Mobile applications are a go-to for almost everything that we do. Be it shopping, exercising, chatting, traveling or anything can be done quickly with a mobile app. The mobile app sensation is showing no signs of slowing down.

In fact, mobile apps developers are building apps for schools. School apps are quite in demand because of the fact they make things easier and even more accessible. Such apps have advanced functionalities that streamline all the processes together. There are apps available for everything, but mainly, school apps have made things a lot easier both for students and parents.

Currently, unlimited app features are available for school apps. But, if you add multiple functions, then you will fail to deliver a promising app to the users. Always be concise and limited when it comes to features. Add less but full of quality. It will let users enjoy a smooth app experience. If you are also planning to develop a school app to manage your school activities, then this guide is for you.

Before discovering the core features of a school app, let’s take a look at why schools need to develop an app?

This is Why Your School Needs a Mobile App

Honestly, school apps are not just another fancy thing that you can have to maintain your business’s reputation. It is something that demands money, time and attention. If you will miss any of the elements, then don’t expect your app to be a valuable addition for the business.

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The main reason to develop a school app is that it seamlessly track records and integrate different processes. Here are a few primary reasons for developing a school app:

  • Hassle-free attendance process for students and staff
  • Teachers can assign homework on the go
  • Parents can track homework reports right away
  • Parents can monitor staff contact directories

These are some of the core reasons to create a school mobile app. Now, let’s explore how to develop a school app and what features are best to integrate.

Features of a School Mobile App

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Parents Panel

Parents’ panel is the most essential feature of any school app. It enables parents to login and accesses the app. Parents panel entails the following components:

  • Sign-Up

Parents will use sign-up to login into the app via social media credentials or simple email login.

  • Notifications

With notifications, parents stay updated with the latest school activities.

Students Panel

Just like parents panel, student panel enables students to get connected with the app via sign up through social media credentials or via email login.

  • School Admin Panel

The school admin panel allows administration to contact parents when required. All the panels are designed to keep everyone in the loop so parents, teachers, and administrations can keep track of each activity related to students.

  • Online Fee Payment Feature

Previously, it was hard for the parents to take out time and pay the school fees. Now, they can do it with just a single tap. The school app enables parents to pay school fees via fee payment online features.  Do not miss out on this feature; it is a great feature that helps both parents and admin.

  • Attendance Register

Maintaining an attendance register is a long and tiring process that can be updated with software integration. Adding an attendance register in your feature set is a must. It enables teachers to record attendance via the app, and register will be maintained automatically.

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  • Access to Test Scores

Test score allows parents to keep a check on their kids’ assignments and scored marks. It was complicated for the parents to visit the school for checking reports and test scores. With easy access, parents can check everything without leaving the comfort of home.

  • Fee Collection

The fee collection feature is also necessary for schools. It doesn’t involve any bank or hectic procedure to receive a fee. Schools can directly receive a fee from parents via an online fee collection features. Apps are connected with online payment gateways through which it is effortless for the schools to collect fee.

Platform Selection

Once you have selected all the features that you want to integrate. Now, you have to decide the platform on which you want to develop your app. The most common platforms are:

  • Web
  • Android
  • iOS

You can select your app development platform as per the users’ preference. Android is the right choice for Asian countries and iOS is a suitable option for users living in the USA.
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Things to Consider Before Developing an App

Before you start developing your school app, try to consider some core thoughts. It will help you to deliver an efficient app. The first thing that you need to consider is your app concept. If you have a clear concept of why you are creating this app, then you can better resolve users’ problems.

The next thing to consider is your app design. It should be simple and straightforward enough that users easily take all the intended steps to perform the required action.

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Required Team for Developing School Mobile App

To develop a school mobile app, the following team members will be needed:

  • Developer

To deploy all the technical functionalities together developer is required. You will need an Android/iOS developer and a Back-end app developer.

  • Designers

A graphic designer is also required to create compelling UI/UX designs.

  • Project Manager

A project manager is needed for executing your app as per the decided schedule. He is the one who manages time and all the project requirements.

  • QA Experts

A team of professional QA experts is also required to make sure that things are going well, and if there are bugs, then errors will be detected within time.

Cost of Developing Mobile Apps for School

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The cost of developing a mobile app varies because it is associated with various factors, including the developers’ location.  However, here is an estimated cost structure to get you an idea:

If you are hiring developers within the USA, then your cost will be somewhere around $100 to $250 per hour.

In case, if you are approaching Eastern European developers, then you have to pay $80 to $180 per hour.

Indian developers will charge around $70 to $180 per hour.

Let’s Deploy your Next School App!

This is it! Hopefully, you have got all the essential details in this guide. If you think that the cost is not matching with your budget, then you can contact any app development agency to discuss your project details. Let’s see what price they tell you. There is always some negotiation, so be positive, and deploy your app today for a better schooling experience.

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