The time has not much passed yet such that builders for the visual page existed. A person, who is not aware of even with C of coding, was on his luck for launching the simple sales page for the business. Even they can get a word out for the new invention. But what if your luck even does not work for you? For those, they need the best web developers and designers. However, they must come up with an affordable cost. 

6 Best WordPress Editor Plugins That Cut Coding Needs

How these developers rely upon? These designers and developers had to work with CSS and HTML to bring a unique and stylish design for your web page. However, it might cost you much to hire a developer and builder. So why not give a try by yourself with WordPress Editor plug-in? It will help you create an attractive and professional WordPress site efficiently and cheaply. Moreover, you need not develop any coding skills for that. 

Your search for the easiest way to build a WordPress site is now with the drag and drop methods of page builder. So, you can create, edit, and even customize the website as you need. To learn about the facts why we need page builder for WordPress. 

Why Is There A Need For Drag And Drop Page Builder For WordPress Website?

If you are planning to start a blog, you must be thinking of having the best and an attractive website in a customized way. Different designed layouts and the attractive theme is the first choice. If you are going to have the premium themes for your website, you will have a vast choice for the layouts. It could be challenging for you to customize it by using the coding of HTML and CSS. So, a fundamental question is the best and easiest way of making a WordPress site. Also, why people consider easy drag and drop method easy for page builders for WordPress. 

For building a WordPress page, you can add customized content with a simple drag and drop method. Also, you can move and arrange the contents for designing the unique layouts for a website. The reason why people use is no requirement for coding skills for building the website.

Hence you can speed up the designing of a website is a customized way. So, if you are now ready to work with ready-made material, there is a detailed description of different WordPress Editor Plugins. Choose the one from the listed below you find suitable. 

Also, get through a quick summary from the drag and drop page builders if you want to create a WordPress website. 

  • Divi
  • Themify Builder
  • Thrive, Architect
  • Beaver Builder
  • Elementor
  • WP Page Builder

1. Divi

6 Best WordPress Editor Plugins That Cut Coding Needs

Divi has been popular since it has arrived from attractive themes. Developers have designed it impressively. With the Elegancy in the theme, you must be a member for unlocking the themes, plugins, and many other features. Thus Divi has become a hub for the various agencies and developers which need a complete library for the themes and various plugins.

If you select Divi as your page builder for WordPress, then the membership starts at $89 for one year. Hence it could be tough for you to argue with such cheap and affordable rates. For most people, Divi is like a gem that can effectively present the layouts and the theme you want. There are around 46 content modules, and some popular among those are:

  • Audio Player
  • Accordion
  • Comments
  • Bar Counter
  • Divider
  • Portfolio
  • Email Opt-in
  • Slider
  • Testimonial

The Reason Why Will You Choose Divi As Your WordPress Page Builder

  • Divi has the biggest library with its 46 content modules. You can choose various website elements from it. 
  • If you want to have some beautiful templates, Divi is the best option for you.
  • There is one collapse feature in Divi that can easily consolidate the views and hence clear the area to have a simple design. 
  • You get the ultimate choice for a redo and undo. Hence you can choose the past revisions and hence jump back to the previous revision. 

2. Themify Builder

6 Best WordPress Editor Plugins That Cut Coding Needs

If you have been searching for the free page builder for your WordPress, there is no other better than Themify Builder. It is a simple but powerful page builder with drag and drops feature to bring up an attractive website. The distinctive features of Themify builder include its themes, and hence you can select the theme that fits according to your needs.

However, in that case, you need not worry about integrating the third-party WordPress page builder. You have a choice of using a premium version or the free version with Themify Builder. The premium one is for advanced developers as they will create it using CSS. Hence, you are now available with the option of customization with Themify. Another main advantage of Themify Builder is the layouts with a choice of more than 60-page layouts. 

The Reason Why Should You Choose Themify Builder

  • For the beginners, the free version is the best choice with Themify Builder. They need not pay for learning to start with page building. 
  • If you want new and unique builder layouts, dozens of Themify Add-ons, or different animation effects, then there is no other better option than choosing Themify Builder. 
  • The paid version from Themify is also affordable. With this, it helps you make a small upgrade to access the different and unique add-ons. 
  • With Themify Builder, you have over 60 builder layouts and 60 different animations to choose from.
  • Themify has provided the best unusual tool for you to hide different elements from a website. 
  • You have the option of custom CSS if you want to revert to the traditional designs and methods. 

3. Thrive, Architect

6 Best WordPress Editor Plugins That Cut Coding Needs

If you want to choose a revamped version, then why not goes for Thrive Architect? It was once named as Thrive Content Builder. It is a new interface that has functional similarities with Elementor’s interface. You will find them in a few seconds. Everyone has access to use this WordPress Editor Plugin, but bloggers usually depend upon it. Even affiliate marketers depend upon Thrive Architect for their work. The best fact is focusing on the conversion rate. Other facts that you should not ignore about Thrive Architect is the stylish appearance that is good out of the box. 

