Internet is the pocket-friendly communication channel almost all businesses are using to exchange information with users and make fast as well as secure transactions. But, many companies cannot derive a maximum number of benefits from the internet as their poorly designed web application restricts active engagement.

A properly developed web application that works on the latest technology uses the server-side script to maintain the storage and to get the information and uses client-side scripts like Javascript and HTML to exhibit the data to users.


If the server-side script and client-side script of the web application work parallel, users can easily interact with online forms, content management systems, and shopping carts of the web application. So, what does it take to develop a web application which is having a server-side script and client-side script working parallels to let users perform tasks without pain?

Of Course, The Use of a Proven and Latest Web Development Technology!

The first proper technology our world has witnessed to achieve web development in PHP. It is designed for the sole purpose of web development and still topping the chart. However, with the increasing requirements of adding complex functionality in web applications, a few tech-savvy people have pushed the boundaries of PHP and created PHP frameworks.

A PHP framework provides a complete web development environment and enables developers to conclude the business logic of a complex task with fewer lines of code. In other words, it reduces the complexity, development time, and development cost.

There are a lot of PHP frameworks available in the market. But amongst all, Laravel is the most popular PHP framework, and there are specific reasons behind its popularity, which we are going to discuss in this blog. In this blog, we will learn five properties of Laravel and how, with those five properties, the Laravel framework can help developers to develop the best web application.


Fastest Development And Faster Time-to-Market

‘Time’ matters the most in a highly competitive market. You can’t afford to sit relax and watch a web development company developing your web application for months. It does not only increase the overall budget but diminishes the opportunity to hit the marker as an early bird.

Companies that successfully deploy their web applications in the market and acquire a sizeable initial user base always pay extra heed to time-to-market. Because the faster you launch your product, the lesser amount and energy you require to turn potential users into customers.

Using a Laravel framework, developers can complete the ‘development’ phase of the web development life-cycle too quickly. Laravel framework is equipped with a lot of pre-built functions and structures which we call packages.

These packages are so useful that they can give the same output of a command, but with fewer lines of code. Meaning, a developer is required to write less complex logic and fewer lines for a particular module of the web application. And thus, he can deliver the project within no time.

Easy Future Change

Every day, many businesses launch new web applications with different futuristic features. And with the launch of a new Laravel website Development, which is having a groundbreaking feature, the trend in the market gets changed.

This means that you have to update your already developed web application to make it sync with the current trend. But updating the web application and adding new features to it is a complex task that requires time and resources.

However, the Laravel framework makes it easy. Thanks to its several packages, the developer can always write clean code. This clean code is easy to read and easy to maintain.

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Moreover, Laravel supports MVC architecture, and the code written in MVC supported framework is having two different storage options for the code of UI and the code of tasks. So, a developer can update the UI of the web application without affecting the code of the functions or vice versa.

Laravel does also offer maintenance mode. If you enable maintenance mode, a custom message pops up every time a user opens your web application, so that he can at least know that the web application is being updated. A newer version of the web application will land soon!

No More Unauthorized Entry

If you are building a web application for the internal use of your enterprise, the major challenge you and developers have to overcome is data security. Many times due to poorly executed security measures, an unauthorized person gets access to sensitive data, and he then breaks your illusion that your data is safe.

What makes it more challenging is the fact that in an enterprise, there are a lot of business departments, and not everyone from those departments is supposed to see the data.

To address this issue, a developer has to create a module that gives access to users based on their roles. If he is authorized, he can view the data, and if not, he can’t. But writing code for the role-based access is a tedious process, and every time with the new role or with the new user, a developer has to change the code.

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But in Laravel, there is a package called Auth. Using this Auth package, a developer can define all users and their roles, including the super admin, and give them access according to their roles so, now no more unauthorized entry to your sensitive database!

No More Bugs

A web application is a significant medium to boost your business sales. But what if it has bugs and users cannot satisfy their requirements through your web application? They will surely switch over to another web application as the market is flooded with many web applications offering the same service.

To avoid such a scenario, a web development company tests the program to find the bugs and fix them before they deliver the web application to you. However, a web application written in Laravel is not easy (and not reliable) to test using third-party tools. So what is the alternative?


Well, the founder of Laravel is brilliant. He built Laravel with testing in mind. He has developed a dedicated tool for the testing, named Laravel Dusk. It is introduced in Laravel 5.4 and it is an end-to-end testing tool to test the JavaScript enabled app. (In older versions of the Laravel, they used to offer Laravel testing method which does not verify the JavaScript and AJAX-enabled app.)

Laravel Dusk tests the page interaction by taking click buttons/links, fill out forms, and drag and drop like tasks into account. Dusk performs intense testing by utilizing Chrome Driver and Facebook Php-web driver.

The main advantage of using Dusk to test the web application is that it stores the screenshot of failed tests or bugs so that you can understand the goof-up you have made while developing it more visually.

Seamless and Error-Free Deployment On A Server

 No matter how well developers develop the web app and how intensely they carry out testing, if they mishap the uploading process of the web application on the server or deployment process, you as a business owner can never fulfill the goals behind a costly project of the web & mobile application development.

In most cases, they need to create a web server, and creating a server involves the installation of many components which is a time-consuming and rocky process. Thus, the founder of Laravel has already developed a tool named Laravel Forge which automates all installations and configuration steps. By using Laravel Forge, they can deploy your web application too quickly.

Laravel Forge takes care of many tasks like creating a new server, setting up SSH keys, configure scheduled cron jobs, firewall and security configuration, and many more. To deploy the web application using Laravel Forge, you just need to follow the simple steps.

These steps include a link to your cloud provider and create a server and site, link the site to Github repo and Deploy. (Overall, it is a reliable and secure tool to deploy your web application quickly)

In A Nutshell:

If you are running a business on a medium to large scale, having a web application is the fundamental requirement to get the sight of an ever-increasing graph of revenue. But to develop web applications in such a way that it attracts users and successfully converts them into customers, you have to rely on the latest web technology, which is Laravel.

Laravel allows developers to develop web applications in a shorter period. It offers many packages that make the code of a web application clean. It also comes with many in-built tools like Laravel Dusk for testing and Laravel Forge for deployment. And most importantly, it keeps unauthorized users away from sensitive data.

Vishal Virani

Vishal Virani is a Founder and CEO of Coruscate Solutions, a leading PHP app development company which offers hire Laravel developerservice. He enjoys writing about the vital role of mobile apps for different industries, custom web development, and the latest technology trends.