Contact form plugins for WordPress may sound like a leading topic that is hearable worldwide now. Developing your website is playing a significant role in keeping your site right. Every site owner mostly takes the best plugins according to the business he/she wants to do.  Contact forms plugins help other useful plugins also to boost the performance of their website.

Best WordPress Contact Form Plugins

We can say that contact form is a prevalent thing that every website should have as a developing feature. Let us first understand the meaning of the word plugin. Plugins are software that contains a group of additional features that make your WordPress website an amazing one. Contact form is one of the leading plugins in WordPress websites. Contact forms plugins are so helpful and useful to which lets you direct the emails to your response’s particular department.

Developing your website is playing a significant role in keeping your site right. Every site owner mostly takes the best plugins according to the business he/she wants to do. Contact forms plugins help other useful plugins also to boost the performance of their website.

So, let’s read about some of the best WordPress contact form plugins-

WP Forms

WP Forms- Best WordPress Contact Form Plugins

WP Forms is a powerful and fantastic WordPress contact form that is designed for most website owners. These forms are useful for a website that enables productive activities most of the time—building online forms in minutes using one of the useful pre-built word press form templates. WP form is a plugin that provides all of the fields and features required to create compelling designs. 

WP forms also help you in offering free email service providers and even configure to collect order payments. Some more additions that WP consists of are designed to let readers submit their content to your website. Let’s discuss some more significant advantages of using WP forms as your contact form plugin-

  • Utilize the real drag and dropping form builder.
  • It is an extremely rich feature plugin that manages to deliver a straightforward user interface. 
  • All forms created by this plugin are mobile-friendly.
  • The best feature I liked by using WP forms was that it automatically blocks spam submission.
  • Using your data analysis, you can learn more about learners.

This WP beginner-friendly form plugin also implements some special CAPTCHA techniques for combating spam and allows for multipage form creation. There is a free version of WP forms available that includes the most useful features, and also, there is a premium version that is most likely to have more valuable and unique features than the free one. It will cost you between $39-$219.

Ninja Forms

Ninja Forms- Best WordPress Contact Form Plugins

Ninja forms are the most comfortable and most flexible WordPress form builder. The developer of this plugin has taken a minimalist and practical approach, but it has provided us with many exciting features. A variety of beautiful sets of tools has been offered, which are so grateful and by which anyone can access and make some effective forms for their use. 

The responsiveness and interference of these ninja forms make it very simple and easy to access on mobile. There is a variety of settings, but they allow you a particular one for the specific one. The integration of designing contact forms is so easy than all other contact forms. 

You can personally add any widget to make your form design. Also, there are several forms available if you want to get your hand dirty in codes. There are nearly 40 extensions available in ninja content forms. Let’s keep an eye upon some great features that make ninja forms your choice-

  • Ninja forms have more than 40 extensions or add-ons, including one for conditional logic also. 
  • You can mail your forms or can connect your documents to mail chip also.
  • The best and the most profitable thing I liked about ninja forms is that we can collect payments directly through forms with the help of PayPal. 
  • You have full freedom when you use the ninja contact form. Use zapier to remove most limitations in terms of integration.
  • Also, hook up with your favorite sales force.
  • The pricing and quality are so trustable and genuine.

A bonus for you when you choose ninja content forms for your design is that it has a date picker feature. With this plugin, you can export, submit, and transfer a lot of records. The plugins provide messaging options to various people at a time, which is a positive point for your organization. The custom input masks also help to restrict some submissions for things like currency and dates. 

Gravity Forms

Gravity Forms- Best WordPress Contact Form Plugins

Gravity forms are one of the well renowned and premium quality WordPress plugins, supported by WordPress for many years. It is an original form of contact plugin. It combines a clear and clean interface with user-friendly tools that are very advanced in technological terms to provide exciting features and support websites. 

Gravity forms help make almost all types of structures, but you can use gravity forms in making survey forms on multipage when it comes to the specialty. You benefit from choosing the limitations of users and can schedule your forms when to be live.

Gravity forms are best when we talk about addiction; mostly, 30 built-in fields are being included. These features are so useful for the users which abeles to create more and more designed forms. The standard gravity form supports the standard full ticketing system. There is no live chat or contact option available, but when you check the gravity form, you can say that the proper contact process can be done. 

