If you have access to the time machine, then just went a decade back where you would be surprised to see:

  • Smartphones were primarily used for communication rather than for shopping or work.
  • Big data and cloud computing were just meant for large enterprises.
  • The world was alien to the immersive world created with AR and VR technology.
  • Artificial intelligence was just Sci-Fi and seen in the movies.
  • The business benefits of the SAP software were not completely realized.

How to Improve your Business by Enabling Technology to The Core?

It showcases the tidal wave of technology that has literally brought 360-degree transformation to the businesses of different industry verticals. Technology has changed the face and pace of the business in the way things are planned, executed, operated, managed, marketed, sold, and even communicated. The changes, innovation, and progress accompanied by technology investment are almost beyond recognition for businesses a few years ago. Now, the scenario is completely changed.

Let’s see how the plethora of technologies enabling the businesses to outgrow, outperform, and outstrip:

Improve Business Productivity

With business digitization, the employees are no longer required to perform redundant tasks manually as they eat up a lot of effort, resources, and dollars unnecessarily.

Integrating mobile DNA business-wide, allow the employees to focus on important tasks with the automation of data entry tasks, which increases employee productivity.

Also, the management can create measurable goals for the employees to constantly track their performance and achieve the business goal. Going ahead, mobile technology provides work flexibility that allows employees to work remotely in addition to staying synced with the organization’s ongoing processes. In this manner, there will be no downtime as the employees will have access to emails, text messages, and work even during the holiday vacation. The app revolution has disrupted businesses with every type of app for every business function.

With big data, the data generated by the multiple facets of the businesses can be organized and analyzed through analytics that helps in peeling back the rich insights hidden beneath the multiple layers of the data. Real-time analytics enables businesses to respond quickly to emerging market conditions and trends, thus businesses can offer outstanding customer experience consistently.

Makes The Customer Support Better

The time to connect with the businesses is from 9:00 to 6:00 from Monday to Friday has become a thing of the past. The changing preferences of the customers demand 24/7/365 connectivity, which businesses are meeting with mobile and artificial intelligence technology.

Going mobile way has allowed the customers to get connected with the customer support anytime, anywhere and get resolved the queries promptly. It builds a sense of trust in the customers that their problem is listened to by the organization even if it’s out of working hours. The brilliant customer support ensures that the acquired customers won’t lose, instead, they can be turned into loyal customers.

Many businesses are replacing human custom support with AI chatbots where the intelligent and trained bots humanly interact with the customers. The AI initiative is saving huge bucks for the businesses and even opening a new avenue to market the personalized products and services because the bots get more intelligent as they interact with the customers more.

Market The Offering Like A Pro

No business can accomplish the sales goal unless the products or services are not exposed in the market well. Breaking the conventions, the slew of technologies has brought sea changes in the way the businesses connect with the customers and sell the products or services to them.

It’s an age of personalization where targeting customers with generic messages won’t work. With the mobile app or website, the marketers will have a deluge of customers’ data at an individual level that can be used to target the customers individually, but without segmentation it’s impossible. With big data analytics, customer segmentation at the micro-level is possible, which aids the marketers to approach the specific segment and target the right product differently.

The research studies suggest that customers are now bored with text notifications or emails tailored to their browsing, demographics, and purchase history. To render a unique experience to the customers, the businesses are leveraging augmented reality and virtual reality technologies for transmogrifying the pre-purchase and post-purchase of the products and services. The technology completely immerses people in the virtual world and enables impulsive buying.

Promote Collaboration Within The Four Walls

Before the internet, meeting in person was the only way to communicate and collaborate on the projects for the employees. With digitization, the multiple departments have connected, but they were operating in silos. The absence of the connection never leads the organization to work as a whole. This is where SAP HANA software has ushered a new era for all sizes of businesses.

The software has integrated all the departments and established the data flow that enables data file uploading, editing, and sharing on a single platform, which keeps everyone informed and updated. The easy access and management of the documents online and offline in real-time brings hyper-connectivity and greater collaboration within the organization.

The high degree of collaboration never lets the organizations miss a single opportunity, or bring any kind of conflict among the employees, which hurts the business bottom line.

Joining the race of mobilization and employing SAP software keep the employees delighted and let them work collaboratively.

Ensure Security Cent Percent

Business-related data are always crucial for businesses and a single dent in the information system brings huge losses to businesses. The technology would help businesses to keep the data highly secure. The strong antivirus, advanced intrusion prevention and detection system, and server locking are strengthening the data security, and preventing any kind of cyber-attacks.

Also, the businesses that prefer to store the data on cloud servers rather than local servers would stay at an advantage as tampering with the data security on the cloud servers is impossible because they are covered with multiple layers of security. Additionally, the data backup is kept which eliminates the fear of data getting lost if the local server crashes or data files in the records are lost.

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Summing It Up

The thought-provoking entrepreneurs who have added wings to their businesses by proactively embracing the technology have graced the covers of top business magazines. It’s a sign the technology is a wave that benefits the businesses that adopt it at speed and wipe out the businesses that are slow or deny to its adoption.

Implementing mobile, big data, cloud computing, artificial intelligence, SAP, augmented reality virtual reality technology from the ground up depending on the business use cases, enable the businesses to analyze and solve the problems ahead of time; enhance the productivity; market the offerings intelligently; serve the customers 24/7; ensure high collaboration, and ultimately raise a toast to success.

If still the questions- what to use, when to use, and how to use are pulling your legs behind, then again technology has an answer to it. Get your business ready for the technological change, else you are forced to change because running a business without adopting technology is beyond the bounds of possibility.

Avantika Shergil

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