Key Benefits Of An Online Laundry Delivery App Solution

With the help of an online Laundry Delivery App, a user can easily select their preferred Laundry items online and quickly add to their cart or proceed to checkout option.

Deep Analytical Skills

This procedure needs deep analysis to make everything clear and easy for users and build to make it best.

Order Tracking

You can give information to the customer about the status of the order and provide real-time tracking alerts.

Cover Multiple Benefits

Never let go of the opportunity to serve the client. Keep adding laundry to the platform, covering more neighborhoods, and boosting your reach.

Better Invoicing

Use automated invoicing. Personalize the text message and email templates and send the invoice as and when you want.

Easy Assigning task

Delegate better to pick up and deliver staff and laundry collaborations for better operations.

Accuracy Commitment

The services are promising in terms of punctual and safe delivery to users.

Robo technology

We are here to render services for making your living comfort by developing one-stop solutions.

Grow beyond Boundaries

There is a superpower opportunity for you to boost your business globally by having Multi-language and currency support.

Seamless Payments

The customer also gets the facility of suitable payment options like pay online, credit/debit cards and cash on delivery.

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Laundry And Dry Cleaning Delivery Business App Model

USS team has a custom web and mobile app solution which can accomplish
every need for laundry and dry cleaning delivery for developing your App business model. Get your One-stop delivery service now!

Be a Laundry & Dry Cleaning Marketplace Aggregation

Our company supports the businessperson and laundry owners to construct their startup and laundry marketplace.

Laundry & Dry Cleaning Chains

We are here to manage your all Dry cleaning shops and laundry stores with a consolidated dashboard to make your management and living easier than ever before.

Single Laundry Shop App

Grow your Business with a step from a single laundry store to every single Customer.

Presenting You The Revenue Model For Laundry App

Introducing you to the game-changer and satisfied app services revenue model serving you more by gaining streamlined revenue flow.

Online Laundry App Development Service Only for you

Let you introduce to the Working Procedure of the Laundry & Drycleaning Software.

Easy Start

Users can register on the App panel easily, a customer can simply login by filling their basic details asked accordingly.

Nearby Searches

The app provides superior transparency to users to find suitable and nearby location services to get the delivery as soon as possible.

Select Laundry type & View Prices

Customers can choose the type of services such as washing, ironing or dry-cleaning along with the budget for the type of clothes.

Offers & Discounts

Customers can view the discounts and grasp the offers while making the orders for getting the best laundry services.

Payment Module

At last, all is set then the customer can select a payment method for the order. like cash-on-delivery, PayPal, COD option, banking or wallet.

Send Delivery Request

After getting satisfied with the terms and conditions offered by app services, the customer can send the request to get the delivery.

Scheduling Order

A Customer can schedule the proper pickup date and set the drop up time and location for the delivery.

Track Laundrymen

The customer can track the live location of the laundryman and help him to find a suitable path for minimizing the delivery time.

View Order Status

The customer can verify the current status of his order like order processed, washed, dried or out of delivery, etc.

Refer and Win/Earn Rewards

By referring to friends and family members, the user can earn loyalty cashback or discount.

Ratings and Feedback’s

On the Laundry Mobile App, Customers can give their feedback for the services delivered to meet with a better version again.

Order History

Users can calculate the total order history as per a weekly or monthly basis to avoid further manipulation and fraud.

Manage laundry charges

A laundry service provider can manage services and pricing slots according to the number of clothes.

Manage Profile

The laundry service provider can add, less and update basic profile details asked accordingly.

View Order Request

The laundry service provider should be able to accept or reject orders to manage orders already in the queue.

Manage Orders status

A laundry service provider should be able to manage the active status of the orders that are updated by admin.

View Order history

Users can calculate the total order history as per a weekly or monthly basis to avoid further manipulation and fraud.

Offers and discount

A dedicated section for the customer to search promotional offers, gift coupons, offers a festive season discount, and end of season sale.

Reviews and Ratings

On the Laundry Mobile App, Customers can give their feedback for the services delivered to meet with a better version again.

Smart Re-Order

Online Laundry Delivery app renders the order history feature to make the reorder procedure easy and few clicks away to get the same order again.

Effective Management of Laundry Man

This option allows to assigned activities to all laundrymen that are connected with particular laundry service providers are managed under this class.

Analytics ( App usage, total users)

All the analytics reports connected with the app usage, category of the laundry service and total no of users using the app are tracked for making further business decisions.

Laundry Category Manager

The admin can manage all cloth categories and assigned every section for processing the request further.

Manage Commission

The admin manages the commissions which are paid by the service providers that are a concern with the laundry app are stored and managed.

Payment Management

Multiple payment methods to offer a user and admin can manage several payment methods and transactions from this module.

Content Management

All the applicable content that is updated and delivered to the users is updated and tracked under complicated CMS.

User Management

This option gives the admin all the access permission of all users, service providers & customers along with their detail, and laundry service also.

In-app Messaging

In-app messaging to provide transparency between customer and service provider. They can use this feature to get in touch to identify problems. Concerns related to an order or finding the location too.


The customer can make payment of different ways like some of the payment online and remaining amount via some other medium. Then, this feature is a great way to encourage the user to pay the whole amount at a time.

One-tap Pickup Request Button

The laundry app is providing this feature for delivery men will consist of a module that will help them get a pickup request.

Push Notification

Push notification is the most important feature to keep the users updated about the latest deals and offers as well, also send the messages related to the order delivery confirmation, etc.

Split Payment

This feature is most effective and efficient for attracting users. The split payment option permits users to create payments with different transaction methods.

Top Most Technology For The Prompt Laundry App

Being specialized in the niche, we use the best possible algorithms to provide you accurate and efficient service delivery with the specialized set up by extending our horizons to manage your user database.




Gradle for android

Carthage for iOS

Retrofit with RxJava


Your One-Stop On-demand Laundry App Delivery Solution

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It’s never too late! Let’s deal your Laundry troubles with our One-stop On-Demand Laundry App Solution for your company.

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