You can now increase the effectiveness of the treatment process in one way or the other with prescription delivery applications, drug guide programs, pill trackers, and pharmacy discount apps. Such resources are extremely beneficial to both the doctors along their patients as the first one better cures us and the second one will give you a chance to recover at a rapid pace.

13 Types Of Pharmacy Apps Which Helpful For Everyone

Various kinds of nursing apps are beneficial to their owners in either way, surely. We would now be acquainting you with the leaders of the market as we think that their examples will be inspiring to you and the rest.

So, let’s check out the med list of the applications that are in great demand among pharmacists, healthcare companies, patients, and medical professionals.

Medical Reference Apps

A list of the diagnosis, methods of treatment, description of drugs, symptoms of diseases, answers to popular medical questions, and so on are included under the content of these applications.

1. UpToDate

Up to Date- 13 Types Of Pharmacy Apps Which Helpful For Everyone

The application that is offering the latest updated information on healthcare aiming at both the professionals along with the ordinary individuals is what the name implies here. It is the application that proves beneficial even to Medical college students.

To help in answering most of the medical questions that include the ones related to drugs has their service replete with proven clinical data. Nearly 2 million medical experts from around the globe trust this great source of healthcare knowledge as UpToDate has become one of the best nursing apps.


·  Proven effectiveness

The conclusions are quite encouraging with the positive impact of UpToDate on the treatment process, and the work of the healthcare institution is certain as the application has been studied over 30 times.

·  Find answers to most critical medical questions.

The users can take heed of both the online and mobile versions of UpToDate;

· Chance to develop your abilities as a medical specialist.

2. Epocrates

epocrates- 13 Types Of Pharmacy Apps Which Helpful For Everyone


Dating back to the last century, Epocrates has a long history. The application has been actively developing and gaining popularity with the number of its users, who have managed to exceed 1 million since then.

Today, it is the clearest instance of the best nursing apps as it is the gold standard of medical reference resources. Most of the experienced doctors who have used Epocrates to check important clinical information, find new providers, calculate the values such as BMI, etc., can recognize its glory.


·  Proven reliability

Every second U.S. doctor trusts Epocrates and uses it in his work as you take a look at these inspiring indicators. The full advantage of the application will be made use by not less than a million professional physicians from all over the world.

·  Constantly updated database

In order to stay relevant, information is constantly updated;

·  Useful tools

To interest both professionals and ordinary people, the medical reference app offers various useful solutions.

· The possibility of free use

3. Skyscape

skyscape- 13 Types Of Pharmacy Apps Which Helpful For Everyone

The other multipurpose app for medical reference is a type of clinical handbook where a person can uncover any information on topics of healthcare through the anatomical guides to that of practical treatment recommendations, which is what Skyscape is considered as. You will also find several built-in calculators and a huge number of monographs.


·  Huge experience.

The application thrives on the market for more than 20 years, and it does exist.

·  The gained trust

By at least two and a half million medical professionals, the program has been chosen, and they do not regret their decision here.

·  Reliable partnership

The partners are chosen by Skyscape pretty carefully as there are more than 35 highly qualified experts among the creators of the content.

Drug Guide Apps

The content of these applications offers a highly detailed description of medications. Since all the required information is stored in a single place, the application is extremely convenient.

4. I.V. Drug Handbook

I.V. Drug Handbook- 13 Types Of Pharmacy Apps Which Helpful For Everyone

MobiSystem is a well-known developer of several other mobile med programs, and it was this that built the app. The best proof of our works is the I.V. Drug Handbook, as all of them are secure and easy to use.

We are dealing with one of the drug guide apps targeted at healthcare professionals, as a matter of fact. A detailed description of more than 350 medicines and the number keeps growing is contained here.


·  Convenient navigation

Everything here aims at offering a flawless user experience. The list of drugs is displayed on the main app screen in alphabetic order in specific. There is also the addition of a search engine that further simplified the process of discovering the specific medicine.

·  The possibility of customization

Users can easily customize the application settings, including the resizing of the text, as well as performing other simple actions to help in perceiving information in an easy way.

·  Comprehensive data on medicines

There are a lot of parameters, including the dosage, side effects, interaction with the other medicines, special aspects of the uses, etc. are all contained in this drug.

5. Medscape

medscape- 13 Types Of Pharmacy Apps Which Helpful For Everyone

Medscape offers detailed information on the medicines that includes the annotations, compatibility tests, etc., as it belongs to the drug guide apps.

Users are both doctors and non-specialists among the app.


·  Recognized respect

Through successful practitioners from around the world, Medscape has gained a lot of recognition.

·  Great UI/UX

To offer a convenient search option, Medscape has an intuitive, user-friendly interface.

·  Huge database

On the medicines, the application offers more than 7 thousand reviews.

·  A variety of content

The content also includes a large number of monographs on medical topics, video tutorials, clinical images, and more, although Medscape focuses on drugs.

Prescription Drug Apps

There are a few medicines that are only dispensed on the doctor’s prescription, as you know. Even if you are sure it will be helping you, you just cannot go and buy such a drug. You will not get what you want as you still need the permission of your physician.

There are also a few nuances which is the reason why special prescription price apps are required as to the sale of such drugs.

6. Healthera

healthera- 13 Types Of Pharmacy Apps Which Helpful For Everyone

Since it is one of the best prescription discount applications, Healthera deserves our attention in the first place. Helping users to take prescribed medications with greater comfort is what the main objective is.


·  Ease of use

Adding his prescribed drug, placing an order, and waiting for delivery is what all the users need to do.

·  Minimum hassle

Avoiding tedious queues, unnecessary calls, and the like is what Healthera allows.

