No one has the time to meet people in the traditional way. Gone are the days when you need to spend a lot of time to find your Mr or Mrs. Right or hanging around in the bars is also not an ideal option when we can find the right one by using dating application in our smartphone. As you know with each passing day, the screen time of people is increasing which makes mobile dating apps the best way to choose your compatible life partner.

Top 6 Best Mobile Dating App

But before we dive into the world of mobile dating apps, it is important to consider your privacy, make sure you read the privacy and security terms given on the dating application before using it to find your ideal partner for you.

What Kind of Dating App is Best for Serious Relationships?

If you are done with casual relationships and want a serious relationship then best dating apps for relationships is the best choice for you. These applications will make your next relationship easier and you will get the right life partner for you. If your current relationship is not making you happy and if you are not satisfied then it is time to look for the right platform and process. In certain dating applications, you will find a match who is looking for commitment.

Is Dating App Good for a Relationship?

Yes, as dating apps avail millions of profiles, therefore, you can choose from millions of people. If you are looking for the long term love and if you have exhausted with the flirt and social media profiles and want a serious relationship then a dating app is good for you to find a suitable match for you. That is why a dating application is good for a relationship.

Best Free Dating Apps of 2020!

Though there are tons of dating applications are available out there in the market but to get the commitment, it is important to choose the right one. Have a look at these best free dating apps.


Tinder is one of the most famous dating apps these days. On its face, the application allows you to make shallow and snap judgments about your potential partners so they can understand what qualities you are looking for in your potential partner. By following a few steps, you can easily create your profile on Tinder, you have to add a little description about you and then you are all set to meet your compatible partner.

Tinder app- top 6 best dating apps in 2020

The safety center feature is added recently in this application in which a panic button is given which you can press when you wind up on a date where you feel unsafe. So, to all those who keep their security at first, Tinder becomes a great application to meet the right one of your life.


okCupid-top 6 best dating apps in 2020

OkCupid is another one of the most famous dating application with millions of user profiles. You have to create a profile by adding details about you and then you can also connect this profile to your Instagram profile. There are also some questions present that you can answer to find out the potential match. You can also get a percentile score that will tell the compatibility according to the profile.


Tastebuds- top 6 best dating apps in 2020

If you are the one who loves music then Tastebuds is one of the best dating apps for you. Check the musical love compatibility of both. In this, you can add the taste of your music and you can match the compatibility based on the choice of music.


eharmony- top 6 best dating apps in 2020

eharmony is one of the best dating apps present in 2020. While creating an account on this dating app, a user have to answer lots of questions that are related to the interest of the user. Each day, whenever you open this application, you will get matches according to your interests. It helps in knowing whether your interests are mutual or not so you can find the right partner for you.

Facebook Dating

Facebook Dating -top 6 best dating apps in 2020

Facebook dating is also a free dating application where you don’t need to add information as it is connected to your Facebook profile. So, why adding the same information over and over again on different applications? All Facebook users can get the benefit of this dating application. There is a menu icon on the upper side of the Facebook on which you should tap to check out the dating option.

Coffee Meets Bagel

Coffee Meets Bagel -top 6 best dating apps in 2020

To make a profile on Coffee Meets Bagel dating application, one has to create an account on Facebook. Though the verification is easier by adding your mobile number, it will take just 2 minutes of yours to create a profile on it. After creating your profile, you will get a few “Bagels” a day in which you have an option either to like or pass the bagel as per your interest that will be there for 24 hours. If you like the bagel as well as the other one liked it then both of you get connected and can talk to each other.

Free Dating App Business Revenue

The dating application is becoming more and more popular with each passing day as more and more users are making their profiles over it. Do you know Tinder, a free mobile application is making $2 billion in a year. Similarly, all dating applications are getting huge revenue with these dating applications.


In this modern world, when no one has time to go out or meet people to find a suitable partner then these dating apps come as a big relief for all. So, come on the dating application and find a suitable match for you.

Ridhi Pethani

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