The struggles in developing a complete website or any software depend on several aspects. As a developer, it is important to list several creative skills while developing a wonderful website or web app. An expert developer must have a good command of various programming languages such as CSS, Javascript, and HTML. These are the basics that will aid in designing the best website.

Top Notch Web Development Frameworks For Your Next Web App Backend

A web development framework is made to support professional developers in creating a highly interactive application. There are several frameworks available in the market with different framework designs. Some of the development frameworks are highly trendy in present times.

Below are the top 5 web development framework which is extremely popular with the developers


It is an open-source framework developed by MiskoHevery and Adam Abrons and maintained by Google. It is one of the tops on the list in the developers’ checklist while developing a website/software. 


  • It lets create a RICH Internet Application(RIA).
  • AngularJS is open-source, absolutely free, & used by millions of developers in the world. It is authorized under the Apache License version 2.0.
  • It allows you to write a client-side application (using JavaScript) in a fresh MVC(Model View Controller) way.


  • Code debugging is a tough task
  • Router has limitations
  • Using the directives is somewhat difficult
  • For affluent results, sheer knowledge about the framework is necessary

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CakePHP is a free, open-source, fast development framework for PHP. It’s a foundational arrangement for programmers to build web applications. The main goal is to let you work in an organized & rapid method–deprived of harming its flexibility.


  • Flexible licensing
  • MVC architecture
  • Dynamic, responsive community
  • Open with versions 4 and 5 of PHP
  • Code generation


  • To build fancy URLs, one requires updating the default route
  • Documentation requires a decent effort
  • One-way routing

Web app development methods for creating healthy mobile & desktop web applications. executes for the HTTP protocol & enhances HTTP commands. This framework is made using the Common Language Runtime (CLR).


  • With built-in Windows validation and per-application structure, your web applications are secured & safe.
  • ASP.NET extremely decreases the quantity of code necessary to form big applications.
  • It offers improved performance by taking the help of initial binding, native optimization, & hiding services right out of the box.


  • For Silverlight, data access is incomplete
  • A direct call is limited via ADO.NET
  • Coding turned out to be fairly difficult for customization

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A PHP web development framework that is designed to speed up the development method. A regular of friendly PHP modules Symfony is used for creating a healthy application.


  • It will help from the dynamic, supportive, open-source community that stands after it.
  • Symfony can be used for creating healthy applications in a creative context as it benefits developers to test, repair & document projects.
  • Symfony uses the Model-View-Controller strategy design, which splits the industry logic from the performance layer.


  • Developers require a decent phase for executing familiar needs.
  • A sheer learning bend.


Laravel is one of the extremely In-use & much admirable coding frameworks by the developers. Developers choose Laravel above all other frameworks due to its performance, benefits, scalability it provides.


  • Laravel offers the natural backup for numerous file structures.
  • Route caching feature speeds up the application route process.
  • Method Injection has been considerably abridged in the newest version of Laravel.
  • It enables developers to write authenticate codes.


  • Laravel is a new framework & the creator is not so robust in relating to npm (for node.js), ruby gems & pip (python).
  • It is not as fast as compared to ruby on rails.

There are many Laravel development company which can help in developing a sheer and robust web development in a friendly way. It is best to Hire Web Developers when building a professional web application or interactive website.

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