Shopping and women have a deep connection. For ages, it’s been a tremendous bond. Almost all women are choosy while shopping but when it comes to groceries they are pickier than ever. They never rely on anybody as it’s the matter of their family health, so no sacrifices in that.

But with modernization and globalization trends are changing. This growing urge of the digital world has changed a lot many things. The trends are changing so is the mindset of the people. This whole concept of the digital world has a lot many advantages, the traditional ways of visiting the supermarket and the grocery shops are no more a thing.

All you have to do is select your desired article and there you go, it will all be delivered at a click. Also according to the statistics, these online delivery apps have a bright future and they are about to cover 20% of the market by 2025. Other statistics say that the share of these apps would increase by 50% by the end of 2018. The need for the hour is to change your business model and get the right Grocery app solution.

Key Features of Grocery Mobile App

There are a lot of key features which this Grocery Mobile App accounts for. They have proved to be advantageous for the customers as well as the owners in the following ways.


The first and foremost advantage is time-saving. With Grocery app development in Atlanta, you don’t have to visit the stores to pick your groceries. All you have to do is to place the order and it will be delivered to your preferred location.

Flexible Timing:

You can access these apps at any time of your day from anywhere unlike the traditional grocery shopping method to which you don’t have 24*7 access.

Attractive Offers For Saving:

To keep up with the competition these grocery apps give customers attractive discount offers and deals. There are huge savings which customers get by buying from these stores.

Order Tracking Facility:

With these online grocery apps, you get to know when your product will reach. An online tracking facility is available on every app.

Simplified Payment Options:

There no complications in the payment, you can either pay it online or you can opt for cash on Delivery.

Variety of Brand At a Single Place:

With the development of these apps the customers have a wide range to choose from, everything is available at one destination conveniently.

Customer Reviews:

Also if you want to try any new product, you can check the reviews of the customers which are posted below the product details.

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What is The Cost to Develop an Online Grocery Delivery App?

Talking about the cost that is incurred in the development of the grocery app, it is not humongous but definitely worth every penny. So if you are planning to switch over your business model, several factors account for the cost of Grocery app development. These factors include

The Platform:

This cost will account for the platform you are launching your Grocery app on, its domain.

The Features of The App:

The core features and functionalities you want to include in your app, adds to its cost. The more and complex the features are, the more the cost hikes as extra labor and time have to be devoted to it.

The App Development Team:

The team depends upon the size of your app, if you are running a small grocery store with less customer base, automatically you require less team which will automatically shut down your cost. Which means the cost increase with the app size? Also, the developer’s cost varies according to the region, the geographical area. The developers of India charge less compared to Middle East countries.

There are a lot of companies which would offer you their quotations for Grocery Product app solution. But before Hiring a mobile App Development Company you have to keep in mind several factors which are:


Invite quotations from different app development companies and compare their costs with their benefits. The cost of developing Grocery delivery applies between 10000 -20000 USD.


The time factor is another major concern, you need work that is quick and accurate.


With a lot of companies in competition, you need an app design that is unique and yet simple to operate.

The Technology Involved in The Development of Grocery Delivery App

There is a lot of technology involved in the development of these apps like database designs which should make sure that the app supports the web and mobile landscape. The latest technologies such as Cassandra, PostgreSQL for developing the robust and sound back-end infrastructure is used in its development

Another technology that has to be added is GPS tracking which is a very important factor as it helps the customers to locate the destination of their drivers. Kafka software is used to manage this in real-time. Google maps are also inserted in the apps for navigation purposes.


on-demand-grocery Call to Action

Wrapping it up this flourishing Grocery App industry is earning tremendous profit and love from the customers. These digitally advanced apps are the future of the country and are being high likes by the customer base. It is convenient yet economical and easy to operate at the same time.

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