As more and more people are finding it convenient to hire services with their smartphones, this makes the count of the number of consumers multiply each day. 2.7 billion people are using smartphones across the world, therefore, there is no wonder that the mobile app development industry is thriving.

This is making the online market higher competitive in the world especially in the world where a customer would not think twice to choose the second option. So, myriads of companies are there in the queue to launch their products and services digitally.

Here in this article, you will get to know about the pros and cons of mobilizes solution (mobile app) so you can decide for yourself effectively.

Global Downloads of Mobile Applications

People from all around the world are using applications on their smartphones. As mobile application usage is increasing abruptly, therefore, the number of mobile application downloads has also increased at a higher rate. Last year, more than 205 billion applications have been downloaded by a user which is 15% higher than that of the last to last year. Experts say that there will be a 25% increase in application downloads in the next 3 to 4 years.

So, if a business wants to get online or launches its application then it is just the right way to reach your customers. Even if a business does not have an application, it means the business is lagging and you can’t reach a huge part of the population who are using smartphones to purchase a product or service.

Statistics That Will Amaze You:

  • It is expected to generate higher revenue by mobile applications and the count is $189 billion by 2020.
  • There are more than 2.2 billion applications are available in the Apple store to download.
  • 21% of Millennials open a mobile application more than 50 times a day.
  • There are more than 2.2 billion applications are available in the Google play store to download.
  • 57% of the digital media comes by mobile applications either android or IOS.
  • 49% of the total people using smartphones open an application more than 11 times a day.

Considering these facts, you can easily estimate the worth of having a mobile application for your business. If you still don’t have a mobile application for your business, contact a mobile app development company now and get a startup App Solution for your business.

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Advantages of Mobile Application


Nowadays, customer service is not only limited to a face to face communication between a consumer and service provider. Because the real game changes, the mobile apps are available there through which a service provider can stay in contact with their customers.

A service provider can tell about their products and services easily to their potential customer. Most of the customers want to purchase items sitting at their home leisurely.

Therefore, businesses have the advantage to reach their customers with the help of the Android and iOS app solution.

Keep In Touch With Your Customers

To build the trust of your customers in your company, it is very important to stay in touch with them. With the mobile application, you can easily launch your products and services and can stay connected with your customers.

The mobile application allows you to tell about your business to your customer that what your brand stands for. Therefore mobilizes solution is a better way to stay connected with your customers and to build your trust in your customers.


Before placing in the play store, applications undergo rigorous testing, therefore, your customers will get complete security. It keeps the data of your customers secured.

Helpful In Generating More Revenue


Generating higher revenue is one of the biggest android and iOS app development advantages that attract a higher number of business owners towards mobile app development services. Although it requires a huge amount of money to create a business mobile application but generated higher revenue makes it an ideal option to get a business application.

There are many applications in your play store that require some money to download. While in some cases, you can download it for free but to use premium versions of the application, you need to pay an amount of money. This is how business owners can earn money.

More Features More Customers

The more you can keep your customers engaged the more you can acquire customers to your website.

Disadvantages of Mobile App Development

Higher Pricing to Develop The Application

It required both times as well as money to develop a mobile application because the developer has to create an application that is compatible with both android and iOS operating system users. If you are not able to afford a mobile application then you can get an optimized version of the website.

Requires Constant Maintenance

Whether your application is ready to download from the app store still requires constant maintenance. Your Android mobile application requires time-to-time updates such as improving security and ensuring the compatibility of the application at various platforms. As you know to make the application compatible with all platforms, it is necessary to change the part of the code.

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Shared Profit With App Store

A part of the profit earned by your application will be cut by the play store. Therefore you will have a shared profit of the total revenue earned by your mobile application.

Questions to Get Answers Before Opting for Mobile App Development!!!

  • Can the created application offer better performance than that of the identical applications?
  • Are you able to ‘handle the constant maintenance that is required after downloading an application?
  • Is there any mobile solution that can offer higher revenue?
  • Can you afford a business application for your business owner?
Hire Mobile app developer

Get answers to all these questions before opting for mobile app development solution. Yes, it is very important to have a mobile application for your enterprise to reach out to a major part of the population. However, it is recommended you choose a reputed mobile app development company to create your mobile application.

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