So, you think you’ve got a brilliant business idea, and you think you need an exceptional website to convert your ideas into reality! As we know the website is the online face of the company, and to the world, it allows connecting virtually with the clientele. So what to do next? All you need is a PHP programmer to convert your ideas into reality.

Now the challenge here is how one goes about it, as there are so many PHP development companies and individuals offering PHP development services. What’s the best way to decide which one would be the right choice for your next PHP project?


Well, here are some tips and true methods for hiring the best PHP programmer for your project.

Classification of PHP Programmers

Before, you decide to hire a PHP developer; you should know which category of PHP developer you need for your project. As every project is distinctive and requires a different level of expertise. To choose one, know the different types of PHP developers.

  1. Entry-level Developer– Beginners have very basic knowledge of PHP development. These developers might be able to do 0%-33% of coding without assistance. They can implement basic PHP applications, and are confident in HTML and CSS. They have a basic awareness of accessibility and usability subject matter. You can hire them if you have a small database manipulation, or for contact list creation projects.
  2. Intermediate Level Developer – Mid-level developers might be able to do 34%-67% of work without assistance. They have usually 2 to 7 years of work experience. These PHP developers are experienced in accessibility and usability issues. They are competent to write basic scripts such as PHP/ASP and able to install, configure and customize 3rd party scripts and tweak existing 3rd party scripts. You can hire mid-level PHP developers for small website creation projects.
  3. Advance Level Developer: Advance level programmers are many times faster than ‘Intermediates’. They can complete 99%-100% of tasks without assistance. They might be a CSS expert and do remarkable work with JavaScript frameworks. Advanced-skill developers have a clear understanding of SEO and social engagement and the know-how to implement it in their work. They are highly efficient in creating complex sites.

Hiring a PHP Programmer based on Payment

You have another way to hire a PHP programmer, which is based on payment type.  Choose the right model of hiring and what best suits your business needs.

  1. Project-based: In project-based hiring, you need to share your business requirements with the developer or company. Based on your requirements, the developer or company will provide you a fixed quotation. Now, the company has your requirements, regardless of how much time is taken to complete the project, the cost of the project will remain the same. Hiring a developer on a project based on payment is beneficial if your business concept is clear.
  2. Dedicated model: In the dedicated model of hiring, you hire a dedicated programmer and pay for hours spent on your projects. Choose this model, when you aren’t aware of your project requirements. This model is also good if you are testing or somewhere there is a need for regular maintenance of the site.

The Process to Hire PHP Programmer

Now, you have decided on the model of hiring and type of PHP programmers for your project, it’s time to consider the hiring process.  The job of hiring the right PHP developer for the project may seem tiresome, but, here are a few decisive aspects you must know while hiring a PHP programmer.

  1. You should take suitable references from your known industry persons and find out the work process, delivery time, innovation and quality of work they offer their clients.
  2. You can browse freelance websites to hire PHP developers; these websites showcase portfolio, experience, and hourly rate of development.
  3. Before hiring, test the programmer’s technical skill with the help of someone who has good PHP skills or knowledge.

Opting for PHP development is the right choice and by hiring the right PHP developers or a PHP development company, you can take your company to acme and gain more business effectiveness.  So while selecting a PHP developer for your project, make sure you assess and analyze the various factors related to the hiring process of a PHP developer.

Kriyank Patel

Kriyank Patel is Sr. WordPress Developer at USS LLC. At USS LLC he provides Custom PHP Development service and Wordpress Website Development service. He likes to share some tips about web development