Salient Features Of Our Custom Dating App Development

Explore more and take a new turn towards the unseen! Get known by the most demanded and advanced Online Dating App marketplace earning a huge profit in the app development sector. The secret behind its revenue generation is its qualitative and advanced feature designs.

Subscribe to upgrade

Users feel convenient and save time with subscription-based models. There is a single line between paid and free services and, i.e., satisfactory outcomes.

Profile completeness

The more you’ll complete, by your side, better the users can add every bit of information for a perfect match. Get it complete to get a good match.


There’s no point in having a dating app and not having a messaging feature. This is the closest key to know whether this match is worth investing their time or not.

Privacy settings

To get promising and accurate results, Users will get access to advanced privacy settings, and do visibility settings for a specific group of people.

Advanced filter

Filter out the spam, search out the perfect match with more than 20 filter options. It helps users to get potential matches as per their interests.

Over 300+ questions

Users get to answer from a long list of questions to get the most accuracy in outcomes. Want to date smarter, Go through the question and get the smartest.

Revenue Models Of Dating Apps

The market for dating apps has increased at a very great level and expecting 5000 companies in the niche by 2020. There is a big opportunity pool of Online dating in the market, thus, take a smart jump to get the best App Solution services. It’s all up to you!

Anything Can Being As Simple As Pie!

Increase your chance with our expertise, analyze and choose the revenue model for your app. Help people around the world to get matched with our multilingual app. Frequent updates will improve your dating software!


An Individual grow in a pro-style

When it comes to match and connect the people by their likings and dislikings, just perfect like the Tinder does.


To Shop For Products

Thumbs swipes are quickly engaging an individual to indulge the features in your E-Commerce app to make it convenient to shop.


Features Like Tinder

Develop your Tinder-like application for job seekers, explorers, social geeks polling, and much more at USS LLC.

Dating App/Website Solution Overview

We are the most renowned and featured Dating app developers from Atlanta and other US states. The only place which will integrate advanced features and management tools in your dating app.

Profile Suggestions

Reflect your personality in your profile as Matches and Suggestions are based on your profile details.

Automated Filter Options

Apply conventions and filter out your profile on preferences to get the stunning conclusive reactions.

Nearby Searches

Individuals get easy access provided by the USS team to find your partner to your nearest location.

Privilege For Guest Users

Guest users have an exponential right to check the limited list of profiles and their potential.


Without revealing yourself, you can search for your perfect soulmate on the dating app services rendered by USS.

Block & Report

You can report the claim against Spam profile to admin by commenting and filing complaints to take immediate action.

Audio/Video and Text Chat

Chat with your dates, in audio, video & text format to know them better and build fluency in your relationship.

Track Your Visitors

Keep track of your stalkers, i.e., who visits your profile today. It provides you with ease to know the visitors and take a further step in the conversation.

Virtual Gift Store

Impress your dates with Virtual gifting. Purchase personalized gifts added by the admin panel.

Language Translators

Language is not a barrier in Love! Translate your messages in multiple languages.

Subscription Packages

Availability of different subscription packages for best and continuous users for more services.

Social Media Login

When users log in through their Social media accounts, the dating app manages to pull and reflect data from there.

Friend List

View, find details and look for online friends. Chat or call from your list and go ahead frankly.

Like Comment and Share

Like your friends’ posts, comment, check the view count and share moments like pictures and gifts.

Content Moderation

Automatic content moderation to stay up in trend with best posts and comments.

Push Notification

Remain updated with the current notification, chat, and comments and make further updates accordingly to be in trend.


Get Admin access to the top-level view of app usage, active profiles, etc.

Manage Users

Get access to database of registered users, profiles and their activity.

Verify Or Block

Give verified badge to approved profiles and block the ones with spam.

More Settings

Get extra features as admin! Set limits, data fields for profiles and more.

Reporting & Analytics

Get statistical data about the matches, engagements, downloads and more.

Top Most Technology For The Prompt Dating App

Being specialized in the niche, we use the best possible algorithms to find a perfect match for bringing compatible individuals together with the specialized set up by extending our horizons to manage your user database.




Gradle for android

Carthage for iOS

Retrofit with RxJava


A Social & Dating App Designed For Women!

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GirlTalk is the only social networking app loaded with features that are designed to connect women with one another. Make new friends or find your next date by enjoying real-time chat and more!

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Universal Stream Solutions delivered award-winning projects & solutions for 8+ diverse industries. Check out our experience in building success stories and step forward to see your name here.

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We provide solutions such as Web development that will retain the attention of the target audience and increase the number of customers on the website or Mobile App Development that will leave a long-term impression on the business.

Are You Ready To Start Your Dating App Development?

It all starts with a message! Write to us about your requirements, we have our notepads set to record the features and functionality you need in your dating app. Get set to make it big in the matchmaking business!


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