CRM or Customer Relationship Management is the bedrock of any marketing and sales team. Real estate CRM benefits are many and putting them to practice is well worth it in the long run. A real estate CRM system helps in building closer relationships between realtors and their potential clients.

Best Real Estate CRM Software

While CRM can describe any process or strategy used to improve and further analyze customer interaction, the term usually refers to a variety of tools and technologies used with the goal of generating real estate leads, nurturing leads, and converting potential clients.

Real estate CRM systems allow realtors to gather information on leads. It also stores it in easily accessible locations and further processes said information into sales funnels.

This information is valuable as it provides the client with a personalized experience which in turn can lead to a higher conversion rate and a faster ride through the sales funnel.

Most clients managed through a customer relationship management system also have a higher chance of becoming repetitive customers. Between repetitive customers vs. new customers, companies should always strive for repeated customers.

Finding software can be overwhelming. We have helped hundreds of real estate agencies choose the right real estate CRM software to manage more clients and complete closings.

Top 9 Real Estate CRM Softwares

MyLead Dashboard

Myleaddashboard- Best Real Estate CRM Software

MyLeadDashboard from Continuity Programs is a cloud-based software solution for the residential real estate industry. It is one of the top CRM software available.

The platform offers in-built customer relationship management tools, time to time reporting, and lead generation. It includes automatic client follow-up and futuristic programs.

Agents have the facility to opt-out of any client from the follow-up program. Printed and email touchpoints include personalized URLs for lead generation.

Repeated businesses, referrals, reviews, and testimonials can be generated through marketing and campaign features. It is said to be one of the best retail inventory software.

SolarWinds Service Desk

SolarWinds Service Desk- Best Real Estate CRM Software

SolarWinds Service Desk is suitable for businesses seeking a help desk solution. Offering IT service management (ITSM) functionalities. It is ranked amongst the best retail inventory management software.

SolarWinds Service Desk offers an all-inclusive service desk functionality that helps businesses respond to service requests in a timely way which results in improved support.

It is a cloud-based software offered for an annual subscription. In the system, users manage service tickets and company assets as well. It also works on any smartphone or tablet equipped with a web browser.

It integrates with other applications, including Google Apps,, OneLogin, and over 140 other applications.

Zoho CRM

Zoho CRM- Best Real Estate CRM Software

Zoho CRM is a cloud-based business management software that provides businesses of all sizes. It offers sales and marketing automation tools with helpdesks, analytics, and customer support functions.

It helps users respond to customers across channels in real-time. Zia, it’s AI-powered sales assistant, can predict an appropriate time to contact customers. It scans emails for urgency and displays relevant statistics or documents when performing searches. Users can integrate the software with G Suite, WordPress, MailChimp, Evernote, Unbounce, or even other third-party systems.


Zendesk- Best Real Estate CRM Software

Zendesk is a cloud-based help desk management software offering customizable tools to build customer service portals, knowledge bases, and online communities. The solution offers a customizable front-end portal, live chat features, and integration with various applications like Salesforce or Google Analytics.

Zendesk is used across a wide range of vertical markets which include technology, government, media, and retail, from small to large.

Its online customer portal helps support agents to keep track of tickets raised and their status. Customers can go through existing tickets to find answers from queries similar to their question and if unsatisfied, customers can raise their own tickets in the portal.

FreeAgent CRM

FreeAgent CRM- Best Real Estate CRM Software

FreeAgent CRM delivers a new generation work experience on a customizable cloud-based platform to help teams unlock productivity and grow sales effortlessly.

Stay in the zone, with AI-guided selling. See only what you need when you need it, with a flow-based feed of personalized and prioritized tasks and key insights without leaving the page.

Zooming in and out between high-level overviews and activity tracking that all happens automatically.

Gain instant context into all of your customer relationships while viewing activity linked to any pipeline change and its impact. Measure and improve performance. Track and celebrate the activities that lead to sales and happy customers.


Onpipeline- Best Real Estate CRM Software

Onpipeline is a cloud-based CRM software solution that helps manage sales, contacts, and activities. It acts as the best store management software you can ever find.

You can get leads from third-parties, web forms, and an API connection which helps you to track your deals without spending hours filling out forms. You can control your sales process and set events for your actions by syncing with your Gmail or Outlook calendar.

Onpipeline eliminates the requirement for training sessions that can be required by other CRM systems. It is available on monthly subscriptions and is supported through email, phone, and documentation.

Top Producer Systems

Top Producer- Best Real Estate CRM Software

Top Producer is a web-based CRM system suited for agents or brokers in the CRM Real Estate industry. The system helps agents personalize follow up and manage clients from initial contact and to long-term repeat and referrals.

Build your CRM with an attractive website, lead capture & tracking, personalized landing pages, and free coaching.

Service current clients with visuals, professional email templates, and the instinctive follow-up coach working to keep you on top-of-mind through recommended touchpoints.

NICE in Contact Hosted Call Center

NICE in Contact Hosted Call Center- Best Real Estate CRM Software

NICE inContact is a call center software that helps businesses to maximize the quality of leads and reduce their cost of client interaction.

The solution includes many features required to process inbound support requests and help businesses to connect with their customers via various channels such as inbound/outbound voice, email, voicemail, chat, social media and a lot more.

NICE inContact offers various call routing features, like the IVR, CTI, and ACD, also workforce optimization capabilities such as e-learning, hiring, and WFM.


