section, click the Add New button, enter a name and choose a template. If you prefer, you can choose a blank form or a pre-made contact form template.

This takes you to the core interface, where the fields from left to right can be dragged to change the form. A new row can simply be added by clicking Add row button; you can change its parameters and details by clicking any field on the right.

These form(s) can be placed directly by using the shortcode ID, which appears on the All Form(s) page and the separate from building section for each form.

7. Kali Forms

Kali Forms- 7 Best Alternative To Contact Form

It was never easier to add forms to your WordPress website. Kali Forms does everything, from simple contact forms to complex reviews, surveys, or feedback forms. To encourage completion of the form, break long forms across multiple pages. Save time by importing any templates available in Kali Forms. Easily create advanced forms of WordPress with the smart conditional logic of Kali Forms. Build with our drag and drop builder the form you need in minutes.

Kali Forms offers a wide variety of form fields that can be used to build your forms. Each submitted form can trigger a message via email for both users and admins. Group fields easily in separate pages for better user submission. Do people want to present documents or photographs? Easy. Easy. Just add fields for file upload to forms. Stop designing forms for hours. Start with our predetermined templates. To protect your forms from spam, use our integrated reCAPTCHA integration. We’re here to make sure there are no unanswered questions, and you have a smooth experience.

Kali is probably the WordPress plugin for building forms most beginner-oriented. This plugin is also quite powerful. For example, in a few clicks, there is a wide range of form fields for creating complex forms. If you want to design a simple contact form without a single buck, you can use the free plugin.

The embarkation process is straightforward and fast. Hit the “Create your first form” button after installation. A list of pre-designed templates will be provided. While most of them are locked on the free version, a template is available for the contact form. Once you do this, you will land on the builder of the drag and drop form. But only the fields that are already added to the form can be dragged off. You would need to hit the ‘+’ icon next to each field to add a new field.

Use shortcodes to add them to blog posts after creating your form. But do know that the design may vary according to the theme you choose; I used this Neve theme. After the submit button has been hit, the user receives a thank you message. You would have to go premium for more features like conditional logic and custom CSS. The price depends on how many sites you use it. The price of one site license is 19 dollars annually.

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