According to statistics, smartphone users spend 80% of their time on various applications. If you have a blog, an online store, a private business, or just a good idea, one of the best ways to share this with potential customers is to make an application for mobile devices.

How To Develop A mobile App With No Experience

To do this, you do not need to be a programmer or pay a lot of money for ordering an application from professionals. The designer of mobile apps is also quite suitable – a unique website where you can build your application from ready-made elements.

What is a Mobile Application Designer?

Designers of mobile applications appeared relatively recently – with the spread of smartphones. Developers quickly realized that software for smartphones is essential for entrepreneurs to sell their products and services, but not all of them can make the application themselves.

It is how designer platforms appeared, which give anyone who wants the opportunity to independently “glue” the mobile application, like a collage of photos. There are many of them and, as a rule, they are all somehow paid.

Platforms for creating mobile applications differ in a set of functions, prices, and how they can be used to make a request. There are two main categories:

mobile application designer

Generators. These are the platforms that create a mobile application based on your existing web page. You give the generator the URL of your website, and it automatically creates a mobile app with the same sections and content as on your site.

Designers. These are the platforms that allow you to build the application from the ready-made elements, and your future users will create the content for it. You will have ready-made templates and interface elements, as well as pieces of functionality, for example, geolocation, sending notifications, working with bank cards, and much more.
There are two types of applications that can create these platforms:

Hybrid (PWA). These are, in fact, web applications adapted to the screen of a mobile device. They open on a smartphone using a browser.

Native These are, in fact, applications installed in the operating system of a mobile device.

Native apps are the most user-friendly and beneficial for the entrepreneur.

Creating an application in itself can be free, but then you have two options. First, you can buy its source from the service and independently support them and distribute the application. Besides, you can buy a paid subscription, and then the website team itself will publish the application in the App Store/Google Play and will support it for you.

In addition to the support fee, you also have to buy an account on the App Store or Google Play, which costs $ 99 and $ 25, accordingly To pay off your costs, many platforms have loyalty programs that allow you to not only make an application but also make money on it – for example, by connecting ads.

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 mobile application is,

Let us talk about you. Yes, yes, who are you? Is the business owner offline, necessarily successful and profitable, or is your expansion already actively spreading over the Internet? Or are you just starting, so online is more likely a test for the “vitality” of an idea? In any case, if you are not a developer, questions about platforms or which web application development environment will be in use seem distant and unclear. Since this article is intended for non-specialists or novice developers, we will touch on the basics.

Now let us deal with your wishes. Speaking about the application, very often they mistakenly think about the program in the smartphone, although the developers mean the web application is an instrumental extension of the main site, which is in everyday use in the browser. The mobile app is for a specific mobile platform. Each option has its advantages (they can only be in the context of the specifics of your business), in many cases they complement each other perfectly, but they also hide a lot of pitfalls – we will carefully bypass them using step-by-step instructions.

  • A mobile application is, first of all, a platform. An iOS or Android app will require different specialists, different technical, design and marketing solutions, and therefore pre-thought-out general details are the key to the success of the project. Let technical experts take care of factors such as server problems, Internet interruptions, and even virus attacks. Forewarned is forearmed and you know that!Specificity of the business
  • Specificity of the business – we already mentioned this at the beginning of the article, but this is an excellent way to find competitors in our niche, as well as foreign sources of inspiration. Do not repeat the decision of the bank, if you have conceived an application for feeding pregnant women. Yes, the obvious thing, but with such a nonsense face regularly. Although we will not hide, sometimes even such seemingly contradictory decisions attract a lot of attention and demonstrate an incredible conversion rate.

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  • Think over the script down to the details and let not only developers but also usability specialists come to the rescue. The first will tell you how to create an application technique, and the second will set the stage for users, and only together they will become dominant. At the end of the work, release the embittered tester – then thank you for saying that you contacted such a meticulous person.
  • Prototypes and design layouts – field (battlefield) for edits. Discuss, quarrel, seek the truth, but work out the best option. Visual information should instantly attract attention. Dull colors, tangled path, and the absence of calls for action – the first “bell” that somewhere you went the wrong way.
  • How to create a mobile application without decent content? It is simple: no way. Attract an excellent team of copywriter, designer and usability specialist, and better intelligent marketing specialist, who will tell: the application must be useful and necessary, then success is around the corner!
How to create a mobile application without decent content?
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