Taxi booking service is a convenient service, due to which pick-up a taxi becomes a simple and profitable activity, accessible to every taxi driver with a license. The main secret of the popularity of the dispatcher is the ability to track new applications using a simple application on your mobile phone. The functionality of the software is intuitive. Choosing a reception radius (from 500 m to 10 km), the driver selects the best offers without spending time searching and waiting for a taxi order.

Taxi App Features

Resource Requirements For a Mobile Device to Use “Taxi Driver”:

Devices For Work in Taxi Driver

The main software tool that allows our taxi drivers to work without downtime is Taxi Driver, an application for taxi drivers. Every taxi driver working with the Everywhere Taxi booking service downloads this program to any gadget that runs on Android or iOS and begins to receive orders.

Work With The Taxi Driver Program

The functionality will help in the formation of the most profitable routes without lengthy searches and unnecessary costs for everyone, regardless of, the driver works officially or taxis his extra income.

A Taxi App Features For Drivers – The Benefits of Finding Customers

The developers of the dispatch program interface took into account all the details. The application is now a reliable assistant in choosing profitable orders. Moreover, all this operates around the clock, which makes it easy to form a route. Only a few minutes will be required for the installation so that the driver sees constantly updated information and can choose:

Nearest taxi customer address, destination;

  • If available, the number on the route of intermediate points;
  • The distance to the call point from your current location;
  • Application arrival time;
  • Estimation of the cost of taxi services, etc.


The driver gets the opportunity to choose the orders that are most geographically comfortable for him, which reduces his idle run to a minimum. The order is shown online at the current moment, the taxi driver has the opportunity to take the one that suits him the most.

Features For Customer Taxi App

Currently, the most progressive way to order a taxi is through the Taxi App Features. An obvious advantage is a speed of ordering a car, the ability to track the position of the car in the city, see reviews and driver data.

The Client is Not Always Right.

That is why not only the passenger but also the driver will evaluate the quality of the service. After the trip, the driver is invited to rate the client on a scale of 1 to 5. The intrigue here is that the driver puts his mark, which is not visible to the passenger, and when the order is received, the driver sees the client rating. If the customer’s rating is high, the likelihood that the car, even at rush hour, will grow significantly in the blink of an eye.

Ability to Choose a Driver’s Gender

The line “Driver woman” appeared in order options. According to the statistics of 7220 service, this service is mainly used by those passengers who take their children to school. It is believed that in the female driver this category of customers sees the highest percentage of safety during the journey.

Quick Set of Main Places

Getting home, to work, study, or to a loved one has become even easier. In the new application, you no longer need to constantly dial the same street. Now the most important addresses can be added to the “favorite places” and call a taxi on the principle of “speed dial”.

Child Seat Function

A common problem when driving a car: passengers do not always specify what will happen to the child, and the driver does not always have a child seat or booster in the cabin. A new option has appeared in the new application – the “booster”, select this option and a car with the necessary additional equipment will come to your order. You can also write an additional comment on the order to clarify your needs.

Ability to Track a Trip

For the most curious passengers, the Taxi App Features has the opportunity to track their trip on the map. This convenient feature is suitable for city guests who can explore nearby streets online while traveling. And, if you attached a card to the application, you can call a taxi for your loved ones, track their route and pay for the trip without leaving your home or office – it is very convenient to send children to school.

Corporate Services

In the application, in addition to payment through a card, the option of choosing to write off money from the company’s account is available. If your work involves frequent travel around the city, business trips to regional and district cities,

While you decide to call a car or go by public transport, the taxi at this time is improved and adjusted to your preferences. This service is becoming available: cars drive a lot, it costs a little money

On the other hand, the application will not indicate information about the state of the car and the operating mode of the driver himself. Often, the operation of applications is supported by answering machine calls, which can be unnecessarily intrusive. Also, drivers to save valuable time often issue a notification of arrival before reaching a given location. So it turns out that the application says “the machine is down,” but it doesn’t exist at all.

Calling a taxi through the operator is a more “humane” option, when there is an interlocutor on the other side of the line who can ask all available questions or make suggestions (for example, about the presence of luggage and the need for a child seat).

The Main Functions And Features of a Taxi Driver:-             

  • For all free orders, a single section is provided;
  • For each of the applications there is the possibility of detailed data; 
  • The order is accepted to work instantly;            
  • Information about all trips is stored and remains available;          
  • It is possible to view data on earnings taking into account the deductible interest;            
  • You can view data on earnings taking into account the deductible interest.
  • Currently, there is a whole range of options for ordering a car for the trip. Here are the most common ones:
  • Talking with a dispatcher over the phone is by far the most common option for consumers of all ages.
  • Formation of the order through the application on the smartphone.
  • Call a short taxi service number.
  • Online order on the official website of the carrier.

It is important to note that technology development dictates its own conditions. There are applications for calling a taxi from one particular company, and there are application aggregators that work with a large number of carriers. There is a difference in the order of work, do not forget to pay attention to it.

To avoid unnecessary worries and fuss about waiting for a taxi, it is better to call the car in advance. There are services for ordering at a specific time. But situations, where a car is urgently needed, are not excluded. What to do in this case?

Let’s look at the different options for ordering a car with a driver, as well as note the positive and negative sides of various ways.

Positive and negative sides in taxi ordering channels

Which Taxi for App Features to Choose?

The taxi market is currently being formed by both large network companies and small local carriers. Depending on the attitude to work and positioning, a small company can either pleasantly surprise or hopelessly disappoint. Especially in an unfamiliar city, it is better to resort to the services of large carriers that have their own dispatch service and a fleet of vehicles.

The indisputable advantage of small companies in the taxi market is more affordable prices compared to the flagships. Typically, large companies operating in the market for more than a year include the percentage of the cost of car maintenance in the cost of carriage.

What Should be Remembered When  Design App for Calling a Taxi?

When ordering a taxi, there are several generally accepted rules, the observance of which will avoid unnecessary disagreements with the driver and loss of time when changing a car:

• Auto-taxi is a type of public transport and is ranked among public places. This implies a ban on smoking in the cabin. Even if the driver is potentially not against a passenger with bad habits, it is not at all a fact that a smoky lounge will be pleasant for the next client;

• Ordering a car is a crucial event. It is better to collect your thoughts for a couple of minutes, think through all the nuances of the upcoming trip, and clearly state them to the dispatcher. This will avoid unpleasant surprises.

• Prepare to clearly communicate the address of your location (with possible landmarks) and the coordinates of your destination. A clear understanding of where and where you are going from will allow you to avoid wandering and wasting time searching.

In general, the logic is quite simple. Remember the conditions, the coordinates of the start and destination, as well as the basic rules of behavior in public space.

Taxi Rates

Often the price of transportation service is a decisive factor when ordering a taxi. The rule “cheaper does not mean better” also applies here. The price difference between large and small companies has already been mentioned. It remains to your decision whether you pay for the name, service, or quality of service, or are you willing to take risks and save.

A trip in a taxi can be associated with force circumstances (for example, breakdown). A higher price and a well-known carrier brand are more likely to save you the hassle of travel.

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