In these times, the digital marketing strategy for manufacturers does not have the same success if you do not have a good Digital Marketing strategy. And this was coming when in December 1995, only 0.4% of the world population used search engines and in December 1997, the percentage was 1.7% that is, the number of people connected to search engines was tripled in just two years.

How To Successfully Approach Digital Marketing For Manufacturers

When we talk about Internet penetration, only in Latin America, according to a study that Comscore made for 2015, Desktop is 170.5 million unique visitors.

Origin of Digital Marketing Or Digital Marketing

In the 90s the first version of the Internet arrived, a little different from the one we know today, called Web 1.0. This Internet of yesteryear did not allow users to interact with web pages actively but rather allowed them to find information in a simple search system. It was like a library, where you go in, find what you want, but you cannot change the content you found.

Communication was much more of a major content producer, and people accessed content passively.

It was at the beginning of the Internet that the term digital marketing was created.

However, it was still very similar to traditional marketing, because communication was one-sided, performed by the company at one institutional site at most, and the consumer only passively received content without close interaction between the two parties.

The Manufacturing Marketing Strategy: Learn Everything You Need To Know Today

Digital Marketing is a set of activities that a company or person executes on the internet to attract new business and develop a brand identity. Among its main strategies are SEO, Inbound Marketing, and Content Marketing.

When referring to Marketing 2.0, he indicates that at this point companies not only sell quality goods but also begin to study and understand their customers and also “study the behaviors and preferences of consumers, to give them the best possible service”.

The main objective of a company that works with Marketing 3.0 is to demonstrate to the client that they care about improving their situation.

We already understand what the evolution of the Marketing concept is about, from just giving a good service, to understanding what my client needs and trying to offer him exactly that.

Regarding the definition of Digital Marketing, Philip Kotler and Gary Armstrong, in “Marketing Fundamentals”, 6th edition, 2003, assure that “E-Marketing: consists of what a company does to publicize, promote and sell products and Internet services. “

For its part, Wikipedia defines it as follows:

Basic concepts of the digital marketing strategy for the manufacturing company

To fully understand Digital Marketing, you need to understand some basic terms that you will see throughout this article, so we present them below.


It is a word or a series of keywords whose importance lies in the fact that they are the ones that people use the most when searching the engines.

Keyword Research

It is the study that allows identifying the keywords that people use the most to find specific information.


Search Engine Optimization for its acronym in English is the set of actions or techniques that will help search engines to find the keywords and information of a particular website.

Organic Positioning

It is the result of a successful SEO campaign and refers to the results that appear just below the ads that show the search results for the digital marketing strategy for the manufacturing industry

Pay Per Click Campaigns

It is the payment that is made to the search engines so that the site can appear in the first places of the results, but it will be highlighted that it is manufacturing advertising.

Click to Rate or CTR

It is the number of clicks that a link has within the number of impressions, that is, it is used to know how many people clicked on an advertisement while it was displayed.


It is a link or link that a foreign site does with its own, and it is important because the more relevant the site that makes the backlink, the page will have more possibility of appearing in the first places of the search.

Landing Page

This is the first encounter that a user has with a page that comes from an advertisement (this could be with PPC or Social Media campaigns).


It is the real connection that exists between a brand and its customers on social networks: the more interaction, the greater the engagement.


It is when a user carries out the final action, but this depends on the objectives of each company; for example, the conversion of a virtual store would be for the user to make the purchase.


It is the way to market through a website and shopping carts, that is, it is virtual stores.

The 8P’s of Digital Marketing

Every marketer must know everything about the 4P’s of Marketing since they are part of the Marketing Mix concept, necessary in any strategy.

The 4P concept was promoted by Jerome McCarthy and spread by Philip Kotler, both professors, and Marketing specialists.

The concept sought to explain why some brands sell more than others or are more expensive than others.

And it is that these 4P’s are about defining the product, where to buy it, what its price will be, and how the person will find out about its existence.

However, after these 4P’s, many things, especially in the technological area have happened, and therefore, another important 4P’s emerged.

They are important because every day we live in a more globalized and demanding world, so we will study the eight in-depth below:


What are you going to sell? Here you must define what you will deliver to your consumers and whether this will really be useful to them.

Therefore, you must know what the concept of your product will be, its name, functions, etc.

If your product solves a specific important problem, you will have the public won.


It refers to what you will charge for your customers to buy your products, but it goes further. In the marketing mix it is also important to define the costs, that is, how much it will cost to produce your product, deliver it and sell it.

Plaza or Point of Sale

It is the place where your customer will reach your brand or product, so it is essential to know where your consumers are.

You should also find out which establishments your consumers usually frequent or if they prefer to shop online.


At this point, the best channels to disclose the existence of your product should be evaluated.

That is why it is important to know your target audience very well and to know what their favorite means of entertainment are.


This is about knowing about the behavior of your people that is, knowing your target audience in depth.

It is important to know what channels your people are interested in, as well as the needs they have to satisfy them, but it is also essential to know about their interests, motivations, and behaviors.

Also, it will be useless for your customers to buy your products if they will not be well served, so training your workers to assist your people in the right way is crucial.


Every company must have procedures to advance the brand they represent.

These processes include customer service, which is responsible for all activities, administration, etc.


This is the way the brand interacts with its community, that is, it is about developing the environment in which the product or service is sold.

At this point it is also essential to clarify the strategic position of the company, that is, to define whether the product is sold cheaply and made at low costs, so will it be sold on a large scale?


This is about quality and performance, and the best thing to keep track of is to set certain KPIs.

These key indicators of your company must be renewed periodically, and not only must they be financial, but they must also be used to know how we are doing with the other Ps in this mix.

Content Marketing

Content marketing is information, added value, and healing strategic content; so it must be managed in the Marketing department by a Content Manager.

In other words, it is the industrial digital marketing or brand by exchanging educational, entertaining, or insightful information that will ultimately help readers improve their lives.

This may be in the form of a change in personal behavior, or, as most advertisers expect, it could be in the form of a purchase decision. Making the easy Page navigation

It is not about forcing a sales pitch on people, but about helping them move towards the best course of action.

Conversational Marketing

Conversational or conversation marketing is an individualized approach to marketing that companies use to shorten their sales cycle, get to know their customers, and create a more humane shopping experience.

Marketing in Social Networks

Social media marketing is a form of internet marketing that uses social media websites as a marketing tool.

The goal of Social Media Marketing is to b2b manufacturing marketing strategy content that users will share on their social networks to help a company increase brand exposure and expand customer reach.

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