In recent years, the business sector has seen rampant growth in the emergence of mobile apps for promotion and marketing purposes. Many business companies, big and small alike are adopting mobile apps to enhance their reach among customers and promote the growth of their business. Hence, companies develop thousands of mobile apps every day to serve this sole purpose.

11 Best Mobile App Development Tools

Nowadays, almost everyone owns a mobile or a smartphone. In American standards, almost 95% of the American population owns a mobile phone. Hence, business companies have realized that reaching their clients through a mobile application is the easiest way of trying to get to know their customers and their wants and needs. Hence, businesses have adopted this strategy to sell products or in general, increase their reach through these mobile apps

Today, one can easily develop mobile apps. There are a lot of tools and frameworks available in both Android and iOS that aid app developers in creating these mobile apps. If so many opportunities and incentives are readily available, there is no reason for not creating one.

However, the only problem lies in the fact that there are about a thousand different tools of app development. This makes it quite difficult to choose the best ones. Different tools aid in the creation of different apps. How would you select the ones you need specifically for your app? Surely, you will get stuck in a loop trying to decide.

But worry not because in this article I’ll be guiding you through the 5 most efficient app development tools that you can use to build up your app. I’ll give you the detailed features and other specifications of these so that you may get a comprehensive idea of what to select and what to avoid when you are trying to build your mobile app.

1. AppyPie

Appypie- 10 Best Mobile App Development Tools

AppyPie is the No-code android app development tool that was built for aiding in the design of apps on platforms like Android, iOS, Windows, Blackberry, and Fire OS. This app maker enables app developers to easily and effectively create apps and also monetize them for business purposes. One special feature of this app development tool is that it also has its marketplace to display the apps that were built using this app maker. 

The company was launched in 2014 and since then app developers all over the world have created over 2M apps using this app maker. But this is not all. AppyPie is a self-proclaimed “fastest-growing cloud-based mobile apps builder software”. 

There are two versions of the software. One is the regular version and the other is the premium version. The premium version has a lot more features that the app developers can pick and choose from to create their apps. But these more advanced features depend on third-party solutions and pre-made templates that are not that impressive so to speak. 

Some of These Premium Based Advanced Features Include:

  • Accommodation
  • Appsheets
  • Augmented Reality
  • Coupon Directory
  • IAP
  • Codepage
  • Hyperlocal and many others.

The Basic, Gold, and Platinum (Premium) versions also come at separate prices with the price increasing with each tier.

2. AppSheet

Appsheet- 10 Best Mobile App Development Tools

Like AppyPie, AppSheet is also a no-code application development tool. It allows mobile application developers to create apps that run on all platforms like mobile, tablets, and web. App developers can create these apps using Google Drive, Office 365, DropBox, and other spreadsheets and databases that are based on the cloud.

AppSheet is a platform that can be used for several business-related purposes like management of projects, management of customer relationships, field inspections, etc.

The AppSheet platform is available for both personal uses and uses for larger organizations with more governance and performance options. Its no-code mobile application development feature allows users who know basic spreadsheet and database functions to create apps. 

It can be used with major data sources like Google Sheets, Google Forms, Microsoft Excel (on Office 365, DropBox or Box the company), Smartsheets, Salesforce, and the like. 

AppSheet Also Comes With Several Features. Some of These Include:

  • Data Capture in the form of images, geolocation, barcodes, signatures, and NFC
  • Data Collaboration where synced data and shared data allows developers to collaborate across mobile and desktop devices.
  • Data Display where AppSheet can be rendered in graphical and interactive forms
  • Declarative Programming Model where it allows the users to declare the logic behind the app’s activity for enhancing and customizing the app user’s experience. 

3. Bizness Apps 

Bizness Apps- 10 Best Mobile App Development Tools

Bizness Apps is an app development platform that aids small businesses to efficiently and easily create, edit, and manage online applications. Founded on July 1, 2010, by Andrew Gazdecki the platform has 51-100 employees. Currently, M&A funds the platform and has employed 51-100 people.

