The following widgets or elements are included in this plugin.

Animated Headlines:

Our heading widget will help you build beautiful headings that draw attention to people. The title of your website or blog for an online page is the most significant feature of your post. If they are boring, the reader loses interest in the heading. We give you a range of eye-catching, trendy headings that add extra value to your website. This add-on helps you to adapt your headline style.

WordPress Addons For Elementor Pro

Dual Heading: 

In addition to animated headlines, the dual heading is an advanced headline widget. Often it’s not enough to provide a headline with the right font. What if you could adapt it to look even better? This addon allows you to choose exciting backgrounds with a dual-colored box, which improves your heading. In a single heading, you can use two fonts to highlight those words. Two colors can be used for terms, and a particular word can be improved. If you want a background picture behind the heading, you can make it look creative. You may also highlight a specific word of different thickness from the one used for the entire heading. Experience all available designs to see what fits best on your website.

Advanced Accordion: 

  • An accordion can be used to show your material
  • Advanced Accordion allows the reader to view the content of each Accordion bar easily.
  • The addon helps you to create your accordion style for quick sorting. 
  • Animation, column color, accordion size, and position: you can pick what will cause the drop-off, whether this is a click or a mouse hover. Please choose from our array of colors and designs.


Innovative and descriptive tabs are essential for a user-friendly website. You can customize the graphics of the tabs on your website using the tabs addon. You can choose from a wide variety of thematic colors, positioning (vertical or horizontal), font size, image icons, etc.

  • You can build as many tabs as you like and put them on your homepage. It may include a page, a service page, or about us.
  • Tabs facilitate navigation on your website for The Reader. It’s also yours.
  • Look more organized website.

List of WordPress Addons


A progress bar is the website’s creative touch. You can add an elegant and animated progress bar to enhance your pages. The progress bar can be used to highlight knowledge in a particular area. You can also use it to view the various services that you provide. MA Progressbar comes in various styles-line, bubble style, and circle style.


Tooltip is a great addon that allows your site far more comfortable to use than boring websites with too many details. The widget tooltips allow the reader to hover a particular image, text, or icons in his Mouseover and know additional details without clicking on it.

Tooltips make your content much more engaging than just interruptive information. If, while not filling your website with text that is not important for the message you want to express, you want to offer details on specific terms or pictures, it can distract your readers from the material. Tooltips are a convenient way to provide additional details without being dull. This addon allows you to personalize your tooltips in the Elementor plugin.

Flip Box: 

If you are looking for a fun way to display your services or add an action call that differentiates from the rest of your list, consider adding Flip Box. The MA Flip Box has a 3D effect and a range of choices. The variants are horizontal, upright, flip cube, fade, cube, diagonal, and roller choices.

Info Box: 

If you want to highlight important details in a lively and colorful way on your website, MA Infobox will appreciate it. Your visitors don’t have much time to read anything on your web, and they’d like valuable details to be included in the colorful Infobox. The details in the Infobox can be quickly skimmed. The MA Infobox widget is distributed in a pack of hundreds of designs.

Team Members: 

A website without a nicely tailored team member page that is not complete. It authenticates your website and gives your reader a sense of confidence. You should know who are the people behind the scenes. It also gives the team members visibility, which adds value. You can quickly build the team members page of your choice with our MA team member addon. There are several possibilities for team members to choose from different models in our library. Attach the names, videos, names, and social media for each of your members, and you’re done.

Team Members Slider: 

The addon sliders for the team member allow you to quickly build your team members’ slider view on your blog. All the team members are seen on the page at once with the block above team members’ view. However, with the slider addon, the reader can click on the arrow on the side and navigate through any profile of our team member with our “Slider Add-on Team Members.” The slide pace, background color, and other details can be adjusted to make it look acceptable.

Whatever the company you are clicking on, marketing’s main feature is the “call to action.” You can customize the animation with our MA CTA widgets, enter your text in the “call to action” box, think it would be interesting, use text pictures or icons as an action call.

Creative Buttons: 

Multiple clickable things can be found on your blog. Let them be tabs, name the action button, or something else. The creative addon to the button gives you different animations when the readers hover over the clickable region. The addon creatively animates the mouse. You can pick our templates and make your website more fun.

Image Hover Effects: 

Do you not think that you sometimes need to place your image title and description? I know you’ve been worrying about this. The effects of Image Hover will solve your dilemma. There are 20+ incredible hover effects in this element. You are not trapped in our predefined style. There is a wide range of options to customize your hover effects. You can choose from the panel form, border, background color, text color.


