If you’re Business owners and Entrepreneurs were looking for Website Developers, even for minor changes to their Website. It’s so tricky for Developers to work on minor changes in a website because they’ve to create their own Set of codes each time to fulfill the client’s requirements. 

17 Reasons Why You Use WordPress Website for Your Business

But after the launch of “WordPress”, Everything changed. With WordPress, Anyone can make their Website without having basic coding knowledge because this software comes with a Drag and Drop Feature. There’s a Boom in the Market when WordPress launched. Because now a new, Unique way is open for all to develop Powerful and Eye-catching Websites. Business owners and Entrepreneurs now handle small changes themselves Just using the WordPress platform. 

WordPress Captures 26% of all websites on the Internet. Yes, It’s true! Because Everyone loves to use WordPress Websites – it’s Powerful, Secure, Interactive, and Can do many more changes and Editing without looking for a professional coder developer. Using the WordPress platform is easy; you can learn some essential functions of Drag and Drop and create your Website in minutes. 

If you’re a Business owner or Start your own business but are confused about creating a website through coding or WordPress? Trust me, go with WordPress Platform. In this article, you’re going to know 17 Major Reasons to go with WordPress Websites for your Business.

Let’s begin with the Top 17 Benefits of Using WordPress Platform!

17 Reasons Why You Use WordPress Website for Your Business

#1 It’s Completely Free To Create Website

If you’re a business owner, blogger, Entrepreneur, or Anyone who wants their Website, then you can go with WordPress because it’s 100% Free with Tons of features. So you can create your Website for Absolutely free without paying any hidden charges. And Later it will always be free to use. That’s why most businesses use WordPress to Build their Interactive Website without any cost.

#2 Easy To Use And Quick Setup

The Success of WordPress is because of its easy use Interface. Install WordPress with a click. If you can operate a computer, then you can use WordPress. It’s so easy with some basic computer knowledge you know further steps while Installing WordPress on your PC. If you have Hosted, then you can install WordPress on Hosting with Few easy steps. Nowadays, You don’t need to install it manually.

Just open your hosting account and Start Live chat support, then tell the technical support team to install WordPress for you in your hosting. And that’s it when WordPress is ready; they give you id and Password for Accessing your admin panel in WordPress. Now log in with your details, and You’re open to customizing lots of things, creating websites, and Do more. When you start using the WordPress option, you’ll slowly understand how it works and How you can use it for development.

#3 Manage your Website From Any Pc/Laptop

WordPress is a platform where you can easily log in with your WordPress detail to Create, Edit, and Manage your Website. So it’s easy for you to access your Website on any laptop/Pc because all you need is just your WordPress details, and you can access it anywhere. The best part is that WordPress runs on the browser, so you don’t need to find any suitable device with a Chrome browser, and you can access your Website from anywhere.

#4 You Can Build Any Website

It’s a Myth that WordPress is best and only for Blogging purposes. Because WordPress is just a Platform to develop and manage your Website. Now it’s your choice which type of Website you want to build. Suppose you want a blogging website, E-commerce website, Informative Website, News Website, Music library, Streaming Website, Construction website, Online Booking Website, Education Learning Website, or any Website that the user wants. In that case, you can build on a WordPress platform in few minutes. Because WordPress provides tons of Templates for the Type of websites you want to develop. 

WordPress is such a powerful and Secure platform for creating a website for your business. You can build websites from Scratch and Take your Website to the Advance level. Yes, there’s no limit in WordPress. If you want a big professional website for any company, you can build that Website through WordPress. WordPress is just a Platform, but for taking your Website to another level, WordPress has tools, themes, and plugins to fulfill your desired requirements. You can pick and Upload anything you want on your Website. So many features Provided by WordPress when you start using it.

#5 SEO Friendly WordPress

Everyone on this planet wants to take your Website to the top of the Google 1st page, and If you’re using WordPress, you get extra benefits from using this platform. Because Google gives Priority to WordPress websites, this WordPress platform is SEO friendly and allows you to rank your Website on Google with some SEO instructions to follow. Some Major Reasons behind using WordPress as a benefit for ranking, your WordPress website is mobile friendly. Google rank those websites which are mobile-friendly interface and support all devices easily.

As a Myth that WordPress built for Blogging purpose because WordPress Work best for blogging purpose to rank Articles on Google. That’s why WordPress is SEO friendly and the Most benefits of using this platform.

#6 Thousands Of Professional Design Themes

With WordPress, you can build any Website you want. Want to know How? Because all of us are not Developers or so creative that we create our structure and graphics. That’s why WordPress gives us thousand of Templates or themes for pick and Edit. That’s why just by selecting the suitable theme for your business provided by WordPress, you can build your Website in few minutes. Most of the work WordPress is already done with their professional themes and templates.

You need to pick the best one for you and start editing it with new Details and graphics. You can fully customize any templates if you want or keep them as Structured. To be honest! Making websites is entirely free, but if you’re looking for the desired theme, you should pay for it. Well, WordPress offers thousands of templates for absolutely free, but if you want something that premium level, then you should pay for it. You can see thousands of Free and Paid Templates on other platforms like Theme forest, Studio Press, woo themes and many more you can search on Google.

#7  Great Support System

If you’re a Developer, then The Importance of Support and Guidance you know very well. When you’re coding for web development and get any errors, you want someone to help you. But If you’re using WordPress and developing a website without code and Get any issues, don’t worry; open a live chat and ask for help from the WordPress support team. You’ll get an instant response and Solve your problem in a few minutes. That’s why you need to switch to WordPress for website development; then, your Website is handled by professionals.

