You would probably wish to know how to attract more customers if you are the owner of a pharmacy. As there are a lot of drugstores in the healthcare market, and each one does its best to interest the maximum number of clients as the task is not easy. Using advanced software, namely, an online pharmacy is a good solution in such a case.

Why Your Pharmacy Business Needs A Mobile App?


We are discussing the special mobile applications along with the websites that are a great channel of communication with the customers. These apps can solve several issues that we all have to deal with while visiting drugstores as they take interaction with a potential buyer to a new level. The need to stand in queues or search for the right product is what we mean here.

Do you wish to know more about the same? Scroll down for the main reasons to commence with the pharmacy application development.

Why Does Our Pharmacy Need Healthcare App Development?

It is what most modern consumers might think as we intend on getting here now without much ado. A decent level of comfort is offered to us by IT technologies. We people specifically can make a purchase online for whatever thing we need, and products from the pharmacy come with no exceptions. The issue of medical app development now comes up here.

Online pharmacy is beneficial not only to the consumers but also to the business owners in a way. And for your drugstore, it is also a profitable cause.

Online pharmacy is a good to go is what you will discover here:

  • Alluring more paying customers,
  • Get positive user feedback,
  • Increasing your profit,
  • The marketer could take advantage of such data to improve the quality of the services offered by collecting information on user behavior,
  • Make you become a market leader.

It is the reason why you need to order through the online pharmacy app development. Are you yet not convinced here? Let’s go through their benefits once again.

Benefits Of Having A Mobile App In The Pharmacy

So, here we are going to share the 7 mesmerizing benefits of having an online pharmacy. Check them out carefully.

1. Innovative Promotion And Marketing Tool

The main reason to order the medical mobile app development is effective promotion and marketing. To allow you successfully advertise your pharmacy, you can get a platform. You will also be able to check out what your customers do like and dislike when it arrives at the drugstore moreover. You can improve your product along with such information that is going to help you.

2. Gaining A Lot More Customers

The huge benefit here is the real chance to communicate with your customers. You can now become closer and clearer to them as you are always at hand, and you do not just meet their needs to satisfy their desires. By interacting with the client through push notifications and timely informing them about the promotions and the discounts, you need to use the pharmacy apps…or to say, significantly turning them to your potential customers.

3. Improved Competitive Ability

Pharmacy apps are the best way to increase your competitiveness, as we have said at the very beginning of the article here. Since your mobile platform allows you to stay in touch with the client 24/7 regardless of your and his location, nothing is surprising.

4. Recognizable Corporate Brand

Creating a recognizable pharmacy brand to embody the company’s image will not be superfluous. And to implement the idea of becoming a logical continuation of the pharmacy chain brand with the mobile application with a cool interface design that might help you.

5. Non-Stop Improvements

To carefully study user behavior, be sure to add an analytical tool to your pharmacy drug app. To constantly work on improving your application and bettering the level of customer service in the pharmacy, the data obtained will be of great help.

6. Online Sales of Medicines

Both you and the owners of the pharmacy and your customers can be pleased with the possibility of online sales. It is for the simple reasons:

  • Wherever and whenever they want, your customers would be able to order medicine,
  • It is a profitable growth with the increase in the number of sales.

Healthcare mobile app development would have a positive effect on your financial well-being, as you can see.

7. High-Level Patient Assistance

To help you offer assistance to your customers at a higher level, pharmacy apps can have a variety of features. We are here speaking about the ability to consult with your staff remotely and much more as we are talking about the drug reference materials.

The list of benefits can be expanded and supplemented with other ones.

There are far more reasons to take advantage of pharmacy application development in reality. To interest the maximum number of consumers and get them to download it, it is high time you thought of what features your mobile app should have.

Pharmacy App Features

The pharmacy app needs to be divided into two parts each of which is aimed at a specific group of the user is what we suggest.

1. Buyer-Focused Features

A personal user account about a specific user contains all the required personal information. It also helps you to study the user’s behavior and figure out his preferences with this data. The user himself can get personalized access to other pharmacy app features on the other hand.

  • A detailed catalog of goods

The user gets to study the assortment and the prices independently and in comfortable conditions, along with such a helpful feature.

  • Upload Prescription

To upload the doctor’s prescription to his account, the user will be happy to have a possibility. He can more easily find the medicine he needs in your drug database, thanks to this.

  • Smart Search

This is the essential feature without which no online pharmacy will survive. With the sorting and filtering systems, you need to be sure to equip your search engine.

  • Drug Info

It implies as follows the detailed information that is required about each of the drugs:

    • It includes the peculiarities of consuming the medicine, possible side effects, dosage, etc., with a complete description of the drug. With the drug image, it is also advisable to supplement the text description.
    • One can also leave a review on medicine. Along with the rating of the drug, the user can also describe his impressions of the purchase made. The consumers thereby will be able to make the right choice.
    • By scanning the barcode with your phone’s camera, you can obtain the product information. The pharmacy shopper need not have to enter the name of the drug manually. They might have to wait for the pharmacy app to recognize it and offer all the data as they may check the barcode that is placed on the package along with their phone’s camera.
  • Drugs Comparison

The user will also be able to appreciate the possibility to compare the different drugs that would lead us to the other item too.

  • Substitute Search

In this case, the user needs to be able to find an effective substitute as, at times, the required drug is unavailable or too expensive. This is when the requirement for the Substitute Search tool arises.

  • Refilling Prescription

The opportunity to refill prescriptions is another example of important pharmacy app features. In your application, you need them included here.

