WordPress is one of the efficient sources for website creation. It is one of the powerful website content management systems. Going back to its history, WordPress initially emerged as a blogging tool and it became successful thereafter. But in this present era, it is not just seen as a blogging tool, its usage is much more than that.


This blogging tool has emerged over time and is also now being used as an enterprise-level CMS. Since the last two years, this toll has become a full-fledged and efficient CMS. But still, as it is said to change is required with the advancement and this tool is still not free from all the bugs and flaws, it still needs to be updated and corrected to maintain its efficiency. Mistakes are mending to be done to improve.

Nobody in this world is perfect and it is wisely said that every mistake made is an opportunity to learn. Learning from them is very vital. There are lots of mistakes that are done by WordPress Developers, WordPress freelancers. Things done in hurry are blunders and it is often seen that WordPress Developers in hurry make some mistakes that lead to security vulnerabilities and can affect your blogs and their functioning in the long run.

So let’s get started by pointing out some common mistakes which are observed to be conducted by WordPress Designer.

How to Be the Worst WordPress Designer on the Planet

Default in Choosing The Right Platform:

Choosing the right platform is a priority that is sometimes not understood by WordPress Developers. They get confused between Free WordPress.com or self-hosted WordPress.org, knowing this difference is very important as both these have their advantages and disadvantages, so WordPress Developers should make a wise decision while choosing it. If we see the suitability WordPress.com is most convenient for bloggers, photographers, and artists, and WordPress.org is best suited for those who like to have total control over their websites.

Avoiding The Use of Cache:

As we all know WordPress is a vast database-driven CMS that handles a lot of traffic, so if you aren’t using the right cache then you will not be able to save that finalized HTML markup and server that to visitors skipping the need to go to the database every time. Using the right cache would definitely increase your efficiency and make your load timeless.

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WordPress Updates Should Not Be Ignored:

Managing the workload of different sites requires a timely update of WordPress, which the developers forget. You can update it easily just by a click, so to void the inefficiency, an update is necessary to stop the site breakage. Atlanta WordPress Company and Atlanta WordPress designers are very well efficient in this, they never lack in updating their systems to avoid any delays.

Using The Defective Themes:

There are a lot of WordPress themes that are currently operating in the market some are free of cost some are paid, choosing the perfect one is very important. The structure of your theme plays a very vital role in the search engine. The things that need to be kept in mind while you select a theme are the simplicity of usage, the cost of the theme in proportion to its benefits, the reputation of the company. There is no denying the fact that free themes are equally efficient, it all depends upon your structure, so choose accordingly.

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Complicating Tags:

WordPress is well known for creating and categorizing tags, it is one of the unique and best features that WordPress accounts for. The wise will make the perfect use of these unique features but there are a lot of beginners which do blunders with them. They create too many tags and complicate things. This availability of too many tags creates a lot of complexity in the usage of the site for the users as well as makes your site look uglier. So it is advisable to limit the usage of these tags to categorize things efficiently.

Creation of Backups:

One of the biggest mistakes which are done by WordPress Developers is that they forget the creation of backups. WordPress site demands backups or else you will lose your all old and new essential data. Moreover, it would create a big problem to restore things to normal. It is always advisable to have a manual/automatic backup of your WordPress site to avoid any loss of productivity later. It is a must-do thing, as crashes may happen at any time.

Not taking WordPress Security Seriously:

It is often observed that WordPress Developers don’t take WordPress security seriously. More focus is put on the result without thinking about the security of the website. A security vulnerability is always dangerous for websites, therefore it should always be given top priority. WordPress developers in Atlanta make sure about the security of WordPress, to keep things going systematically.

Usage of Default Favicon:

Favicon is basically the identity card of your website. The new developers usually ignore this little thing that is displayed in the browser’s address bar. This isn’t a professional approach, WordPress Developers should always take care of this thing, you can either create one using one of the free favicon generators available or buy it and then all you have to do is upload it in the images section of your theme to replace the default one.

Just bear in mind that practice makes a man perfect. Until and unless you are aimed at doing a deliberate mistake, you can improvise. Constant improvement can help you overcome the hazards and learn to bring out better outcomes. Hope this article helps you in overcoming the shortcomings and embracing the better.

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