At Present, there is high popularity for mobile applications in various industries. So the requirement for mobile app development is increasing day-by-day and companies are looking to get assistance from mobile app development companies and in the same way mobile app development companies are seeking the perfect technology which enables them to develop applications effectively and quickly.


To satisfy the needs of clients within a short period, mobile app development companies consider Xamarin is the best choice for app development

Xamarin is one of the best cross-platform development tools that will help to develop mobile apps in a fast manner. Initially, it was run by Xamarin Company, later it was taken by Microsoft in the year 2016. It enables the developers to develop apps on various platforms by using a single code.

App created by using Xamarin is identical to native apps, using the complete advantage of native user interface controls. With Android OS getting the world by storm from the past few years, it is only natural that developers require a robust tool to support them come up with mobile apps that work and perform properly on multiple platforms while having an added power on Android devices.

It assists the developers to develop an app within less time and high application performance, Xamarin mobile application development for android gives all that today’s developers seek

Demand for Cross-Platform Mobile App Development

In the past, iOS and Android app development focused on beating out apps that were compatible with the three popular platforms including Windows, iOS, and Android. However, this situation posed a problem for enterprises looking to develop their indigenous mobile apps.

In the past, different mobile app development companies concentrate on developing apps that are fit for various famous platforms such as android, ios, and windows. But some organizations who build native apps look at it as a problem.

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They worried about the budget and time to spend on their native mobile apps. It is not simple to build an app that works on all platforms. But Xamarin makes it possible and allows mobile app development companies or developers to develop cost-effective mobile apps by using a single code on the android platform

Real Experience of Native App

If you select Xamarin as a mobile app development software, you will be able to provide the same kind of functionalities to apps that are developed on different platforms

For Example

Compared to an iOS app, an Android app offers a unique user experience, although both fulfill the same goal. You can easily create applications with a single code through Xamarin that efficiently blends with distinct platforms. You can allow end-users to appreciate the true experience of an indigenous app with this cross-platform software.

Advantage of C#


Xamarin, the mobile application development software for cross-platform applications, uses C #as its coding language. C #, recognized as a new, easy object-oriented programming language, comes with a host of advantages including flexibility and learning facilities.

It is also an all-in-one utility with which you can develop Android apps which are pure and type-safe. When you utilize Xamarin to develop Android apps, you will be at the getting end of all the advantages of Microsoft’s C#.

Write Code Once and Run Everywhere

You will see everybody in today’s times seeing for apps that run on a single code that is compatible on various platforms. Companies are constantly looking for Android apps promising a single codebase combined with an excellent user interface and indigenous performance.

Xamarin is a platform where you can live the dream “Write Code Once, Run Everywhere”. You can share all the applications with Xamarin across various operating systems including Android, iOS, etc

Flexibility in API Integration

Xamarin for the development of mobile applications also stands out due to its maximum flexibility to use the same APIs and UI controls as seen in Android, iOS, and Mac applications. It encourages the creation of specific programming languages for the corresponding platform such as Java, Objective-C, and Swift. Such binding capacity enables users to install new features as soon as they are included in the operating system of the device.


Rapid Mobile App Development (RMAD) For Businesses

Because of its Rapid Mobile App Development capacity, Xamarin’s mobile app development services are highly appealing to companies that emphasize contemporary app development methods. The cross-platform development of Xamarin has an added benefit over indigenous applications to accelerate the process without compromising costs. For any company, agility and price are two main requirements, and Xamarin does better.

Xamarin UI development utilizes form libraries to make the process rapid, easy, and smooth. This explains that Xamarin is a business-friendly platform.

Less Maintenance: 

Maintaining and updating applications developed with Xamarin requires less effort. Once you’ve changed the source file, you can apply them directly to your apps, so you don’t have to update your application’s source code separately if updates, bug adjustments, and new features are required.

Lowered The Time To Market:

Building applications by using shared codebases will reduce time, typically to work on various platforms by translating, re-writing, or recompiling code. This is shortening the development cycle for weeks, months, and perhaps years so that applications are concurrently created on all three main platforms. And because these apps are being built together, it means feature parity won’t slowly get you down–they will be prepared for all of your platforms to deploy at the same time.

Easy App Testing

Mobile app test cloud and automation framework are provided by Xamarin. So there is no requirement for separate automation testing

It is possible to test several mobile devices while improvement may be carried out.

Less Chance to Errors

Xamarin clearly diminishes time and bugs for development. As you write less code, Xamarin tends to lead to fewer bugs. The less the code, the less probably we are to commit mistakes.

However, there is still some code distinctive to every platform such as the creation of user interface or platform-specific functions.

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Financial Viability

The Xamarin app decreased the viability of finance. It was a time-consuming process to write multiple codes for android, iOS, and windows. But Xamarin decreased mobile app development costs because the code has been reused for separate applications on all platforms.

Hardware Assistance

Developers receive full alternatives while they work with Xamarin. Also, the hardware issues associated with modules, plug-ins, and API have decreased. Even Android libraries have been created.


Xamarin has been discovered to be a powerful tool for cross-platform application growth in recent times because it helps achieve countless intelligent devices irrespective of the platform.


Apps designed using Xamarin focus on getting used to the standard native user interface, they present a great user experience.  The most important benefit turns out to be developing Android, iOS, and Windows apps utilizing the same C# codebase.

Ridhi Pethani

Ridhi Pethani is Sr. Android Application Developer at USS LLC. She likes to share Android app development tips & tricks.