Blogs can attractively be structured. Blog posts often help you to push your website more traffic. Many bloggers face problems in blog layout arrangements. This element has been created to help you build your dreamy blog without any problems. Select and describe the column Grid, List, and Masonry style. Adjust the headline, meta, and excerpt styles as well.

Ticker News: 

View your blog post or news with this ticker. You can sort posts in various ways, e.g., publication date, author, category, id, last updated, random. We have no predefined style here because it can be fully personalized. You can customize each component and create something unique, or you can import different changes from our content importer.

Business Hours: 

Business hours are coming with five preset templates and a custom table. This ensures that you are free to arrange any material within business hours. If you have a reservation system, activate and set your reservation URL.

Content Table: 

Content Table functions like browsing in a single blog post. It is helpful for the reader to navigate your message. Within this piece, you can place the content table anywhere in your post and customize anything from style to color.

Image Hotspot: 

Image hotspot lets you indicate your picture’s info. Check the demo for a good picture of how it works.

Image Comparison: 

If you want to view an image before and after, image comparison will support you. Customize the label, color, and typography for your specifications.

Dynamic Table: 

A table is required to view any form of data inside your page. For users, it isn’t straightforward to build a table in Elementor with a text editor. This reactive table feature has been created for you. Drag and drop it into your editor and enter your info.

Nav Menu: 

The Nav Menu feature will help you set various navigation menus within your website. The one-page navigation menu, the burger menu, and, of course, a multi-page menu is available here. There are various styles of off-canvas; pick the right method for your use.

Content Restriction: 

Often, your website content needs to be locked with your password, user base, age, math captcha. Here’s the material locker for you. Use your pages wisely and protect your content. Creative Links: It’s not a good idea to use the button anywhere in your editor. Often only a connection with a particular specific impact needs to be used. This element highlights your hover text connections. See the example to see how it works.


You can timeline your blog post and customized material. It’s appealing and a different way of expressing your website.

Picture Gallery: 

Build with this element a filterable portfolio image gallery. This element includes a simple pop-up image, pop-up text, saved section, or pop-up system prototype.

Pricing Table: 

If you run a website focused on services, you would be aware of the need for a great price table. You can build and customize any form of price table with this feature. If you want a price table content switcher, then use the Tabs element.

Current Time: 

This feature will display the current time on your website. Only drag it into your editor and pick the time difference.

Domain Search: 

Domain search is needed for individual users who would like to show whether their visitors have a domain available. There is no additional element configuration.

Check: Let your visitors search your webpage for something. Use this element and adjust the search bar to suit your needs.

Counter Up: 

This variable includes various types of variation. In this part, you can insert an icon, title, number. Test the demonstration and get a better picture of it.

Countdown Timer: used mainly to build a page to come soon. But if you need to screen the countdown, you can use it anywhere.

Toggle Content: 

Content Toggle is a content switcher. You can add toggles as much as you like. In your toggle, add text contents, saved segment, saved page template.

Contact Form 7: The perfect type of website allows the reader to contact you directly. You can change the background color, field color and make several other improvements.

Ninja Forms: 

If you are an Elementor Addons user who can help you customize it, don’t worry. Ninja forms: You can customize the interface and more with our Ninja Type Addon.

WP Forms: 

This addon can allow you to add WP Forms-specific elements. You can also use this widget if you have designed a form using WP Form and try to show it on a page created using Elementor. History of particles: the background of particles is an animated background of particles moving inside. You may choose from these particles of various shapes, sizes, and colors. You may use them to render rows and columns interactive. 

Animated Degree Backdrop: 

You can only build a gradient segment or row background using our Degree Background addon. There are infinite customization choices with our personalized paint palette.

Hintergrund Slider: 

This is a straightforward Elementor Addon context that can create a beautiful picture and video slider. The height, width, and padding can be easily changed. You may also overlay the background color to make it look attractive. You may also adjust the picture orientation in the slider according to your preference.

Slider Gallery: 

Slider Gallery lets you screen your pictures with your thumb. There are massive customization options to boost the quality of your website.

Show Condition: 

If you want to lock some part of a particular browser, user, operating system, etc. For different types of audiences, you can organize parts beautifully. Header, Footer, & Comment Builder: We have a dynamic header footer and comment system built. Only create a template and allocate it as a header, footer, or comment in Master Addons. Then customize it with the builder of the Elementor website.

Entry Animation: 

You need Entrance Animation if you want to make a catchy animation for your parts. Many pre-built animations are available; you need to set the length and delay correctly.

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