The Reason Why Should You Choose To Thrive Architect As The Best WordPress Editor Plugin

  • Thrive Architect is famous for over 325 landing pages that are highly attractive and beautiful. It helps build templates and, hence, customize the page’s looks, giving a professional touch to it. 
  • It comes with all the customized countdown timers, buttons, testimonials, and lead generation forms. 
  • Thrive Architect primarily focuses on business websites.  
  • You can easily redo and undo the changes to the previous option you have chosen before. 
  • You have the best and most responsive previews to work customized way. 
  • Thrive Architect’s unique feature is the breadcrumb selector, where you have an option to click the nested element. 

4. Beaver Builder

6 Best WordPress Editor Plugins That Cut Coding Needs

For the most prominent choice in page building for WordPress, there could be no other better option than Beaver Builder. The best feature for this is a clean code that is very useful for different end-users. Most implementers like to have constant and improving attention from the viewers, and Beaver Builder is the best option for them. The reason to choose Beaver Builder is the official add-ons present that adds more and more flexibility to the pages. People are notably big fans of this page builder. 

The best WordPress website page builder is Beaver, with tons of features included in it. Multiple choices of landing page plugins offer the best landing pages that soon turn your visitors as the customers. 

The Reason Why You Should Choose Beaver Builder 

  • Beaver Builder has been the live front-end editor to allow and customize the requirement for different layouts for a web page. 
  • It offers us the best and unique modules, including galleries, sliders, testimonials, social buttons, and many more. 
  • The library of Beaver Builder has over 30 pre-built landing pages and with content templates. 
  • In addition to the landing pages, the content templates including tablets, services, about page, team pages, and the portfolio. 
  • Beaver Builder has supported the best by using widgets and shortcodes. Hence you have an option for including a WPForms subscription form. With that, you can even use shortcode functionality and thus grow the email list very quickly.
  • Also, another best option available for you is Live Demo that lets you try out different features. 

5. Elementor

6 Best WordPress Editor Plugins That Cut Coding Needs

With Elementor, you will have a choice of free drag and drop option for page building. You can add, edit, and then preview the design you have designed in real-time. It is a free and open-source that adds the advantage of building the WordPress pages. With the editing option, you can make constant edits for the front end of your website. 

Elementor offers you a free download for a powerful WordPress page builder. It is the best and the most powerful interface you can ever find. Everything available with Elementor is very instant. The standard features of Elementor are the animation, shape dividers, headline effects, and the gradient background. 

The Reason Why You Should Choose Elementor

  • The free version of templates has a speedy design area. You will indeed fall in love with the different templates. 
  • You have an option for a paid version for more upgrades starting at $49. 
  • With Elementor, you can work for the maintenance, coming soon, and the landing pages. You need not install other plugins for this fact. 
  • You can save the edited widgets so that you can use it for the entire website. 
  • There is an option for more than 26 widgets to select from Elementor Library. You can quickly integrate them into other systems. 

6. WP Page Builder

6 Best WordPress Editor Plugins That Cut Coding Needs

WP Page Builder has been the best and frees WordPress Page Builder in the market since August 2018. The features available with this page builder make it unique and why people like it the most. People usually love the sleek and straightforward design for the page builder; then, you have a better option with WP Page Builder. For the beginners with page building, they can use it even more conveniently and fast.

You have an excellent option to understand this toolbar by making rows and columns for the same. Other best options available with this WordPress Page Builder are creating your add-ons to complete a specific task and thus execute it with perfection. For more add-ons, you have an option for the library section that have been added before and used very often.

The Reason Why You Should Choose WP Page Builder For Your Website

  • If you want to perform front-end editing, use WP Page Builder with a good visualization for the work. It is the perfect choice if you want to go with real-time live editing.
  • It uses a simple drag and drops functionality using WordPress Page Builder, and hence you can use and create your add-ons, blocks, and layouts with elegant design. Also, you can manage these features with any page. 
  • If you want to hide any element so that you can clean it later, then you can use it later after saving them.
  • You have an option for the predesigned blocks and other layout packs. Thus it helps you work fast without any worry. 
  • Add-ons available are free to use. Hence, if you want to work with the premium features, WP Page Builder is the right choice.  

Final Verdict

With all the prominent WordPress Editor Plugins listed above, you need to choose the best one. It’s time to minimize your option to one that is suitable. You should not ignore deciding with your budget, features you want, and the experience you have had with the builders before. 

Here are Options Available That Have Made It Easy for You to Choose From

  • If you need the bang for the spent bucks, go for Elementor, Divi, or Beaver Builder.
  • If you need a rapid and simple page builder, then WP Page Builder is the right choice for you.
  • If you want free WordPress Page Builder, then go for Elementor.
Kriyank Patel

Kriyank Patel is Sr. WordPress Developer at USS LLC. At USS LLC he provides Custom PHP Development service and Wordpress Website Development service. He likes to share some tips about web development