Running Instagram giveaways can prove to be highly rewarding for your business, but it should be done most effectively. This will help you to gain the attention of one billion active Instagram users. However, there is fierce competition that will make it most challenging for you to establish a social media presence and, at the same time, increase the visibility of your posts on the platform.

Giveaways on Instagram are one of those specific marketing tactics that will make your brand stand out and, also that present it to be more likable to your target audience. All you have to do is follow the proven and tested tactics for Instagram. This includes:

  • Publishing your posts regularly
  • Posting it at the high-traffic times
  • Using Instagram Stories and other features and of course
  • Working with those influencers who are related to your target niche.

This will help you to attract new followers and, at the same time, retain your existing customers. Ideally, giveaways are items that are given away for free to the followers. In exchange for that, you may also your followers to perform any pre-established action such as:

  • Tagging their friends
  • Giving more likes and comments or
  • Signing up in your email list.

For this, you will need to ensure that there is proper collaboration, follow us, and tagging friends. All these three things will ensure that you raise each of their follower counts.

More Tips To Follow

There are a few more things that you should do to run an Instagram giveaway. The first step is to know that when doing a giveaway on Instagram, you will have to spend money on ads as well as on the influencers. Henceforth, you will need to follow the strategic steps such as:

You must also select a proper hashtag campaign as the experts like Storm likes do so that you do not only increase the visibility of your posts but also ensure that it drives a higher level of engagement.

In addition to that, you must also put in a time limit for your content, often a short one. This will create a sense of urgency amongst the users, and they will either make a purchase or participate in your contest.

Lastly, you should promote your Instagram contest so that people know what it is all about, the prizes to be won, and the type of audience they are dealing with

Decide On The Rules

You will need to be particular bout the rules of your contest. Make sure that the audience knows how to enter the contest, and you know what exactly you are trying to accomplish with the Instagram giveaway. It can be anything from:

  • Increasing your follower count or
  • Increasing your brand visibility.

Also, make sure that you keep things as simple as possible so that the people who are willing to take part do not find the process to be overwhelming.