Though doing laundry is one of the most basic household chores to do but if you are a job person then this would not be an easy task to manage laundry on your own. Because of a lot of reasons why people find it difficult to do laundry on their own, the laundry market is becoming more and more famous with each passing day. Now, the estimated size of the laundry market in India is around Rs. 2,20,000 crore. Not just in India even around the world, the laundry market is increasing.

The Best Laundry Applications Trending Around The World

Some of the main reasons behind the increase of the laundry market are the hectic professional schedule of people, people living in small apartments can’t have enough space for dryer and washer, people can’t afford a room for laundry, people can’t afford to buy dryer and washer, students living in other cities for education away from their families and many more.

Laundry is not an enjoyable house chore, therefore, most people choose to get laundry services instead of doing it on their own. Considering these things, the laundry market is increasing with each passing day.

But it is again a difficult thing to do when you have to pick up and drop off a big and heavy bag of clothes from the laundry place to home and home to the laundry place. Now you don’t need to waste your time in dropping off and picking up laundry bags as online laundry services are available.

These services will include both the pick and drop off facilities so you don’t have to worry about it. It will save you time as well as you will have a good laundry service experience. There are several numbers of online laundry services applications are available that has made it possible. 

A laundry management application helps in improving and smoothening the whole laundry process. It makes the entire process easy with the easy workflow of process, by managing day to day tasks, pos, delivery management, sales analytics, and billing, and all other management regarding tasks. The laundry applications have become a boon for both the users as well as for those who provide laundry services as it makes the entire process easier for both.

There are many laundry applications are available there, of course, some are better than the others. Here we have made the best laundry app list that includes all the best laundry apps available out there. Have a look at:

Laundry Services in India 

1. PickMyLaundry 

Pick My Laundry- The Best Laundry Applications Trending Around The World

PickMyLaundry application is one of the most recently launched laundry applications that is offering services in cities like Delhi, Gurgaon, and nearby. You can easily install the application on your smartphone and can access the laundry services if you are living in Delhi, Gurgaon. The company offers door to door pickup as well as drop off services so you don’t have to spend your valuable time in picking up and dropping off the heavy laundry bag there.

The company does not only offers the laundry services but as well as it is also offering other services like shoe cleaning services and bleaching services. So, if you are the one who is looking for the hassle-free laundry services and if you are living in Delhi or Gurgaon then install this laundry application in your phone right now and get convenient laundry services.  

2. Tooler 

Tooler- The Best Laundry Applications Trending Around The World

Tooler is a firm known for offering premium laundry services. The firm is known for its careful handling of clothes so if you are the one who chooses to wear expensive and designer clothes that require careful handling then this is the right firm for you to get the laundry services. The firm handles all kinds of laundry from a small towel to sofa cloth cleaning services. Apart from that, you will get the ironed clothes at your doorstep within 48 hours which makes it an ideal option to choose. 

3. Aap Ka Dhobi 

Dhobi- The Best Laundry Applications Trending Around The World

The application has been designed by a team of MBA students from IIMs, Engineers from IIT, and CAs who are already working in some of the best companies in India. As the initiative of the application has been taken by the shining future of India therefore the firm has reached the peak of the success. Students have created the Aap Ka Dhobi application as they are facing the issue of laundry which they have to work at the weekends. Clients can visit the website or can call to place an order. The firm already has more than 5000 customers and the count is increasing with each passing day. 

4. Laundry Anna 

Laundry Anna- The Best Laundry Applications Trending Around The World

Laundry Anna company claims that they provide the best laundry services at the best possible price and even the cost less than the charges less than the local Dhobis. Is not it amazing? That you don’t have to worry about the quality and even you can get the services at a very affordable price. 

5. Doormint 

Doormint- The Best Laundry Applications Trending Around The World

Doormint has been launched in 2015 and till now, it is working great as with each passing day, the number of users is increasing on it. The firm is providing the best laundry services with the door to door pick up and drop off solution. The turnaround time of the firm is 48 hours so you will get the cleaned clothes within 48 hours.   

These are some of the best laundry applications that provide the best laundry services. These are the best laundry applications available in India providing laundry services. Now, Indians don’t need to do spend time doing laundry as it is not such as enjoyable household chores as they can get the best laundry services just with the help of their smartphone.

They don’t even need to find out the local laundry services in the local area as they can access it online with the help of their smartphone. 

6. The leather Laundry 

The leather Laundry is one of the best laundry app available in India. Apart from professional cleaning and laundry services, the firm also provides other services such as refinishing, coloring, deodorizing, and many others. The firm is known to use the latest equipment and the solvents that take care of the clothing in the right way. As the name of the company says, the company provides leather cleaning services so that the product can stay last longer. The firm focuses on the customer experience as they try their best to make their customers satisfied and happy with their services. 

Laundry Services in The United States 

Not just in India, but as well as outside of India, some of the best laundry applications are available across the world. Have a look at some of the best ones present out there. 

7. FlyCleaners 

FlyCleaners -The Best Laundry Applications Trending Around The World

Schedule the time of pick up and drop off services as per your preference. From 6 AM to midnight, you can schedule the services. The best feature offered by the FlyCleaners company is that it also provides overnight services so if you are in a hurry, you can get overnight services which makes it an amazing firm than that of others. The firm provides laundry services in Manhattan and Brooklyn. 

8. TaskRabbit 

TaskRabbit- The Best Laundry Applications Trending Around The World

TaskRabbit is a firm that does not only offer the laundry services but as well as it offers services from cleaning to moving to event planning. It connects the people to those who need help to those who are looking for work. The application comes with a great innovative idea that completes the need of all the people. The services you will get will depend on who you are hiring. 

9. DRYV 

DRYV- The Best Laundry Applications Trending Around The World

DRYV company connects with the locals who provide on-demand laundry services. You can choose the pickup and drop off time according to your preferences. Just open the application on your mobile phone and set up the schedule according to your preferences. The firm is known to deliver the cleaned clothes within 48 hours unless there is no rush in the firm that could happen sometimes. The firm provides its laundry services in areas such as Chicago and Los Angeles.  

Some Features That The Best Laundry Applications Should Have:

1. POS System

The laundry application should include billing features into it. The bill can be generated based on the weight and the number of clothes as per the firm preferences. Barcode tagging and reading should also be there so the whole process can flow smoothly. This helps in identification so orders can be classified separately. 

2. Store Management 

The employees working at the firm should have access to the information that is required for the task they are working at. The application of the software should include workflow management and the employees should have the right to access the information that is needed to do their job with perfection. 

3. Door to Door Pick Up And Drop Off Facility 

Nowadays, this is one of the biggest requirements of the people. People do not have time to pick up and drop off a heavy laundry bag therefore your firm should include this feature. The application should include Google map integration and navigation feature.  

These are some of the most important features that the laundry services firm should have.

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