If you plan to build a website for a job board, you need such features in the subject of your job board. This is because you are unable to mention a new work in a general topic of the Blog. Creating a local employment portal can be a great business. It is because there is a demand for the workplace. When you are willing to post new work, the website attracts loads.

Job Portal Website Design Ideas For WordPress CMS

Yet, it would help if you had custom-designed job listings modules for creating a job site. In which you can describe the listed job with all the required information. A custom search widget is needed to make finding work easier for you. You can use a customized worksheet theme to make your company look professional.

In this post today, we listed the best WordPress job board themes. You can use this to create a working website. All the WordPress themes listed in this post will be responsive. Even on mobile devices, make your workplace look good.

Top Job Portal WordPress Themes

1. JobBoard

Job Board- Job Portal Website Design Ideas For WordPress CMS

JobBoard is a robust and full-length WordPress workplace theme. It is built with Bootstrap and is a modern design. You can have all the premium employment portals or job markets. This is an excellent theme for you if you plan to create a local worksite. In the beginning, the subject looks dramatic. We are confident that you like the design of this theme because it is professional. The position of All the designs is good to make it a clean and portal.

About the apps, you will have several choices to make your site exclusive. People can use this topic as an employment marketplace for businesses and users. Users can upload resumes. They can list jobs in the front panel and can get the best summaries on the market. It comes with a full user profile page.

2. JobEngine

Job Engine- Job Portal Website Design Ideas For WordPress CMS

JobEngine is a total WordPress workboard theme. It is a super strong design that responds to your needs. This work portal’s focus is one of the best models of this beautiful store. With all the best practices. You can make your site look unique using a compelling subject choice. Without a single coding line, the template can be shaped according to the requirements.

With the automatic payment plan system, you can make money on your site. You can create various packages for your users and charge companies for summaries. The theme of JobEngine provides extensions. It is because of the uniqueness and professionalism of your website.

3. FreelanceEngine

Freelance Engine- Job Portal Website Design Ideas For WordPress CMS

FreelanceEngine from the EngineThemes store is another great subject. One section is to find freelancers. About the site’s look and feel, you can choose the color and layout of your website.

It provides you with a drag-and-drop page builder to establish individuality from the front end of your website. This theme supports video context options for attracting more users. You can have one package listing or create various paid packages to earn money from your site.

4. Workout

Workout- Job Portal Website Design Ideas For WordPress CMS

The workout is an innovative and modern WordPress theme created for employment agencies. This topic is full of attractive options that almost help to build an excellent website for your business. The healthy job search option offers a quick start to this lovely design that makes finding jobs easy for users. The Workscout theme provides you with different templates for your homepage.

With a single-click demo download, the website can look like a demo in minutes, which can then be adapted. The drag-and-drop plugin for Visual Composer is available free of charge in the theme group to create custom designs for your website. The robust work tracking and resume management tools allow you to make data simple so that your company can run. The theme is mobile, and on all platforms, it will make your website look amazing.

5. Handyman

Handyman-Job Portal Website Design Ideas For WordPress CMS

A handyman is developed and loaded with astounding features on the Twitter Bootstrap. The topic is based on the WP Job Manager to ensure your workflows are smooth. This theme you to create a premium plugin in the Visual Composer Bundle, without any coding, for your site. The Redux architecture, one of the best options available, manages the backend option line. It provides you with an unlimited color option, Google fonts, a unique click demo setup feature, Awesome Font icons, etc.

6. Job Board

Job Board- Job Portal Website Design Ideas For WordPress CMS

Another useful template for building a worksite is the Templatic Jobs Page. The listings on your site are well categorized. You can add new parts or remove fields from the form according to your requirements. If you load your users for listings, you can monetize your website and create different packages for listings.

7. Tasker

Tasker- Job Portal Website Design Ideas For WordPress CMS

Tasker is a concept from the Appthemes store. It’s a high-quality micro worksite with fantastic assets. Tasker offers a comprehensive user profile page that allows all users to watch their lists, likes, news, feedback. Users can post listings from the front, and administrators can create free or premium listing packages. This theme provides an integrated email framework to send HTML emails to your users with pre-built templates.

8. Jobify

Jobify- Job Portal Website Design Ideas For WordPress CMS


Jobify is a modern WordPress job board design with a front-end job presentation feature. It is compatible with adding online buying features using the WooCommerce plugin. It’s one of the common topics for premium work portals and has a rich interface and sleek design. It is a popular subject.

This topic offers you customized designs for your homepage that you can alter depending on your needs. And a live search feature makes finding the most critical jobs on your site easy for your users. Users can send posts from the front end of their website that you can support or reject as website administrator.

9. JobRoller

Jobroller- Job Portal Website Design Ideas For WordPress CMS


JobRoller is a personalized theme for portals with a primary interface that is. This subject provides the option of listing jobs or applying to user jobs. With previous experience, users can list a detailed resume, and the topic offers a separate section to browse resumes.

10. Jobseek

Job Seek- Job Portal Website Design Ideas For WordPress CMS

Jobseek is a WordPress worksheet theme that will help you create an entire website that looks attractive on all types of modern devices. Jobseek is a custom design for work sites with premium WordPress plugins designed for business websites. The functionality of the workboard depends on the plugin WP Job Manager.

