Our Taxi App Solution’s Unique Benefits

We know our do business and that is why we are always ranked along with top mobile application developers.

Customization & White label

Fully white label taxi app solution with your unique logo, custom features, integrations, and branding option of your business identity.

Deploy on a Server of Choice

Our solution is to provides you full access to valuable customer data generated. we can deploy on ours for an ostensible fee.

Multiple Payment Gateways

Out of the box support for popular payment gateway of choice, integration is uncomplicated, and simple updation of new ones as per the business needs.

Scalable and Robust

Started with thousand of rides and hundreds of drivers in many cities per day in the base solution with the Choice to improve ability as per the needs.

Various Support Options

Endless support by our taxi app developers team to drivers and customers to ensure seamless deployment and launch.

Fastest Time to Market

A ready to deploy base solution for a faster time to market, saving valuable time and money, minimum modification, almost zero codings, customization can deliver to you.

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Custom Taxi App Development Solution Caters To

Our Custom taxi solution is customizable to the base and with a little tweaking, can be ready to go any business that needs handling a fleet, those are some of the business rules it’s common too.

Fleet & Taxi/Cab Businesses

Track your Taxi fleet to real-time users and provide offer superior ride booking experience to your riders and grow your business.

Car Pooling and Rental

If you build your taxi startups, then more riders will enroll on your app platform, and you will earn more.

Enterprises & Governments

Developing a taxi app solution for simplifying employees and governments to solve more challenges than ever.

Online Taxi Solution Overview

Our comprehensive taxi app solution comes with a host of features for passengers, drivers, admins, and dispatchers with the option to add advanced features, integrations, and customizations as per the business needs.

Book Now

Passenger wants to schedule a ride to his destination today.

Book Later

Passenger wants to schedule a ride to his destination for a future time.

Enter Destination

For the ride, No need any other information just enter the destination place.

Book for others

Book a taxi for relatives or a friend that sends ride details to them via SMS.

Multiple Payment Modes

The Passenger can use many payment options and easily pay for their rides.

Vehicle Selection

Different types of cars available so you can easily book any type of car.

Multi-Language Support

Taxi app Solution run on National Language and International language.

Give Credits

Offer customers free credits and unique referral code for rewards to raise their loyalty.

Reviews and Ratings

Passengers can give start rating and write feedback at the end of each trip of their ride experience.

Add Promo code

The Passenger can apply promo code to earn discounts and credits when booking a ride.

Past Trips

A Dedicated section to view all past trip requests.

Upcoming Trips

A Dedicated section to view all upcoming trip requests.

Display Promotion

Any upcoming or ongoing promotion can be display on a screen.

Help and Support

A Customer can help or support in case of any issue with a trip.

Invite Code

Every passenger receives a unique invite code they can share with others.

Business Profile

Keep business your trip separate so that you have an easy time compensating.

Accept Ride

Natural interface to accept rides in a limited time frame.

Reject Ride

If a driver doesn’t want to accept a ride, then he can decline the request.

Pickup Location

When the driver accepts the request, then he receives the passenger’s pickup location.

Start Trip

Click on a single button to run the trip is ‘Start Trip’, the driver can use it.


Drivers can navigate with Google maps and provides the best route and ETA information.

End Trip

Drivers mark when arriving, he can end the trip with ‘End Trip’ to get automated bills.

Drop-off location

The driver knows the passenger’s drop off location when he accepts the request.

Trip Summary

Taxi app displays the fare to be collected and various trip details to passengers at the end of the Trip.

Past Rides

The driver can have a relook at all the rides he took in reverse sequential order.

Upcoming Rides

Drivers can learn about any planned ride he must pick over the day.

Go Offline

When a driver wants a break then he can switch to go offline from the app.

Upcoming Trips

A Dedicated section to view all upcoming trip requests.


At the end of the day, the driver can sign-out of the app from the app.

Contact Customer

The driver can call passengers for any query about pickup location or chat with him too.


The Driver can easily accessible wallet integrated from an app menu.


If the driver has any problem with payment or a passenger, then he asks for support.

Rate passengers

The driver also can give rate to their customers for their behavior.

Manual Dispatch

Jaunt control wherein a fleet handler allocates a specific ride to a customer.

Customer and Driver Info

Admin can check the register of all the drivers and customers with your services.

Vehicle Management

Admin can manage all the information about all vehicles and put them on priority based.

Define Business Rules

Admin can define the business rules to run the operation within the admin panel.

Interactive Dashboard

To get the most important information about operation and performance at a glimpse from a single place.

Dispatch Panel

Vehicles dispatch from single click to the place customers waiting for them.

User Control

A user can view full access to an assigned various level of access control.

Auto Dispatch

The solution can be configured to work in a semi-autonomous way with auto dispatch.

Set Tariff

Admin can set a tariff that the passenger must pay to the drivers and cancelation charges.


Admin can set the geo-restrictions around your service and get a notification whenever.

Real-Time Tracking

You can view and track your real-time fleet availability and current location on a map.

Payment Disbursal

It’s a simple process for pending money to passengers and maintains customer loyalty.

Send App Notifications

Admin can enable/disable SMS notifications for specific trip events for passengers and drivers.

Reporting & Analytics

For smarter decision making, you can integrate analytics software and learn data and make a calculation.

Web & Call Booking

Any booking coming from a cal or web, they dispatch on the dashboard.

Secure Login

Your taxi platform is secure because it’s an authenticated access to the web-based admin panel.

Surge Pricing

Programmatically established progressive pricing to handle demand and supply mismatch.

Number Masking

Its use to keep passenger phone numbers hidden during calls for security.

Business Profile

Keep business your trip separate so that you have an easy time compensating.

Split Fare

Many passengers can travel to gather at that time they can easily share costs for shared trips.

Ride Passes

Offer ride passes for multiple rides at discounted rates.

Pickup Suggestions

Customers can give suggestions about their pickup destination points near them.

In-App Chat

Drivers and passengers can chat to support from within the apps.

VoIP Calls

Allow web or calls using wifi between passengers and drivers.

Web App

If the passenger doesn’t have the app then they allow to booking from the website.

Call Bookings

Passengers can book requests through calls.

Operational Zone Setup

Receive and send request accordingly to set up a region of operations.

Flat Pricing

Fix the price for most-used routes like airport pick up and drops.

Driver Destinations

The Driver can choose the favored direction trip once or twice a day.

Driver Accounts

Driver income reports, bank transfers, and admin approvals.

Calendar Integration

One option is to allow for passengers to share their calendar events for destination suggestions.

Physical Meters Support

Set the meter based on a far calculation to meet government agreement.

RTL Language Support

Right to left text for reading and writing because many people use this language.

Top Most Technology For The Prompt Cab/Taxi Booking App

Being specialized in the niche, we use the best possible algorithms to provide the best facility with the specialized set up by extending our horizons to manage your user database.





Gradle for android

Carthage for iOS

Retrofit with RxJava


Online Taxi Booking For User And Driver Solution

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Car booking app for easy, reliable and affordable ride bookings whenever you need it, and wherever you’re going. You can have information about your ride arrival to completion of the ride.

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