The main aim of Bizness Apps is to make mobile applications less intricate and affordable by small business companies. Anyone can create apps for their company using business apps. These apps can be created on any platform like iPhone, iPad, Android and it is an HTML5 based platform.

Users do not need any programming and coding knowledge to create apps using Bizness Apps as it is mainly a do-it-yourself platform. It enables its users to create, edit, and manage apps and mobile websites simultaneously. 

Bizness Apps Has Several Advanced Features Like,

  • Design Engine
  • Google Fonts
  • Icon Sets
  • Industry Templates

By using Bizness Apps, users can develop native iOS apps, native Android apps, progressive web apps, and app builder CMs. Other than these, it also includes some premium add-ons like Private App Store, Signature, Multiple Language Support, Groups Management, and Reviews. Besides, it also includes a lot of features like menu, messages, contact, events, website, mortgage calculator, tip calculator, RSS feed, mailing list, email photo, sports stats, image gallery, fan wall, podcast, QR scanner, voice recording and so on.

4. 10 Best Mobile App Development Tools is another app development platform but unlike AppyPie and AppSheet’s no-code feature, it is essentially a low-code development platform. It is the perfect mobile application development tool for creating hybrid mobile apps, web apps, and PWAs and makes it extremely easy for the app developers to create them. Has Some Essential Platform Advantages Like,

  • Cloud app builder makes the creation of custom app UI fast, easy, and effective. Developers well versed in JavaScript can turn their ideas into apps in no time
  • Build once, run anywhere feature that enables the apps created by using to run anywhere, across all devices and platforms. Be it Android or iOS. Through the help of a single codebase, the developers can submit their apps in the App Store or Google Play or deploy them as applications for web or PWAs. 
  • It is a simple yet efficient platform that is easy to learn and master even for rookies. Beginners don’t even need any prior programming knowledge or education. 
  • Developers can use backend services like cloud database, server-side scripting, authentication push notifications, and many more. They can even import these services in the app builder to make use of them. 
  • Developers can even incorporate their backend into the app developing tool and make use of it. 
  • Developers have the opportunity of collaborating with other team members in real-time. Other than this they can even secure their progress in building an app through backups and versioning.

It is Quite Easy to Build Apps Using Users Simply Have to

  • Choose from the templates present 
  • use the drag and drop option to design the app UI
  • connect the databases and services
  • preview the app
  • build a mobile and deploy web applications

5. iBuildApp

iBuildApp- 10 Best Mobile App Development Tools

iBuildApp is an app development software company that provides easy and effective solutions for the development of apps. It can be used to create apps for both Android and iPhone platforms. It provides a no-coding solution to creating apps hence enabling users to create apps faster and effectively. 

 To create apps using this software users have to just choose a template, edit anything according to their whims, insert texts, images, and videos to get going. 

Some of the Exciting Features Offered by iBuildApp are,

  • Integration with Zapier
  • Login Page
  • Content management
  • Website design
  • Online Store
  • Custom Form App
  • Lead Tracking
  • Audio player
  • PDF Reader 
  • Event App Management Software and many more.

iBuildApp even lets the user build their custom features. It provides 1000+ design templates, attractive features, 24/5 full support, and much more just in one app builder. Various mobile platform application developers mostly design these.

According to their website, over 15,000 customers from institutions like schools and colleges, retail chains, manufacturing and construction companies, big and medium scale conglomerates, digital agencies, property management companies, and so on using their app development tool to build apps. These institutions have become paying customers of the iBuildAppapplication development platform.

6. Shoutem

Shoutem- 10 Best Mobile App Development Tools

Shoutem is a mobile app development company. With the help of Shoutem products, any company or developer can build their apps easily. Shoutem products are developer-friendly, and the platform provides multiple tools, and functions to create an application. Even a non-programming person can create his/her app with the help of Shoutem, and this acts as the biggest strength of Shoutem. 

Shoutem allows its users to integrate any new content or existing content management system. From photos, videos to uploading ebooks for sale, everything can be integrated into our app with Shoutem. From small businesses to multinational companies, Shoutem has more than 10 million users around the world. 