#8 Level Up Your Website With Themes And Plugins

With WordPress, you can create your desired websites because it’s more than you thought. Most of us believe that to get selected websites; only a coder can code. But it’s not true if we talk about WordPress because WordPress doesn’t have any limitations. You can create a website at a Completely Advance level by using WordPress Plugins and themes. After your Website is ready to launch and In between you want some changes and add some features you like in other Websites, then for doing some advanced level of work in WordPress, you need some plugins and Softwares to edit and improve your Website.

#9 You Get Full Control Of Your Website

WordPress is best in terms of giving complete control. When you build a website on WordPress, you get a separate Dashboard for your Website to manage it easily without any coding issues. Just Drag and Drop Feature to Manage your Website. You get complete technical control so that you can see any changes and errors to solve quickly.

17 Reasons Why You Use WordPress Website for Your Business

#10 Mobile Friendly

The best part of using WordPress is, you get a mobile-friendly interface. A significant issue while developing the Website is the Mobile Interface issue. Developers build websites for desktop mode, but when it is time to Convert into Mobile, they see so many errors and challenges. But If you’ve created your Website on WordPress, Just one click to convert your Website into a mobile-friendly interface that supports all types of devices. Because WordPress has an auto responsive Feature to adjust the Website based on the device’s screen.

#11 WordPress Have Plugins For Every Feature

WordPress is just a platform for building websites. But for adding features and actions, then you need to add plugins to your WordPress Website. For example – if you want a Live chatbot on your Website, you need to add a Live chatbot Plugin from WordPress and install it on your Website easily. All plugins you Install in your WordPress, you can manage through your WordPress Dashboard.

#12 Highly Secured

WordPress is a Powerful and Easy to use software, but it’s also known for Security. That’s why Big companies Build their websites on WordPress. WordPress is Advance level software with High Security because WordPress gets Regular Updates and Enhance Security. So that all Developers and Business owners who built their Websites on WordPress feel safe and secure. If you’re thinking of making your Website on WordPress, then start with no worries because it’s a completely secure platform.

#13 Multi-User Access

Suppose you’re at the development stage of building your Website on WordPress. Then definitely you need to use this Feature. Suppose you’re a Developer, Blogger, Graphics designer, and They all need to work on a website for their work area, and No one wants to disturb other team members while designing the Website. Here WordPress Multi-User Access Features work the Best Because WordPress creates a Separate platform to Design for a specific purpose. If you’re a website developer, then go to WordPress dashboard and Create another separate section of Development and Generate I’d Password, then share this link. I’d Password to your developer, and When developer logs in with details, they can only do development and editing work. That’s a fantastic feature of WordPress software.

#14  Publish Content in Single Click

If you’re using a WordPress website for Blogging purposes, it’s easier for you to do Blogging. Because it is a one-click game to publish your article on Google, WordPress already systemizes Everything for you; upload your Content and post in a single click. 

#15 WordPress Getting An Update And Improve

The Best part of using WordPress as a Platform for your Website is that WordPress always looking for improvement in terms of errors, bugs, changes, Easy to Use, Effective, Updates for security reasons, More reliable and Advance level of features support, Developing best plugins and tools for more enhancement. WordPress always keeps Updated, and if you start your Website journey on WordPress, you’ll see so many changes and improvements in the future that will surely benefit you.

#16 It’s Easy to Learn WordPress

WordPress software is something that Anyone can Learn and Use. This is not for coders only, Anyone who wants to build their Website can use the WordPress platform. When you start running WordPress, you’ll slowly Understand all Features and what to do with these tools. WordPress Provides a Beautiful Dashboard to their Users to Create, Edit, and Manage their websites easily through the Dashboard. Its looking is Eye-Catching and Easy to use by Anyone. Just with basic computer knowledge, even a kid can use and Build their Website in minutes. 

But if you are stuck in any technical issues and didn’t find any solution manually. Don’t worry; go to WordPress Livechat support, and they’ll Immediately contact you and solve your problem in minutes. So It’s a win-win situation for all. If you want to develop a Website through own way, then go with WordPress and Develop your eye-catching Website.

#17 It Doesn’t Take Any Advance Coder To Develop And Manage Your Website

Well, WordPress is so easy to use with a User-friendly Interface that you can set up yourself. You don’t need to Hire any Professional Developer to build your Website until you have a high demand for work on the Website. Managing and Editing can easily handle with a WordPress dashboard.

[Bonus] 75 Million Other WordPress Websites On The World

Yes, you read it right! Over 75 Million other WordPress Websites over the Internet, and Still numbers are increasing every day. The world’s most famous websites built on WordPress are The New York times, The Canadian Olympic Committee, BBC America, Harvard Business Review, and many big company’s websites. Some celebrities who use WordPress are – Usain Bolt, Rolling stones, Bill Cosby, Katy Perry, and many stars using WordPress. These are enough logic for you to at least give it a try to start building a website on WordPress.

So these are the top 17 Reasons that are definitely enough to make your mind start using WordPress and What benefits precisely you’ll get for using the WordPress website.


If you’re looking for the best and Simple way to Build your Website for Absolutely free, then Highly Recommended going with WordPress. Suppose you’re a start-up, Business owner, Entrepreneur. In that case, WordPress can help you lift your business to another level by building an advanced level of Website without hiring any high professional Developers. So this is complete in-depth Details about WordPress, and I hope after reading this article you can make your mind start your fantastic Journey to WordPress. Here you can create unique and Eye-catching Websites easier and faster. These 17 Reasons are Enough to make your mind start your journey with WordPress.

It’s completely Free, Give it a Try, and Definitely, you’ll love to continue your Website on WordPress!

Hitesh Khatwani

Hitesh Khatwani is Sr. PHP Developer at USS LLC. He likes to share tips Codeigniter Development and Laravel Web Development