·  Nice bonuses

With free delivery and constant updating of the order processing status, owners of the application delight users with various bonuses.

7. RxSaver

rxsaver- 13 Types Of Pharmacy Apps Which Helpful For Everyone

It is the app that would obviously come in handy as its main focus is on finding the maximum discounts if you need cheaper prescriptions.


· It implies finding the lowest prices for the prescribed medicine in a couple of seconds, and you have got it cinched with 85% savings.

·  Wide user reach

You need not have medical insurance in order to take complete advantage of RxSaver.

·  Discount Rx coupons

Valid in most major pharmacies in Europe and America, RxSaver offers loyal users with special discount coupons.

·  Pet-oriented medicines

The convenient purchase of the prescribed medicines your pet might need is offered by the RxSaver. There is sometimes a chance to find fitting options among human-oriented drugs in some cases as these drugs might be suitable for cats and dogs, too, is what the thing is.

Treatment Planning Apps

The ability to plan your treatment is where this process of recovery is directly dependent. In this difficult task, medicine tracker applications are great helpers. To start receiving notifications and various kinds of reminders about the need to take another pill to measure your pressure is where it is enough to download the drug regimen.

8. MediSafe

MediSafe- 13 Types Of Pharmacy Apps Which Helpful For Everyone

The free pill tracker app is Medisafe. To gain considerable popularity among the users, that is not surprising with the application that significantly helps people who are suffering from serious diseases is what this app managed at. It is really important for them to take the medications on time, and this is where Medisafe focuses.


·  Syncing with HEALTH

To allow you to store all health data in a single place, the application is easy to integrate with HealthKit.

·  Family access

The ability to add your relatives to the list of users and help them keep track of the timely medication intake is what the unique feature of MediSafe is.

·  Medication reports

Medisafe also offers you the tool to create PDF and Excel reports, along with allowing you to take drugs on time. So that he could better control the treatment process, these reports can be sent to your doctor.

·  Convenient medication reminders

Even if your phone is in sleep mode, the application will send you a reminder. Medisafe supports the changing time zones that will make your journey really comfortable in addition.

9. Mango Health

mango-health- 13 Types Of Pharmacy Apps Which Helpful For Everyone

There is an extensive audience of loyal users as this application has such a delicious name to it. The game approach to the treatment process is the main difference from the other items on the med list of nursing apps. Mango Health also helps the patient to form a healthy lifestyle habit as it acts in a fun way.


·  Gamification

After the completion of the tasks assigned to him, the user earns points and loses them if he shows negligence and laziness. Earned points can be exchanged for gift cards or donated to charity moreover.

·  Useful warnings

If the patient is going to take two drugs that interact poorly with each other, the application sends warnings to the users. The feature is only available on the U.S. market, however.

·  The convenient setting of reminders

Users are able to customize the reminders and notifications the way they like.

·  Deserved fame

The achievements of Mango Health are discussed greatly by famous resources such as the Self Magazine, the Los Angeles Times, CNN, etc.

10. PharmEasy

13 Types Of Pharmacy Apps Which Helpful For Everyone

Along with the ones that can only be received at the physician’s prescription, PharmEasy guarantees the users the most simple, comfortable, and affordable way to purchase the drugs.

As it offers a ton of great features, including tracking of the order status and free drug return, it is really a good app to deliver medicine.


·  Excellent user experience

With a couple of taps, the order is done, and it remains to await its delivery as PharmEasy has taken care of the maximum ease of use.

·  High speed of delivery

To deliver the order to the user, no more than 48hours is required.

·  A wide range of healthcare products

PharmEasy offers users diverse med goods and equipment in addition to the medicines.

·  Additional health services

To order medical services such as preventative body examinations, diagnostic tests, etc., PharmEasy also offers the opportunity.

·  Good discounts

The medicines home delivery app offers some great discounts to its users on top of that.

11. NetMeds

13 Types Of Pharmacy Apps Which Helpful For Everyone

The simplest possible process of ordering and delivering the right medicine is what Netmeds promises. To get the desired drug, just a couple of clicks are needed.


·  A wide range of drugs

From cough medicine to products a pregnant woman might need, the application offers various drugs.

·  The round-the-clock operation

Orders for medicine are accepted 24/7 mode,

·  The convenience of payment

Users are welcomed to select what suits them the best as Netmedsoffers its user’s several payment options.

Pharmacist Apps

With the pharmacy applications, it is very important not to confuse these programs. It is a supporting tool for the drugstores as the latter type relates to the previous section. We are dealing with platforms that might be useful to the pharmacists themselves in their everyday work in the 1st case.

12. MPR

MPR- 13 Types Of Pharmacy Apps Which Helpful For Everyone

The medical information needs are met completely by the MPR. More than 800 thousand clinical staff are willing to use the application on a regular basis, as this is evidence of the effectiveness of this app.


· You get various medical content, including the clinical monographs, drug data, etc.;

· Up-to-date medicine reminders and alerts along with the drug notifications;

· Quick access to your favorite app sections with simplified navigation;

· Useful medical calculators, medical solutions, and other similar healthcare tools.

13. Pocket Pharmacists

Pocket Health- 13 Types Of Pharmacy Apps Which Helpful For Everyone

A program called Pocket Pharmacists is where our med list of apps ends. In the United States and the local native medicines is where the application mainly focuses on. The pharmacies of other countries will also find several useful things here too, however.


·  Clear presentation of information. 

The language of the presentation is quite clear as there is no feeling of reading abstruse encyclopedic work as the app content has been prepared by professional pharmacists.

·  The long history

Since 2010, the application has been on the market;

·  The objectivity of the data provided

Any medical company is not advertised by the Pocket Pharmacists, and thereby its information is objective and accurate.

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