Are you planning to run an eCommerce store? You can always find several plugins on WordPress that can help your website. Woocommerce is a wonderful platform with several options that can help your shop. Woocommerce plugin is considered a significant part of an eCommerce store. It provides you with plenty of features and helps forums to guide you through company choices.

Best Woocommerce Plugins In 2020

You don’t have to worry about pricing or security, and it has a lot of customization options. The platform is a great source of help, and you can use at least 3 times each best Woocommerce plugins to increase sales.

Here is a List of Some of the Best Woocommerce Plugins that can be Useful to You-


MonsterInsights- Best Woocommerce Plugins In 2020

MonsterInsights is a great google analytics plugin for stores. Tracking eCommerce data in google analytics reports is important for your store. MonsterInsights provides you with enhanced eCommerce tracking, which can help you easily track data. For a starter, it may not be easy to understand the Google Analytics report.

MonsterInsights can be a great guide as it shows all the necessary information that they will need in their WordPress dashboard. It can also help you find the most viewed products and track Woocommerce customers in Google Analytics. This can be of great help in growing business and increasing sales.


OptinMonster- Best Woocommerce Plugins In 2020

As a WordPress user, one of your most important tasks is to turn your visitors into subscribers. One of the best Woocommerce plugins that can help you here is OptinMonster. It provides coupon wheel options that can help you in increasing conversions by 40 percent or more and boost your sale.

Some of its key features include geological targeting and unlimited campaign customization options. It also provides you with targeting features that show you personalized messages to shoppers which improve engagement, sales, and conversions.

YITH Woocommerce Wishlist

YITH Woocommerce Wishlist- Best Woocommerce Plugins In 2020

YITH Woocommerce Wishlist is one of the best free plugins for Woocommerce 2020. There are a lot of products available for shoppers, but they may not be interested in looking at all of them. They may want a particular product with particular features.

YITH Woocommerce Plugin helps them filter through the different products available to find what they are looking for. It helps them filter using 1 out of the 4 layouts available, filter based on the availability of the product and sorts them out based on their rate and popularity. This plugin is important because it helps to ensure that customers buy products, and they do not get frustrated searching for things.

Essential Grid WordPress Plugin

Essential Grid WordPress Plugin- Best Woocommerce Plugins In 2020

Essential Grid WordPress Plugin is a multipurpose grid that helps you in displaying any kind of content in your WordPress site in an elegant grid form. It’s a Woocommerce layout plugin that helps you post your blog posts, pictures, testimonials, and so on. You can choose the source you want for grid entry and then customize your grid after choosing from the styles available.

You can select the number of rows and columns required and set the spacing for the items. You can then customize your look further by adding any number of skins available. 25 example skins and a variety of animation styles are available for you to choose from.

Hubspot For Woocommerce

Hubspot for Woocommerce- Best Woocommerce Plugins In 2020

With the free Woocommerce plugin provided by HubSpot, you can use the marketing tools provided by HubSpot for your Woocommerce shop. Instead of managing several plugins, you have the option to install this. With Hubspot for the Woocommerce plugin, you can track the activities of your customers through Hubspot CRM.

When a customer buys a product, you can connect that data to your CRM as a deal. When you create an account of your own, you can synchronize historical customer data to Hubspot. You have the option to set up new customer workflows and welcome and re-engage with customers. It also provides several tools that can help you in boosting up your sales and marketing.


WooRewards- Best Woocommerce Plugins In 2020

Providing rewards has always been a good method of attracting customers. The WooRewards plugin, created by Long Watch Studio provides you with the option of creating a reward system for your online shop. Such a system can encourage your customers to purchase products and remain loyal. With WooRewards, you can decide the amount a customer needs to spend to earn points, the points that a customer needs to get coupons, and what is the value of one coupon.

Your customer will get emails which inform them of all the necessary details they need to participate in the new reward system set up by you. There is a provision that offers your customers ways to earn more points.

Trust Pulse

Trust Pulse- Best Woocommerce Plugins In 2020

Trust pule is a social proof notification app. Before buying a product, people have this instinct to check if it is something that other people have also bought. They like to see if there are people who have made similar choices. Adding social proof, you give the customers the option to see it on your website and encourage them to buy a product.

