As with each passing day, technology is evolving at a faster rate. There are several reasons why on-demand pharmacy applications are getting higher popularity in the market. One of the main reasons behind it is the convenience that the users get. Because of several benefits that the users get, online pharmacy businesses are generating higher revenue. If you are also one of those who want to start an online pharmacy business and are worried about the cost of the pharmacy app development cost then this is the right platform for you.

How Much Cost To Develop On-Demand Pharmacy Application

How Much Does It Cost To Develop A Pharmacy Application?

Online pharmacy applications have taken the world by storm as it provides convenience to customers to get the medicines while sitting at their homes. People of all ages and disabled people find it even more helpful as they find it difficult to go out to take medicines. Patients find it a very efficient way as they don’t need to put their efforts into going out to get the medicines for them. These are the main reasons why on-demand pharmacy applications are becoming highly popular not just in India but globally. When it comes to the development of the application, the very first thing you want to know the cost of the app development.

As we have already discussed that the cost of developing an app depends on several factors but on average, the cost to develop a pharmacy application lies between $30,000 to $50,000. While if you want to develop an application with just the basic features then the cost is lower and the task can be done within $20,000 or even less than this.

An application that is designed with the basic features costs less when compared to an application that has been designed with advanced features. Now, you know that it is not cheaper to develop a pharmacy application therefore before you proceed further, it is important to analyze before you take any decision.

Estimating the total cost of the pharmacy application is not an easy task. And no one can tell the exact figure that defines the cost of pharmacy app development. Have a look at: 

Several Factors That Affect The Cost Of Pharmacy App Development!!!

Several factors affect the cost of the development of pharmacy applications. The main factors are features that you want in pharmacy application, development platform, pharmacy app development Company in India you choose and time is taken to develop the application. Therefore, no one can say that this certain amount is the cost of pharmacy app development. Consider these factors when it comes to estimating the cost of pharmacy app development.

1.Customization Of User Interface

Of course, the better the design of the application is, the higher will be the development cost. The quality design of the pharmacy application will decide its cost. If the developer pays specific attention to the UX/UI of the application then they have to spend more hours on the design and development process therefore, they will charge a higher cost. Breathtaking design can capture the attention of the users as well as keeps your customers engaged.  

2.Development Time

Though the added features and the functionality of the application will decide the development time of the application. Usually, most of the developers charge on an hourly basis for the development of the application so more the hours they will spend on the development of the application, the more they will charge. As you know there are not just one or two persons who are working for the pharmacy app project, there is a team of graphic designers, IOS developers, project managers, backend managers, interface designers, Android developers, and so on. There is a team of professionals who work for the project therefore, the overall cost of development increases.

3.Functionality Added To The Application

Of course, features and functionality added in the application decide the cost of pharmacy app development.  If there are advanced features available in the application then, of course, the cost of app development increases.

Have A Look At These Advanced Features That Increase The Cost Of The App Development:


If you want to develop a multilingual application that can run in several languages to give a better user experience then, of course, you should be ready to spend a little extra on a pharma app development company.

Upload Documents

If your application has a feature that allows users to upload documents such as prescription, their ID, and other documents then it requires additional time and efforts of the pharmacy app developers, therefore, they will charge extra cost for it.

Cloud Storage

To give a better user experience to your users and to streamline the functionality of the application, cloud storage is a big option. If developers implement the cloud storage functionality then it will increase the cost of the entire development of the application.

Expert Advice

If there is a feature in your application that allows patients to consult with the doctor and they can take advice from doctors directly then it will increase the app development cost.

Nearby Lab And Hospital Search

If your application allows users to search nearby hospitals and labs then it requires adding the location and GPS feature to the application which increases the development cost automatically.

Third-Party Integration

It is also one of the most important features that can help users to make your application reach out to a wider audience as they can share their experience of using the application on social media. Integration with the social network and other platforms increases the cost of development.

Enhanced Security 

Of course, users want to make a deal with the businesses that provide a secure and reliable platform. While at the same time, it should be considered that security requires the time taken by the developers in developing the application, therefore, increases the overall cost of app development. The more secure design they will design the more will be the cost of development.

Refined Research

If your application has a feature that allows users to search a drug or medicine in a refined way or in categories that saves the time of the user then it will provide a better app using the experience of users but at the same time, it increases the efforts that the developer have to put in the pharmacy app project, therefore, increases the cost.

Apart from these features and functionalities, several other features increase the development cost of the application.


This is one of the most important things that will decide the development cost of the application. The app developers have to decide on what platform the application they are developing. There are two main platforms for which most of the mobile applications have been developed, Android and IOS. Now, it depends on you that on which platform you want your users to access your application. There are also certain frameworks through which an application can be developed in a way that can be run on both Android and IOS. The decision can be taken on the basis that which type of audience you want to reach.

The in-depth market research and market analysis help you to decide your audience and help you in making a better decision. The price of developing an application for both platforms is nearly sane and it is completely your preference that on what platform you want users to run your application or you want an application that can run on both the platforms. Then it will increase the cost of application development. Native application development is an option that enables an application to run on both the platforms IOS as well as on Android and the developer does not need to develop the same application twice. But the time taken for the development of the application increases therefore the cost will also increase.

5.Online Pharmacy App Development Company

The medicine delivery app development company you choose will also affect the cost of the development as certain companies can provide the development services at a lower rate while some offer the same quality of services at higher charges. In such a case, it depends on you that how you choose a company for your pharmacy app project. Make sure you pay attention to every detail to choose the best company that can provide quality services at affordable charges so you become able to get good app development services at a lower cost. The reputation of the company that you choose for a project can also affect the app development cost.

Bottom Line:

All the details given above will provide you a rough idea about the estimation of the cost of the pharmacy application, therefore, you are now taking a better decision for your business than whether making your business online through the application is a good idea or not. As the on-demand pharmacy application is generating higher revenue so considering it for your business will be a good idea to expand your business.

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