Digital beings are taking a good market share in today’s world and smartphone is getting a mandatory gadget for everyone. The Internet and web are progressing on a full force and that is why a rapid growth of technology in real-life can be seen. The modern-day world is all about doing smart work efficiently and a smartphone serves just the right purpose for that.


Without any doubt, it can be said that smartphones are making life easier by operating day-to-day work easily and comfortably. Android apps are providing tremendous fast service to daily operations so that convenience can be of no issue. Currently, two OS is dominating the entire smartphone market and Android OS carries a major share.

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80 percent of people use Android OS all over the world and this stat is enough to say about the big picture of Android apps. The number of percentages is increasing all over the world and so is the demand for Android apps. New and latest apps are coming on the Android app market very frequently to meet the demands of users. As the Android user market is still growing so a vast amount of Android app developer exists on the market.

In this article, you will get to know about some Android application development strategies to catch a good portion of the market share in the app market.

App Development Strategies To Follow in 2019

You may have made an excellent app but there is a high chance that may not be enough to attract user’s attention. For that purpose, you need to follow some guidelines.

Good App Content


An app having bad content is bad for the market as well as for the users. In fact, it may end up getting negative reviews which may lead to the destruction of your app developing career. This is where you need to show extreme focus. If you make an app with attractive content then you can stay sure that this will attract quite a high number of users.

When you are developing an Android app you need to emphasize customer experience.

Think about why a user will use or download your app once they see it? It is because of attractive as well as informative app content. You need to always take care of the content of an Android app and this strategy decides if you are going to have a high number of downloads or not.

Must-Have Ads on a Region Basis


Ads are a vital part of modern-day and people live in the era of advertisements. Nowadays ads are getting an integral part of modern life because an ad gives people useful information. It is a long-followed trend since the time of TV. Showing an ad on your developed android app is also profitable for you because it works on PPC (Pay Per Click) strategy.

But showing ads on Android UI can hamper the user experience a lot. Users may get disturbed if you have integrated too many irrelevant ads on your android app. This may lead to an uninstall or not using your app. Showing relevant ads is the only way you have to enable ads and monetization.

At first, you need to separate regions properly. Then you need to select which ads will be suitable for a specific region. And then you show ads to those specific regions. Showing region-based ads is the only way when people will see ads with interests and yet like using your developed android app.

User-Interface Must Be Simple


One of the noteworthy things you need to take care of when you are developing an iOS App & Android app is, the user-interface. User-interface is everything of an Android app and it is considered as the backbone of an app. If you are a mobile app developer then it is your priority to make a suitable user-interface.

Try to make the user-interface in the simplest form. Do not make experiments especially in the interface and don’t mess the user-interface at all. Your primary focus should be how to make it simple by implementing every feature. That is the main reason behind the success of so many popular apps.

You need to make a friendly user-interface also so that users don’t face any trouble while using it. An advantage of making a friendly user-interface is that people will understand how to use your developed app quickly. This is considered something like a good forerunner to get positive reviews from users.

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Make Sure To Reduce The Number of Bugs


Bugs and apps make a better relationship than anything else in the world. No matter how hard you try, you can never make an app totally bug-free. You can only reduce the number of bugs by testing an Android app several times in several stages. But you need to make sure it has minimum bugs in it so users don’t face any lag or glitch while using the app.

Bugs start to come while coding an Android app. That is why there is a high number of testing required to make sure it has lesser bugs. Bhave tends to develop in the app with time. As a developer, you need to push further version updates so that all of the bugs get fixed to intact the smooth and unhampered user-experience.

Don’t Forget To Do Marketing Properly


After you are finished with the app, make sure to do marketing properly as it is a mandatory step for every Android developer. It helps you to get a good number of downloads as more and more users will get to know about your app. You can use websites, several social media networks, in-app ads, or other channels to show ads of the app to the users.

Make sure to do marketing properly, effectively, and highly if you are confident about your app. Effective marketing is required to make the app marketable and get some profit.

So, follow these guidelines of Android application development strategies and come up with a great Android app. After all, a good android app to get the job done quickly and conveniently are the things a user wants.

Once users start to understand that your app has great content, a smooth, lag-free user interface, and it is very much useful to serve the purpose it is meant for then bingo! You are on your way to getting success in Android app development.

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