  • Making an Order Online

If you have no intention to provide a user with the chance to order the drugs remotely, it will make no sense to start medicine delivery app development. Without losing time in waiting lines, it means that the customers can fill their virtual baskets with medicines.

  • Order Tracking

To place an order is not enough. To be aware of what stage the order is at, the consumer would want.

  • Payments & Special Offers

The need for remote payment arises by ordering drugs using a pharmacy app and making sure that the transaction process is secure by offering several payment options. Offering promotional codes and loyalty programs to the users is the other good idea.

  • Smart Notifications

The smart notifications should be of the following types as you stay in touch with users through the push notifications:

    • Medicine Reminders

It is a reminder to the user to buy more drugs, refill the prescription, drink the medicine, and more.

    • Notice of sale

You can send him a notification when the situation improves if the drug the user was trying to find was unavailable.

    • Discounts and promotions

Let us mention that the online pharmacy is offering some great discounts on a drug that a specific user has bought earlier on. You can also get the notifications of the same here.

  • Social Media Integrations

The following are how the feature will come in quite handy:

    • Simplified user registration

All they had to do this is by indicating their account on FB along with the data that can be obtained from there as the consumer does not need to fill out the fields of your questionnaire.

    • Sharing and promotion tool

To become helpful in terms of promoting your pharmacy drug app, the user can share impressions about your service through social networks.

  • Feedback

A client can express their desire or shares the issue with just a few clicks with the use of a pharmacy drug app instead of attempting to find a request book. About the level of service in a specific pharmacy or the quality of goods, the customers may complain.

  • In-app Consultation

Contact the representative of your drugstore directly and ask questions they are interested in, and special mobile chats are allowing the users of the pharmacy app.

  • Location

An automatic determination of the pharmacy location is what this feature includes here, which is an interactive map.

2. Admin Features

There is another group of users either namely the pharmacy staff, as the previous features were targeted at the drug buyers. The application content, updates on the data, and performing other similar functionalities should be done seamlessly by your employees.

  • Control Center

The first item on the list should be aiming for complete control over the pharmacy app features along with your business processes. So to speak, it is the web-based admin panel and the main control center.

  • Inventory Management

The feature assists the pharmacy staff in managing their inventory, as the name implies. Along with the ability to add incoming drugs, register the remnants of goods, change prices, control the reserve depletion, and more is included here.

  • Pharmacist Management

Here we are discussing creating a larger manageable network of experienced pharmacists.

  • Order Management

A single system is designed to manage the order those are placed by the users or specifically order management.

  • Customer Management

You will require a client database for storing the personal information about every user for a fact.

  • Logistics Integration

The stage of integration of the logistics systems is included in the healthcare app development. Simplifying your business processes to a greater extent is what the goal here is.

  • Payments & Offers

It is the feature that is on the customer-oriented list either as you can remember here. Your staff must also have access to it all.

  • Content Management

The sections containing information about your company, FAQs, and more are referred to as the Content.

  • Reporting & Analytics

The analytics features are already mentioned by us. To help you in analyzing the user behavior and, if required adjusting the business strategy is the main role that is played here. It would also be useful to add the possibility to create custom reports beside all.

Pharmacy App User Retention 

It would be only half the battle if you managed to convince a consumer to download your pharmacy app. Your task is to prevent the user from deleting it now.

The following are a few simple and effective pieces of advice:

  • User-friendly interface 
    • Compatibility with different platforms

As you never know which devices your customers are preferring, you need to have the pharmacy apps for Android and iOS.

    • Always new

Be prepared to offer them new interesting features regularly as users love the updates.

    • Security

To create any type of application and pharmacy app development is no exception as the security here plays a huge role.

Pharmacy App Development Stages

The benefits of building your mobile app are what we have already discussed about along with the most important features of the online pharmacy, and we have also shared with you our secrets that might help you to attract and retain your users. The pharmacy app development process is the last thing that we can discuss here.

The following are the stages that are included here:

  • Task definition

You are having sound knowledge of what you wish to get as the final product.

  • Requirement collection

In regard to the application, the second stage is the collection of your requirements. It means the meetings and detailed discussions with the participation of the specialists from the design and technical departments usually.

  • Discovery phase

It is the stage that involves a lot of activities that include market research, studying the needs of pharmacy customers, and analyzing the competitors as it is quite important here.

  • Prototyping

We will create an interactive app prototype that shows how users will see your pharmacy drug app and interact with it when future product features are defined.

  • Full UI/UX design

The creation of a user-friendly intuitive interface meeting the latest UI/UX trends is what the pharmacy app design is aiming at.

  • iOS & Android development

The mobile developers are being engaged to work on the projects at this stage. To create an application that works on the Apple platform and Android experts to build a program compatible with Android devices is why you will need iOS developers.

  • Backend development

We have now landed on the most delicate phase of the pharmacy app development. You will need expert help from the high-skilled backend developers, and it implies the creation of the server side of the application.

  • QA testing

Guaranteeing the error-free operation of the pharmacy app is the main purpose of the next stage here. All the required testing processes can be performed by the qualified team of QA.

  • Upload to store

In terms of creating a pharmacy app for the patients, it is something that is not enough. You need to support its successful life later on as you need to launch your online pharmacy properly.

Closing Thoughts

The pharmacy app development needs a highly qualified approach, as you can see here. The difficulties that you may face on your own are something that you are unlikely to cope with. Hiring an experienced team whose members know all the details of such an uneasy process is the best way here.

if you are considering getting in touch with a healthcare app development company, now is a perfect time!

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