One of the most important benefits of hunting is the possibility to be completely disconnected. You are alone with your rifle, surrounded by a beautiful landscape, and completely focused on the job. Nothing matters anymore, besides the prey and the perfect shot.

However, adventuring in the wilderness without a way to orientate is a bit risky and if you’re not the one to know where North is without a compass, you might need a bit of help. Luckily, today we have smartphone apps specially designed for hunters. All you need is a good GPS connection and you’ll have access to a detailed hunting map of the area. This way you’ll know where the best places to hunt are, and, the most important aspect of all, you won’t get lost in the woods.

Now, let’s see the best mobile apps that a hunter could use to find his/her way around.

The HUNT App

This app developed by onXmaps is free to install on Android and offers users a series of valuable data. For instance, based on your current location, you will be able to download and open maps that help you orient towards the best hunting spot. You will see public and private domain boundaries, the type of game you can find in each area, available roads and trails, and more. Even more, you can save topographic maps and satellite images for those times when you won’t have a connection.

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The app has two versions: free and premium membership. One of the best features as a paying member is the possibility to see private properties around the public domain. This gives you the possibility to spot a good piece of land that may be for lease in the area and ditch the overly populated public domain. Leasing land for hunting during the season is a common practice so, if you are interested, access a hunting lease platform and see if any of the properties you like are available.

Trimble GPS Hunt Pro

This app is available for both Android and iOS and provides users with valuable information on the type of terrain, and the best hunting locations. You also have access to satellite maps, the possibility to track wildlife, and you’ll receive accurate weather forecasts.
The app can also work offline and, in case you get lost, you’ll have an amazing companion that will get you home safe.

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ActInNature Hunting

This app is free and can be used on both Android and iOS devices. With this app, users get access to three essentials for any hunter:

  • Navigation – which allows you to know where you are headed
  • Mapping – great for spotting that perfect hunting area where wildlife should be present
  • Tracking – you will see the paths used by wildlife

To make sure your hunting experience is perfect the app also provides weather forecasts and gives you the possibility to connect with other hunters. Even more, you can record your experiences, take pictures and upload them through the app.


Now that you know about the best apps that could be of help during hunting you will be better prepared. Still, a smartphone can’t help you fight the cold and the humid weather and this is why you must be prepared with a survival kit in case you want to spend the night outside. As an experienced hunter, you must be prepared to face any situation.

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