Customers from every wake of life are starting to look for the taxi app features that best suit them to avoid losses and improve their business operations. Entrepreneurs and CFO have been recently in the quest for a new and innovative round of funding.

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One of the most popular questions customers ask is regarding the cost and details of taxi apps. Unfortunately, not all websites provide accurate information about these solutions. Due to the number of scammers, it is very important to find a well-reputed website for it.

Impact of Taxi Solution Apps for 2018

The revenues obtained by some apps are really promising as they reached the amount of US$62,68m in 2018. This revenue is expected to grow in the next years until 2023 at a rate of 15%. By 2023, these numbers will have had to reach US$124,987.

User penetration is another value that is going to increase. It will have hit 13% within 5 years considering that the average revenue per user has surpassed US$137,67 per year thus far.

Today, over 63% of Smartphones have to capacity to get taxi applications installed and receive regular updates. This is very easy to understand because the growth of rental services will continue to grow exponentially and it will probably reach 87.3 million by 2022.

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Ride history, core features, payment, taxi booking, fare calculator, push notifications. It also includes additional features that can help any driver a lot. The best solutions feature top-notch passenger apps. The passenger app comes along with the driver’s app. The app is designed to be navigated very easily even for those who scarcely understand this kind of technology.

Uber is still the best taxi app at the moment. It’s been in the hands of users for longer than any other app. It shows drivers the areas with higher surge pricing.

Apart from these features, this solution generally includes a discount and voice recognition. You can also stay connected through its inbuilt messenger. It is a type of high-end web-based software that responds to any device regardless of its Apple or Android.

Feature List for Driver App Development

  • Trip/Ride History and Fare
  • One-tap trip start
  • Begin/Finish Ride
  • Fare, time, and distance
  • Digital/Cash payments System
  • Request for Real-time
  • Passenger rating and feedback options
  • Alarm and safety features
  • GPS navigation, traffic and map plotting
  • Two-way communication channel

Ucabsoft Passenger App


Aside from UBER, Lyft is another application that is taking the rideshare business to the next level. When you register for this app, you have total control of your personal information. You can manage it and change data whenever you want. The app enables you to book a taxi when required or call or text a driver. It also allows you to view fare and personal discounts giving you the possibility to browse drivers and find the one that best suits your budget.

As a bonus, you can track an approaching taxi through it and make instant payment effortlessly. When the trip is done, rate the driver through the app. Added to this, log in via Facebook is possible as well.

Feature List for Passenger App Development

  • Pick the Destination and Select Car Type
  • Live Routing
  • Manage Ride
  • Easy Payment & Payment History
  • Trip History
  • Rate Driver
  • Promotions/ Free-ride

Additional Features For The Taxi App Solution:

Admin Dashboard, Reporting, and Analytics

The admin dashboard is a type of software that can be operated over a table or a mobile telephone. You can purchase it from an online store in the form of web wrappers. Its main function is to store and process the database which displays all passenger’s and driver’s activities.

The dashboard provides detailed information regarding the processes and logistics and everything related to trips and financial issues. It gives you the option to link it to a third-party analytics tool and monitor their activity as well.

Payment method – tip

The app doesn’t accept another payment but cash, only. Due to this, it is important to integrate a payment gateway. Users keep logged in while using the app unless they log off themselves.


As regards authorization, the system sends a notification to both parties the driver and the passenger. Through this method, the driver knows who is going to accept a ride, getting paid punctually at the end of each trip.

Real-time Location & Interactive Maps

PAYMENT taxi app Solution

This device operates over GPS and displays real location while being connected to another device. In more simple words, you have to download it on your Smartphone and configure it to the on-device. Once done, the app will start using the constant stream.

Now, Google Maps continues to be the solution for tracking vehicle movement and enabling navigation. Others prefer Apple Maps, so feel free to use the app of your preference. Android framework is also available for open source developers.

Note: Around 140 hours are needed to set up routing and geolocation.

The following chart portrays the way tracking, routing and geolocation operate when integrated.

Payment Gateway Integration

With an application like this, the driver expects to receive payments via PayPal or credit card. Recently, other payment options are becoming available for Android and Apple users. This is probably the innovation to come for most taxi apps.

The application doesn’t only ensure payments but is also designed to save personal and payment information. It must keep the data safe even if the transaction is done via PayPal.

These companies are working really hard to step up the security system and reduce the security risk associated with payments.

But Payment Gateway integration is not something you can do in seconds, it usually takes over 110 hours.

Sessions And Authorizations

Back to the drawing board, authorization is something you can’t avoid. All payments must pass through them before completion. Read reviews to see which taxi app may best fit you.

It is important to find a taxi solution that provides a login option via email and phone number. Authentication is a process you have to do only once.

How Much Does It Cost a Full Dispatch Taxi Solution?

The cost of this program will vary depending on many factors and the features that are being implemented. It means that every taxi app has certain features that set them apart from others. Real-time location and passenger are two of the main features that are typical in this kind of application.

Overall, this is more or less the cost of mobile app development and design. This is what some companies on this app development and design:

  • India App Company :  $50,000 to $120,000
  • Crafter: $90,000 to $180,000
  • Locassa: $100,000 to $250,000
  • Lochbridge: $100,000 to $200,000
  • TCS: $120,000 to $250,000

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Communication and push notifications have always been considered as the first line of a taxi application solution. This app enables the communication between the driver and passenger facilitating drop-off location and ride cancelation. It also provides SMS notification when the passenger goes into a no-coverage zone post-booking. The text will contain a driver’s information like name, phone number, and card number.

For SMS notification, Twilio, Sinch, Nexmo, and Plivo are great.

Both push notification and SMS integration may take you around 80 hours to be developed.


The app is efficient due to all the features listed above. Taxi solution practically has the same functionality as Uber but it’s cheaper.

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