We have heard a lot about the advantages of offshore outsourcing but hardly had we imagined that onshore outsourcing also equally beneficial — the System in the USA is going to convince startups, software companies & consultants to go for onshore outsourcing or a combination of both to leverage the best of both worlds.



In The Software Industry, Outsourcing is Inevitable.

If you have explored the web to search the different types of software developers, you will end up with somewhere 20 types. Thanks to different kinds of devices, operating systems for those devices, and application of software programs on computing as well as non-computing machines have made things tremendously complicated.

None Is Jack of All

More than two dozens of programming languages and frameworks are used by the community of programmers. These all make a company claim expertise in all niches of software development impossible. So, a software company can claim to have expertise and experiences only in the selected programming stacks.

Real-World Scenario in The Software Industry

I have illustrated the real-world scenario of designing and programming agencies of today. When a client approaches a software company for a project, the chances remain that it may or may not have the required niche expertise to deliver satisfactory results for a quality demanding, and challenging project.

Business Etiquette

As per business etiquette, we cannot divert the client to another firm for a portion of development work. Therefore, Software Development Company when its patrons like software startups, B2B clients, or software consultants are approaching for a project, prefers to outsource some parts and try to keep the customers loyal to them forever.

Enormous Advantages of Outsourcing

From a business point of view when we let go some parts of a work to others, we simply cut our profits. Unfortunately, we cannot eat the entire pie and outsourcing is inevitable. We should think positively and know other benefits come with outsourcing whether you do it onshore or offshore outsourcing. In fact, enormous advantages of outsourcing. Let’s see some significant gains in brief.

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No Recruitment Hassles & Expenses on It When You Outsource Your Work to Onshore or Offshore Team

When you are going to outsource a part of an entire software designing project to an onshore or offshore agency, you save from additional hiring of designers, programmers, QA developers, DevOps, and other human resources required to accomplish the process.

We know how daunting a recruitment process itself. We used to place Ads, shortlisted candidates, call them for interviews, spend time and resources on the entire interview process, and finally take them onboarding to enable work in your environment.

Thus, you save from the hiring process for any additional staff for short-term or long-term goals and focus on your existing team to improve their productivity.

No Investment on Development Infrastructure When You Think of Outsource Your Work to Onshore or Offshore Software Company

When you think of outsourcing your work to an onshore or offshore software development company/agency, you are going to use its infrastructural facilities, not yours. It saves you from investing in additional hardware, operating systems, devices, 3rd party software, tools, and network expenditures.

The majority of offshore outsourcing companies have the latest communication infrastructure. You can use it and establish instant virtual contacts, arrange brainstorming sessions, video chats, and VOIP scrum conferences each day at the beginning of the day.

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Moreover, you will have the latest Project Management Software (PMS) to monitor your development process in real-time and obtain detailed reports on the progress. You could be a part of the development team being active by giving your valuable feedback as well as encourage the team to come up with innovative suggestions to achieve your goals.

No Payroll, Training & Extras When You Are Going to Outsource Your Work to Onshore or Offshore Developers

Since you are not hiring any additional developer when you are outsourcing your work to the third-party team, you need not pass through the recruitment process, giving training to new arrivals, and manage their payrolls.

We know permanent hiring means not only paying monthly salaries, but you have to keep a record of their presence, time for sign-in & out, take care of extras like insurance, provident funds, increments, travel expenses, and taxes. It proves burdensome to your HR department and demands time as well as money for it.

So, outsourcing can save you from these all and let you focus on your key jobs.

Flexibility & Scalability in Outsourcing Your Work

Most of the outsourcing companies provide “offshore dedicated software development teams or “Hire Dedicated Development Team” models mainly based on niche expertise. The design packages as per some standards metrics, such as full-time, part-time, and hourly hiring.

When you select your team after signing NDA and interviewing dedicated developers, you have the freedom to select any developer, designer, and appoint a team leader out of available dedicated resources.

Moreover, you can add or remove a programmer or designer at any moment or stage of the development process for valid reasons. You have enough freedom to scale up or down your team based on project demands, budget, and your expectations with project outcomes.

Hourly hiring is indeed a cost-effective option, but it is only when the client-side is a software company itself with guts in technologies used in projects and abilities to manage the entire project independently.

As for startups, small companies, and software consultant have no time to follow each step of the process closely they prefer to hire dedicated resources as an entire team and leave project management responsibilities to project managers and team leaders.

Outsourcing Your Work to Onshore or Offshore Software Company Is a Cost-effective Option

Earlier, we have clarified that a startup, software companies, and software consultants only prefer outsourcing when they see some monetary benefits. Up to this point, we have seen that onshore or offshore outsourcing saves you from recruitment hassles, infrastructural investment, payroll keeping, training expenses, and other extras need to spend on each employee as per rules of industry and lands you located.

Moreover, the outsourcing industry itself is highly competitive in many respects including rates. Of course, you might not see many rate differences when you hire an onshore team, but with an offshore outsourcing team, you can save almost half of your budget if you are lucky and get a competent team delivering quality with competitive rates.

Wrapping It Up

The most tedious but critical job for startups, software companies & consultants is to find the right outsourcing partner, be it an onshore team or an offshore company. I have seen that it is a Perception System, San Jose in California in the USA, which has a big pool of full-stack developers and niche experts to deal effectively with any upcoming technology or software development challenge.

It offers various hiring models for its onshore as well as offshore dedicated software development teams. You can ask for web development, mobile app development, wearable, IoT, and AI like emerging technologies-based application development the team is ready to face any scale of challenges with enough confidence.

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