It provides a high-quality filterable job listing option and type, location, or keyword search options. This subject offers users the option of submitting jobs and resumes on the site front-end.

11. HireBee

HireBee- Job Portal Website Design Ideas For WordPress CMS

HireBee is a modern WordPress theme that is attractive and safe. It comprises a live notification system. It also includes every time interactions in connection with their listings. The site and project listing form can be customizable as required.

12. JobsFinder

Job Finder- Job Portal Website Design Ideas For WordPress CMS

JobsFinder is a modern and appealing WordPress theme for websites related to work. This theme depends on and is flexible on Cherry Framework. It provides features other than a beautiful interface. That will help you build an excellent workspace. It comes with an advanced subject options panel. It is to enable the management of all details relevant to your platform.

The theme is based on Bootstrap and gives you excellent options for the parallax effect. The background video options and lazy loading effects of loading your app. You may use this theme to create portfolio sections for your website. It will help you to develop models and styles of custom content.

13. Jobifier

Jobifier- Job Portal Website Design Ideas For WordPress CMS

You can create a local, small-scale website or a fully-featured work portal with listings. Jobifier is an excellent work topic choice for every size of business. Users can list jobs without any trouble at the front end of the website. As an administrator, they can change the application form to add some other fields to the site.

It comes with a comprehensive dashboard to watch their profile and the lists of job applicants and businesses. You can monetize the website as it has an integrated payment system for paid listings.

14. Job Portal Responsive WordPress Theme

Job Finder- Job Portal Website Design Ideas For WordPress CMS

Job Portal Responsive has a simple interface and many impressive features. It offers everything you need to build an excellent work site on the WordPress website. This subject is Bootstrap-based and cherry-based. The forward subject options are given by the issue to ensure that you can handle your site with ease.

The homepage for the topic looks excellent. You can post a job, and start right from the beginning by calling the action button. The subject flows with all the different sections of the workplace. The design makes your site look amazing on modern small-screen devices. Parallax, video context, and lazy load effects are some of the principal extra elements that help you create a current website. It offers you a custom postal form for our portfolio, staff, testimonials, and services that are important for any workplace.

15. Jobs App

Jobs App- Job Portal Website Design Ideas For WordPress CMS

Jobs app is a children’s subject for the above-stated Job Roller theme. It also provides six pre-created color schemes. For the homepage to choose from, you have different interface choices.

16. Career

Career- Job Portal Website Design Ideas For WordPress CMS

You can start your careering theme. The one-click install feature helps you almost to prepare your website. The dominant theme management interface helps to change things whenever you want.

17. Responsive Micro Jobs Theme

Responsive Micro-Jobs- Job Portal Website Design Ideas For WordPress CMS

Micro Jobs Sensitive is attractive. It is a good Premium press micro job topic with excellent efficiency, functionalities, and support. CSS3 and JavaScript are used to build this responsive interface. This task subject provides you with the possibility of developing. It is also useful for many payment gateway member packages.

It provides you with an extensive member profile. It also needs workflow options that you can moderate and publish on the portal. It is a customizable micro job theme that gives you many additions to use on your website.

18. Job Monster

Job Monster- Job Portal Website Design Ideas For WordPress CMS

The Jobmonster topic includes features to construct a new site for the work board. This problem can post work from the front end of the site and resume it. You will be able to find the most relevant jobs on your platform. It will be in a streamlined fashion with good personalized search options.

This responsive and responsive theme comes with an extensive dashboard. It is because of managing their profiles. This subject is consistent with the online transaction functionality of the WooCommerce plugin.

19. WPJobus

Wp Jobus- Job Portal Website Design Ideas For WordPress CMS

WPJobus is a robust WordPress theme for building a job board page, a resume, or even a company profile site. It’s a flexible WordPress theme for many purposes that you can adapt according to your needs. It is a responsive and retinal design that comes in a long list of features. It is built with HTML5 and CSS3 to make it a subject.

The features include a premium Layer slider to create beautiful sliders. 600 + Google fonts to design your website. It consists of a FontAwesome 480 + Icons library, templates to static pages. How It Works, Contact Us, Prices, about us, Blog, and more.

20. Babysitter

Baby Sitter- Job Portal Website Design Ideas For WordPress CMS

The babysitter is a customizable WordPress theme. It is built with Bootstrap to help you create a babysitting niche job. You can use it to create a blog about moms and children. The idea is simple but lightweight. It has features that can be used to construct an excellent website, sleek and pleasant. This topic includes a Redux Theme Panel. It is to set up all your website information.

You can use 40 + shortcodes to insert different features with a click into your tab. It offers you infinite color choices, 600 + Google fonts, and makes your website easy to use.

21. JobMesh

Job Mesh- Job Portal Website Design Ideas For WordPress CMS

As the name implies, Mesh Jobs is a WordPress theme created for job portals. You can use this to list your work and list the candidates you want. The modern design that reacts fully ensures your website looks great on all types of modern devices and screen dimensions. Each section offers full access to web visitors, employees, or applicants. Handle all essential things, and profiles easily from the front end of the platform.

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