You can install Trust Pulse on any website without coding. You can also target pages that you think are a suitable platform to run your campaign and add notifications that show your customers how many people are taking action within a particular period. You can get a detailed analytics report that can help you in optimizing your campaigns.


LiveChat- Best Woocommerce Plugins In 2020

Many times, one of the main reasons that contribute to you losing customers is them not getting instant answers. Live Chat provides you with neatly designed live chat widgets that you can add to your chatbox. It is also mobile-responsive which provides you with the option to add customers from anywhere anytime.

After your conversion with your customer, you can collect feedback by adding evaluation surveys. There is also integration with tolls like email marketing services. The fact that you can answer questions instantly makes it easy for you to attract more customers and potential buyers.

Beeketing For Woocommerce

Beeketing for Woocommerce- Best Woocommerce Plugins In 2020

For a starter who wants to boost sales and profits, Beeketing for Woocommerce is a necessary tool. Conversion Rate optimization is an important strategy for sales. This tool helps you improve the customer journey and your conversion funnel. This plugin has several in-built features referred to as apps. Some of the apps in Beeketing are Sales Pop, Mailbot, Boost Sales, and Checkout Boost. These apps display sale notifications, provide gift and shipping offers, and help to retain loyal customers and recover carts.

Booster For Woocommerce

Booster for Woocommerce- Best Woocommerce Plugins In 2020

Booster for Woocommerce is a plugin with several features that can help you take your shop to a global level. Through this plugin, you can add all the world currencies to your site, and according to the need, you can change the default currency symbol.

To sell your products to buyers all around the world, it automatically adds currency exchange rates. Booster for Woocommerce also provides price labels and customizable buttons, cart and checkout options, shipping, payment gateways emails from customers, and much more. The free version offers several features, but the premium version contains more functions.

WPForms- Best Woocommerce Plugins In 2020


WPForms helps you to create advanced and simple WordPress forms with no coding. It contains smart survey fields that help you to create user feedback with ratings, multiple-choice, etc. It can easily create polls and display results and has a drag and drop builder with templates. To stay in touch with customers, you need a contact page.

You need to answer the queries of your customers, find out what they expect from you, and resolve their issues. WPForms makes these tasks easy for you.


WP Mail SMTP- Best Woocommerce Plugins In 2020

WP Mail SMTP is one of the best email sending tools and widely used plugins available for eCommerce websites. One of the most important steps you need to remember while running your Woocommerce store is to inform your customers about the confirmation of the order, delivery status and receipt, and many more. WP Mail SMTP sends emails to customers related to their order using PHP mail.

 A major mistake that happens to WordPress users is that they don’t set up these functions in the correct manner, which leads to emails being sent to the spam box. Through this plug, the emails are sent using an SMTP service provider and ensure that the emails do not end up landing in the customers’ spam box.

Omnisend For Woocommerce

Omnisend for Woocommerce- Best Woocommerce Plugins In 2020

If you want to boost up your eCommerce sales and build a strong relationship with your customers, Omnisend is the right choice for you. Through Omnisend, you can use various channels to create connections with your customers. In each step of the customer journey, you can create a unified customer experience by combining email marketing, Facebook messenger, SMS marketing, and other different channels.

You can use Omnisend pop-ups to get emails to convert visitors into customers. It is an all-in-one marketing platform where you can combine different channels and also has 24 hours of customer support.

Woocommerce Google Analytics Integration

Woocommerce Google Analytics Integration- Best Woocommerce Plugins In 2020

Tracking your users who visit your website is important. Woocommerce Google Analytics is a plugin that can help you keep track of all the metrics that you will need to analyze the traffic performance of your website.

This plugin can help you improve sales. Woocommerce Google Analytics Integration can track data from different channels, and it can also support Google Display Advertising. It does not include visits from administrators which helps you get a clear picture of customer data.

Woocommerce Currency Switcher

Woocommerce Currency Switcher- Best Woocommerce Plugins In 2020

Woocommerce Currency Switcher provides customers with the option to change currency based on their location. They can switch currencies and get the rates changed in real-time. In this plugin, 3 widgets are available, currency converter, currency switcher, and currency rates.

