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Online Pharmacy App
Development Solution

Produce a healthcare business to making use of n-demand medicine ordering app to give suitable and reasonable access to prescription drugs, healthcare products and more.
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Custom Solution for Every Business Model

We go nearly with e-pharmacy startups, pharmacy series, and hospitals to
create a seamless drug ordering experience.

  Connect Consumers With Local Pharmacies

Create a mobile app development solution for a customer to supply fast medicine from close by medical stores on-demand.

  Centralized Inventory Available Everywhere

Many pharma companies have a huge business they can connect directly with the target customer base without needing any other person.

  Digitize Retail Pharmacy Physical Chains With An App

Create a big online pharmacy network to obtain new customers and develop business faster and smarter.

Solution Overview

A characteristic comfortable and completely customizable online pharmacy app development solution.

Payments & Offers

User can make payments using various payment options such as Credit/Debit Cards, eWallet, etc in a suitable way and use promo codes to save money.

Manage Profile

Maintain basic details,
addresses, payment details,
uploaded prescriptions,
notification settings for
a better experience.

Smart Search

Easily find medicines by name or by the contents of the medicine using filters and sorting.

Drug Info

Obtain fully useful drug information before you place and confirm the purchase order.

Find Substitutes

Find alternative details about a cheaper option to the prescribed medicines.

Refill Prescription

Watching order history, simply reorder without having to upload prescription again.

Order Tracking

To know the real-time status of the current order with getting alerts about an order.

Medicine Reminders

Get detailed alerts on the time, type and dose of medicine to be taken.

Upload Prescription

Simply click the prescription and upload it, digitize them and get them reviewed by the pharmacist.

Easy On boarding

Different ways to get started with your email and social media account.

Help & Support

Use in-app faqs, supporter tutorials and contact us to determine any problems.

customer-app solution

Payments & Offers

Create a new account, add
account details, create new
discount offers and view
their performance.

Manage Inventory

Manage inventory alerts,
medicines, manage to price
and get expiry and
stock notifications.

Manage Pharmacists

Maintain a qualified
network of pharmacists to
review orders.

Manage Orders

Keep the watch on all orders
in a single place track their
status and fulfillment details.

Manage Customers

Maintain the all personal and professional details of customers securely.

Control Center

Obtain a web-based admin panel to maintain all business information.

Content Management

Admin can manage other content like about us, FAQs and other app screens.

Reporting & Analytics

For smarter decision making, you can integrate analytics software and learn data and make a calculation.

Dedicated Interface

The store managers will get a web console for easy order management and control.

Order Notifications

The store manager is alerted about all new orders in real-time via email and web notifications.

Digitize Prescription

At present, all prescriptions are reviewed and uploaded to a digital format.

Provide Support

Give assistance to customers to sort out any queries fast and optional in-app chat support.

Health Feed

Provide feed edge in
your app with useful health
tips and medicine info.

In-app consultation

Patients can chat
directly with experts
from this health app.

Medical Store Locator

Provide facility for the customer
to use a map to locate a store
nearby to them and serve
them everywhere.

Multi-Language Support

Create an app in
because of all people
accessible easily.

Book Lab Services

Conveniently make bookings for lab tests and diagnostic checkups online.

Store Medical Records

Provide features to patients can store all their health records securely.

Logistics Integration

Connect with third-party logistics partners for doorway medicine delivery.

Website Ordering

Provide a fully conscious web app medicine ordering knowledge for fresh users.


At USS LLC we have a team of highly qualified and experienced app developers
delivering highly dynamic online doctor appointment app solutions.

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Why Choose Us

Customizable & White label

Fully white label pharmacy app solution with your unique logo, custom features, integrations and branding option of your business identity.

Deploy on A Server of Choice

Our solution is to provide you full access to valuable customer data generated. we can deploy on ours for an ostensible fee.

Various support options

Endless support from our pharmacy app developers team to managers and customers to ensure seamless deployment and launch.

Save Your Time

We are here to save your time and energy. You can Call, text or simply app your order. We know you are busy, and you don’t really have the time to extract stains from your medicines.

Scalable and Robust

Started with thousands of stores and hundreds of medicines in many cities per day in the base solution with the Choice to improve ability as per the needs.

Multiple Payment Gateways

Out of the box support for popular payment gateway of choice, integration is uncomplicated and simple updating of new ones as per the business needs.

Fastest Time to Market

A ready to deploy base solution for a faster time to market, saving valuable time and money, minimum modification, almost zero coding, customization can deliver to you.

Third Party Integrations

Blend with third-party logistics, record management systems and further to supercharge your medical store.

Go Global

Multi-language and currency support to help you launch your app in various countries.

Our Technology Stack Consists Of

When it comes to developing a client’s project we rely only on the latest tools
and technologies with frameworks such as Laravel, Symphony, and CakePHP with best
database connectivity from MySQL, MongoDB and Oracle for your different business needs.

Universal Stream Solution’s team is wonderful to communicate with and has exceptional skill. I’ve come to rely on your knowledge and skill set several times since we began working together. Thank you and I look forward to working with you more in the future.

Katja Hentschel, Founder of GLOWBUS.DE

I was working with another group who developed some problems and couldn’t get my work completed. And then I choose this company. USS has not only been the best yet, it has surpassed my own expectations. I would recommend Universal Stream Solution for any tech development project an individual.

James Hall, MasterCard Concierge

USS has not only been the best yet, it has surpassed my own expectations. I would recommend Universal Stream Solution for any tech development project an individual.

David Cayce, Traid InterMedia, USA


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