In simple words, Laravel is one of the most popular and free open-source PHP frameworks, which helps web designers & developers to create powerful web applications. It was discovered in 2011 and became the most popular PHP framework in a very short period of time.

Why is Laravel the best PHP Framework

With amazing documentation, an active community, different functions, powerful building tools, applications with a large number of special inversion control containers, a communicative migration structure, and any associated testing module maintenance program, it stands out from other PHP frameworks. In this article, we will consider why Larval is the best PHP framework for creating web app development. Let’s get started.

Laraval Features

Different Packages

Different packages allow you to create and connect modules in Composer format to a web app development on Laravel. Many additional features are already available in such modules.

Eloquent ORM

It facilitates the implementation of the ActiveRecord design pattern in PHP. It allows you to define the relationship between database objects. Always remember that Fluent’s standard query builder for Laravel is supported by the Eloquent core.

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The Application Logic

The Application Logic is part of the application being developed, which is declared either with the help of controllers or routes. Reverse routing links are application-generated links and routes, which allow you to change the latter with automatic updating of related links. When you perform linking using named routes, Laravel automatically generates a final URL.

REST controllers

REST is an additional layer to separate the processing logic of getting and POST HTTP requests.

Class Autoloading

It is a mechanism for loading PHP classes automatically without including their definition files. Load on demand prevents the loading of unnecessary components. Only those files are loaded that are used actually.

View Compilers

These are blocks of code that are executed when a view (template) is generated. All developers of mobile apps must know that Inversion of control allows them to get instances of objects on the principle of reverse control. They can use it to create and retrieve single objects in an easy & effortless manner.

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Migrations & Unit Testing

Migrations is a version control system for databases, which allows app developers to associate changes in the application code with changes that are required in the database structure, simplifies the app deployment, and updates it an easy way. Unit testing helps you to eliminate errors in web app development.

Page Output

It simplifies page generation by replacing various ways to solve this problem with a single mechanism built into Laravel.

Framework Features that facilitate App Creation


Here, you can keep the secret information of your application, such as a password for the database, login id details, etc.


Always keep in mind that Laravel is the first framework to support PSR-4. So, its Composer will automatically load all classes from the app directory using the PSR- autoloader standard. It means you can have one namespace for your application and structure it as per your needs in an easy way.

IoC Container

The reverse control container in Laravel is a useful tool for managing class dependencies. Dependency injection is an easy way to get rid of hard-coded class dependencies. Always keep in mind that dependencies are implemented at runtime, which provides greater flexibility as dependency implementations can be changed easily.

App developers can use the IoC container in their applications to make everything injectable and easy to test with stub objects. It can retrieve classes without any configuration.

Eloquent ORM

Eloquent ORM included in Laravel is the most powerful implementation of the ActiveRecord template in PHP, which has conventional CRUD operations, a soft deletion, query areas, relationships, access methods, and mutators, date mutators, model observers, etc. All these help you with in-app creation.

Version Cycle

Laravel has a very predictable version cycle as you can wait for the next version every 6 monthsYou get new versions with new features, a completely new number, bug fixes, etc. So, you can improve app security and make other enhancements as quickly as possible.


Flysystem is a delightful package for Managing File Systems. With this file system, you can easily interact with local, awss3, Dropbox, Rackspace, and other file systems in the cloud as it uses connectors. If you have been using the latest front-end technologies for the past few years, you may have used a preprocessor for your CSS and JavaScript files.

If not, then Laravel will take care of this. You need the most optimized online version of your application, which means you need to reduce and combine your CSS and JavaScript files. Instead of using any PHP packages to perform this task, Laravel offers the Elixir package for the NodeJS Gulp task manager which allows you to use all the advantages of NodeJS and Gulp to create amazing apps.


Laravel Cashier provides an expressive, flexible interface for Stripe billing subscription services and easily handles almost all the template codes of billing subscriptions that you are afraid to write. Apart from the basic subscription management, Cashier can process coupons, substitute subscriptions, “number” of subscriptions, discount periods, and even generate PDF files of invoices.

Final Words

Now, it’s clear that Laravel is a Web App Development framework with an expressive syntax. It allows professionals to simplify the web app development creation process easier. So, Laravel is now a huge ecosystem, including hosting and a platform for deploying applications. Use it to create web applications easily & effortlessly. Good Luck! 

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