Exciting Features Of Gravity Forms

  • The documentation of gravity forms includes a starting or beginner guide and some popular features.
  • They support a wide range of add-ons and some most unique and powerful external integrations as well.
  • The pricing is excellent for all the features when you see the quality and package.
  • You have an opportunity to get more than 30 forms fields when you choose gravity forms as your plugin.
  • Conditional logic is built right in the forms to support other significant features.
  • Proper systematical mail sent and received option, save option, and data analyzing opportunity is being offered.
  • Performs some excellent user submissions.
  • You can limit the number of submissions by restricting the users and gravity forms able your site to publish your WordPress blog

If you checked all the points mentioned above, you would not believe that one plugin can provide you this many features, but yet it’s true. Gravity forms are the best opinion you should choose to make forms. You can have full functionality over gravity forms when choosing the premium plan, which costs you about $59 only.


Jetpack- Best WordPress Contact Form Plugins

Before starting this plugin, I would love to tell you that Jetpack is the most installed plugin on every WordPress site. The plugin features a suite filled with plenty of free tools to your site’s power and runs a little smoother and faster. 

The Jetpack would be right on the top of the list as it has so many new and exciting features in it. The reason that comes to rank top for a jetpack is that it includes everything from anti-spam to caching support. Creating contact forms with Jetpack works too high than other plugins. Instead of creating forms and then editing them with a long process is of no use, Jetpack offers a more straightforward process by creating form and editing now only.

Jetpacks offer you the best options to adjust the field and also adds in new forms. Let’s focus on some more interesting tools that are included in Jetpack are-

  • A proper mobile builder is user-friendly.
  • Excellent site performance tool with exciting speed.
  • Site stats and useful reports are being reviewed.
  • The social networking commenting statement is also being offered in the Jetpack plugin.

However, this is an article about the contact form in which WordPress is also ranking on the top list only. As a versatile form builder, Jetpack is also significant in providing influential form builders at reasonable rates. Jetpack contact form plugin not only ads up top design in your WordPress website but also gives you several exciting tools. The best and the most pleasing thing provided on the internet about Jetpack is its automatic module.

Simple Basic Contact Form

Simple Basic- Best WordPress Contact Form Plugins

A simple basic contact form is a free designed plugin for your WordPress website. This plugin is very well known for its offering, including a flexible, clean, and secure way to boost and add some reliable contact forms on your site. A simple basic contact form is a fantastic option if you are looking for no-frills and thrills solutions, and the positive point here is it’s entirely free with all the advanced tools and widgets included in it. The plugin does not have any fancy bells and versatile color effects but is impressive when it comes to impact.

A simple basic contact form is elementary to set up with every unique function in it, and incredibly, it’s so light in weight. A simple basic contact form is excelling in all the fields when it comes to security. Some excellent tools and widgets that make simple basic contact form a great choice are: 

  • Display anywhere on your website using awesome shortcodes.
  • Prevent spam and caching processes with attractive CAPTCHA.
  • Optimizing of options like cleaning code and faster loading performance.
  • Connects you with every email like mail champ.
  • Easy to use, install, and customize.
  • Sends best explicit formatted messages.

A simple basic contact form, as told above, is free forever to use. This is the most prominent reason that everybody likes to choose this plugin for their WordPress website. You will also make peace of mind that comes with understanding the safeguards—one of the most trusted and best in security plugins in Simple basic form.

Visual Form Builder

Visual Form- Best WordPress Contact Form Plugins

Visual form builders are relatively free to start, but they also offer a premium or a pro version, which will cost you about $29 and include all the exciting advanced features. If you are looking for a straightforward competitor, it is one of them. The plugin helps you in every situation and enables you to add some exciting fields that can drag and drop the button. You always feel free to export, transfer, and submit your files. 

When it comes to customer care support, this plugin provides the best one as an excellent live chat and contact assessment. It has systematic spam security, which blocks all hackers and malicious users. The plugin also has a one-click option, which helps you to save duplicate database options. Some of the exciting tools that make you choose visual form builder as your plugins are-

  • It is as easy as to interface. Creating and managing your form is being done by this plugin very well.
  • Rest comfortable vacation, your data is understandable that what you are going to do. 
  • Form fields too at their best quality.
  • Always free for its happy users.
  • Best security and best technological advancement tools are being used.
  • Always go with visual form builder’s pro version as it is better than a standard one.

So, these were some best WordPress contact form plugins rated highly on the internet because of the features and service they provide to make forms. All the plugins provided by WordPress for your site are incredibly reliable and have the best security when it comes to hacks. 

You don’t need to take any other waste contact form plugins as they can be fraud also. As told and in my opinion, WP content form is the best one and leads from the front in contact form plugins. Don’t waste your money on other plugins and try these now.

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