One question that comes to everybody’s mind is how much it will take to cost a WordPress website? So the answer to this question is very simple it all depends upon your desire, your ultimate objective, where well you want to take your project to. Basically, the core version of WordPress is absolutely free, it will amount you zero cost.

Cost-cutting is the ultimate goal of everyone, everybody wants to spend less and earn more. Preferring the appropriate web development tools is essential for business growth and achieving the ultimate customer experience.


There is nothing better than WordPress to start up initially, all the people starting up a new venture, you can surely eye on this one without any doubt. So your first corporate experience has to be the best one.

Is The Basic Version of WordPress Free? 

The answer to this question is yes! It is absolutely free, WordPress is open-source software that renders you the freedom to install it on all the websites.

There are many free themes and features you can operate if you are the new one in the website business. If you are starting up a new venture and want to start a website about the same there would be nothing better than WordPress Development Company Atlanta.

Another question that comes to our mind while operating WordPress initially is that if the WordPress basic version is free then for what we have to pay where is the cost coming from?

So yes there is a proper breakdown of the cost structure which we will be discussing right away. The cost comes from the following four things that are the

  • Design
  • Plugins and Extensions (Apps)
  • WordPress hosting
  • Domain Name

If you want to create a self-hosted WordPress website, all you require is web hosting to collect all your data. Every website on the internet requires receiving. You will get an abundance of hosting plans free for all kinds of websites.

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You need to be wise in picking one that fills your requirements and needs and fits well in your budget. The next thing you would require would be the domain name. A domain name is the website’s address on the internet, and this will be the address that the users will use and search in the browser to reach your website for instance This is the URL or the address to your webpage or website.

WordPress, have millions of free website templates prepared that can be used by beginners or experienced in suiting their needs. However, if a person requires something more radical/tailor-made, then you can obtain a premium template or have one tailor-made template but for that, you have to pay more. So for building a website, you have to spend on the hosting and domain cost.

The cost will increase or decrease depending upon your situation, the type of website you want to host its traffic, and if also upon the added tools and services you want to include. This is the primary reason that people get confused while calculating the actual WordPress Website Development cost.

The Cost of Making The Website Depends Upon Various Factors:

WordPress is unquestionably ranking at the top for formulating acknowledged features that are rich in making distinct websites among all the content management system (CMS) out in the market.  It has an abundance of optional plugins, free themes, and scripts available to make the website more effective. Also, there is no difference between building and running a website for your business

The cost depends upon two factors either you can run a self-hosted WordPress site or you can have a managed option such as If you run a self-hosted WordPress site is generally going to cost you much more than a managed option, but in restoration, you can get a strong, trained website that will possess every one features you need and you can tailor it any time you require it. So basically this is the perfect option for the complex and big business firm dealing in different sectors.

Tailor-made web solutions will help them to operate the complexity. You’re just not operating to get the equivalent level of the state that you wish with a self-hosted version of WordPress.

Costs of the website will automatically depend upon how big your website is and what you demand to achieve amidst it, but they’re still comfortable enough to predict if you know what specifically your website requires ahead of time. So that is the reason why tailor-made WordPress Plugin development is more preferred over the normal ones.

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Major Things To Consider While Choosing WordPress as Its CMS

1. The Growth Strategy:

In the initial stage of business, growth is not known so till then the basic version of WordPress would work but as soon as the growth process increases, you need to update to the tailor-made version to keep up with the growth.

2. Your Total Budget and The Overall Goal:

Before choosing or opting for a hosted CMS solution like, you need to get on with your budget, initially, it will be free for the basic version but as soon as your business gets expanded you need to switch over to the premium version.

Usually, the new business cannot afford the premium version, so they switch over to the basic version for the preliminary business stage. But you need to acquire a custom domain name and have to make use of third-party plugins and various design themes to give your websites a different look and develop their background set.

So the actual report of the cost that is required for the development of the website depends upon what features you choose. Also, there is no difference in the cost of building and running a website for your business

Kriyank Patel

Kriyank Patel is Sr. WordPress Developer at USS LLC. At USS LLC he provides Custom PHP Development service and Wordpress Website Development service. He likes to share some tips about web development