Through this plugin, customers can easily see how much they have to pay according to the currency of the country they belong to. With a Woocommerce currency switcher, you can also set a fixed minimum amount required for free shopping offers.

Woocommerce B2B

Woocommerce B2B- Best Woocommerce Plugins In 2020

There are many eCommerce tools and features that are designed for B2C businesses, where an individual consumer becomes the target audience. Here the B2B business where other businesses are the target audience is left with unfulfilled needs. The Woocommerce B2B is a premium plugin that can meet these needs. With this plugin, you have the option to display prices to visitors who log in to your website and hide prices from guests. You can also control the visibility of product categories.

WP Notification Bar Pro

WP Notification Bar Pro- Best Woocommerce Plugins In 2020

If you want to inform your customers about a new product, sales, partnership, etc., a notification bar can help you in ensuring that your customers see your announcement. The custom notifications plugin that comes with a variety of customizable settings makes sure that the notification bar that you want to send to your customers matches your website’s design.

You have the option to set the color scheme of the bar, hide or display it on mobile devices, and you can also keep track of the number of views and clicks. It is one of the best notification bar plugins available.

Constant Contact For Woocommerce

Constant Contact for Woocommerce- Best Woocommerce Plugins In 2020

Constant Contact for Woocommerce is a user-friendly platform. For a beginner, this is a very useful platform as it is easy to operate and add to the Woocommerce shop. You can also use it to add emails to your mailing list. It provides an attractive email template that can help you convert visitors to buyers and customers.

You can send personalized emails to your customers and start a targeted campaign, recommend products, and recover carts. Constant Contact is one of the most popular email marketing services for eCommerce.

Woocommerce Multilingual

Woocommerce Multilingual- Best Woocommerce Plugins In 2020

Your shop is operational in many countries, and you want to improve your sales, then Woocommerce Multilingual is a plugin that can be of great help to you. It can help you translate your page into different languages, depending on the country of the customer. Posting images can help the customer understand the product, but it is not enough.

The best way to attract a customer from a different country is to make the page available to him or her in his or her language. It helps you in sending emails according to the users’ preferred language and is considered one of the best and effective plugins.


Breeze- Best Woocommerce Plugins In 2020

What happens when you are waiting to read a website, but it takes a lot of time to load. Naturally, you will get irritated. The same happens to the customer when he or she is forced to wait for a lot of time for your website to load. It is said that most of the viewers leave a website that takes more than 6 seconds to load, and such an action can prove harmful for your website.

Breeze is a free plugin that can help you improve the speed of your website and also helps you optimize your website. It has a simple interface and can help in making your website a user-friendly one.

Woocommerce Wholesale Suit

Woocommerce Wholesale suit- Best Woocommerce Plugins In 2020

Your store is doing good, and people are buying your products in bulk. Isn’t that great news? In this situation, a Woocommerce wholesale suit can be the new best friend of your store. It is a suite with three plugins that can help you in setting up wholesale prices effortlessly in Woocommerce for customers buying products in bulk and other businesses.

You can present to wholesale customers, the wholesale pricing. You can easily present to them how much quantity they will need to buy, to get a wholesale discount. You also have the option to show retail customers the regular prices.


RafflePress- Best Woocommerce Plugins In 2020

Who does not like to be part of a contest? People like them, and it is a good method to attract customers. If you want to influence your customers using contests, RafflePress can help you in your task. It is a contest and giveaway plugin that can help your Woocommerce shop. RafflePress can help you in improving the traffic to your website, social media followers with contests and giveaways. It also allows you to enhance your email list.

A user who is willing to perform certain actions such as tweeting, watching a particular video, follow a social media profile, and so on can become a part of your giveaway. The actions that the customers need to do include all the social media platforms, CRMS, and so on. Your campaign can produce real-time engagement and help in the growth of your business.


Nextiva- Best Woocommerce Plugins In 2020

How do you think you can make your customer realize that you are a person who can be trusted? A phone number in your online store for the customer can be of great help. Phone service will be able to help you here, and Nextiva is the best business phone service that people use, which works perfectly with Woocommerce.

Nextiva is a business phone app that can help you in receiving calls on your iPad, desktop, mobile phones, and laptops. It contains certain special features such as an auto-attendant, call routing, and so on.

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