BoomTown- Best Real Estate CRM Software

Boomtown provides marketing and sales automation software solutions for the real estate industry. Through Boomtown, brokers can select and personalize a lead generation website, track and nurture leads, and also monitor team success and sales.

The application is SaaS-based and can be accessed from an iPad, smartphone, and tablet, one of the best CRM for real estate.

The automated marketing tools create a way for brokers and agents to be in touch with leads and customers so that agents can nurture leads without having to actually track all interactions.

The system automatically notifies regarding listing updates, so that agents can remain updated with their markets.

Benefits of CRM

Better Customer Services

Prospective customers or clients usually have specific requests or questions. By integrating real estate CRM, you can manage your customer requests efficiently.

Personalized Customer Service

Implementing a real estate CRM to personalize your customer service further and gain a better understanding of your clients’ demands, requirements, or needs.

Let’s Get a Detailed Knowledge of it :

Customer Segmentation

Specific CRM attributes can be used to differentiate customers according to their demographics, industry, income, their position in the sales funnels as well.

Realtors can use one or more attributes to segment their customers and fulfill their needs in different ways.

Customized Marketing

Design, adapt and change marketing efforts to present a different product for each client. Analyzing clients plays a big part in marketing customization as more and more companies invest more towards getting to know their customers better.

If you want to become important for your customers, you need first to know their requirements, and then offer a personalized solution.

Multichannel Integration

A real estate CRM helps with multi-channel integration. Successful multichannel integration is dependent on your company’s ability to gather customer information and integrate it with your marketing efforts.

A Real-Time Saver

Real estate CRM allows companies to easily interact with leads or potential customers through personalized communication or periodic emails.

A better understanding of your core customers saves sales teams from doing too much research – you already know their needs and are most likely able to satisfy them promptly.

Customer Knowledge Is Key

All information gathered directly from customers or through customer behavior software can be integrated into the free real estate CRM to produce custom services or products.

Statistics from multiple sources play a significant role in most businesses. This could be your strategic advantage.

Smoother Deal Closing

Satisfied clients and return customers lead to even more customers as word of mouth is the easiest, simplest, and cheapest form of marketing available. The best CRM for realtors allows them to manage referrals and build stable relationships with clients correctly. Task automation plays an important role in this regard with auto-emails and scheduled prompts.

Combined with all the other real estate CRM benefits stated above, you’ll be able to determine your clients’ readiness to commit to a purchase – timing is also crucial as you need to know when to act, not just how.

Educate Your Clients

Investors are attracted to useful real estate information as they are looking to invest. You can help them on this journey and provide statistics, price projections, and tips on which property types have a good ROI.

With the top real estate CRM software in place, you’ll be able to see their income, expectations, growth projection, and return on investment in one place.

It makes an excellent topic for a first discussion, but if your team can consistently provide them with valuable information time and time again, they are bound to become clients at one point.

Sales & Marketing Strategy

Your potential client needs to feel like a priority for you and your team. By integrating and efficiently updating their information, your team can make quick assessments and decisions on how to proceed.

For example, some clients may prefer emails while others may like letters more. Since CRM systems are available on both mobile and desktop, your sales team can make the correct action on the go.

Easy to Integrate with Current Infrastructure

You can incorporate a real estate communication system management with other systems you’re using right now. Email marketing efforts, demographics, calendars, contacts and much more can be linked directly with your CRM.

Checklist on How to Choose Best Real Estate CRM System

1.Define Your Business Requirements.

Make a list of all the necessary requisites, features and tools, which you need for your business. It will help you narrow down the list of prospective CRM vendors.

2.Bigger is not Always Better in Business.

There are plenty of popular CRM solutions best for realtors from the large-scale software vendors. However, it is recommended to take into consideration small budding companies that offer unique user experiences along with IT-enabled solutions.  This will help you serve more individual business requirements.

3.Mind scalability of the product.

What you definitely need is a flexible and reliable CRM platform, able to handle ever-growing business operational efficiencies and not to suffer from regular system downtimes, lagging issues, and data losses i.e the best CRM software for real estate.

4.Listen to Independent Opinions.

Choose a company with a good reputation. Find out if it is recommended among your colleagues or friends. Surf the net for more reviews and comments.

5.Mind The Budget

Don’t forget to estimate the overall cost of hardware, maintenance, storage, services, staff training, and other expenses. It may cost you a fortune, be money-intelligent.

6.Opt For Clouds

Remember that cloud computing is shooting the stars. So, choose cloud-based CRM software solutions for your real estate business to pave the path to surefire success.

7.Ask For Free Trials

Don’t be afraid to ask for a free-of-charge monthly trial. Study all pros and cons practically. It will be a treat if discounted offers are offered.

8.Remember Your Clients

Although the top CRM software is aimed at automating your business processes, don’t forget that customers feel more appreciated when addressed personally in a live interaction.

9.Analyze Customer Feedback.

Collect responses across the channels, identify drawbacks, find the reasons, make new decisions through A/B testing. Correcting mistakes on time leads to a win-win situation with your customers.

 10.Constant improvement.

Always stay open to new software opportunities. Although the free CRM software for real estate usually does most of the work for you, never stop keeping tabs on new features that can give you a competitive edge in business and significantly improve customer experience.

If you are still confused about choosing a robust Real Estate CRM platform that can truly streamline your business efficiency, contact us right away and see how our actionable CRM solutions help get you covered on that.

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