Shoutem products are widely used by most of the resellers. Some of the resellers include App creator resellers, Developers, Web Agencies, and App development teams. Comfortable user-friendly experience, many features, and customization options are some of the strengths of Shoutem. 

If someone wants to get feedback about the idea they have for an application, they can easily make the app using Shoutem. It saves a lot of time. Frequent Developments in apps takes place at a faster rate. Hence, Shoutem is aiming to provide more tools and plugins to its users in the future.

7. Rollbar

Rollbar- 10 Best Mobile App Development Tools

Rollbar is a mobile application development company. The products and tools provided by Rollbar help the developers to track errors in the code and debug the code. The tools support multiple programming languages. The languages include Python, Javascript, Ruby, Apex, PHP, and many more. 

Rollbar monitors as well as fixes errors in real-time. That means it gives us complete details on what’s wrong with the code and allows us to monitor the same. Many developers and enterprises trust Rollbar as it provides Proactive triaging, Real-time visibility, Root cause analysis, Broad platform support, Strong security, and Seamless integration. Rollbar also provides solutions for error monitoring and microservices. 

For all those who are new to Rollbar, a 14-day free trial is offered to them so that they can get used to the software. With an increase in the number of platforms to develop tools and applications, Rollbar too is developing tools so that they can provide their products for other platforms in the future. 

8. JIRA 

JIRA- 10 Best Mobile App Development Tools

Jira is a mobile app development tool. Apart from individuals, Jira is highly used by teams who are working under a project to develop software. The software helps in planning and tracking the software that is to be developed. Even team performance can also be visualized using JIRA. 

Jira allows you to upgrade your workflow by adding mobile application development tools. Some of the app development tools offered by Jira include Bitbucket, confluence, and Pipelines. Bitbucket is one of the best development tools offered by Jira. 

Bitbucket automatically updates issues and transition work. Using Jira is highly recommended for agile developers. Plans of Jira include adding more features to plan, track, and enhance the work for the teammates. 

9. AppInstitute

AppInstitute- 10 Best Mobile App Development Tools

AppInstitute is yet another app building product. With the help of AppInstitute, anyone can build an application even if they know nothing about coding. AppInstitute’s App Builder helps a person to create the app in just four easy steps. The four steps include picking a template, branding the app, editing content, and publishing it online. 

To provide more enhancement for the users AppInstitute’s app builder has preloaded templates that suit every business. Some of the businesses for which templates are available to include Restaurant Takeaways, Radio Stations, Coffee Shops, Sports, Fitness, Salons, Estate Agents, and many more. If we do not have time, we can contact AppInstitute, and they will develop the app by contacting us for the details.

It is something that makes AppInstitute unique. Hence, even if someone is busy with their business, they can contact in-house app builders at AppInstitute to develop or customize the application according to their needs. 

10. GoodBarber

GoodBarber- 10 Best Mobile App Development Tools

GoodBarber is one of the leading application development companies. With the help of GoodBarber, one can easily develop an application even if they do not know anything about coding. More than 7 million applications have been made using GoodBarber. Not only applications but GoodBarber also provides Progressive Web App Builder for both eCommerce and Content Management. 

People who want to take their businesses online mainly use GoodBarber. One of the best products of GoodBarber is the Shopping App creator. Moreover, one can easily customize the developed application as much as needed. The Application developed by GoodBarbercan be published on Google Play and App Store. 

For publishing the app on the web, the developer will have to build a Progressive Web App. Progressive Web App is highly recommended as it is designed to optimize on mobile, desktop, and tablet simultaneously. The plans of GoodBarber include adding many more features for their developers.  

11. Caspio 

Caspio- 10 Best Mobile App Development Tools

Caspio is a cloud application development company. The biggest advantage of Caspio is that no coding is required to develop a cloud application. Caspio is one of the few platforms with which one can develop online database applications without coding. Security, reliability, and scalability are the three main strengths of Caspio. 

Planning, building, and deploying the database is easy with the help of Caspio. Caspio provides services and solutions to many industries. The industries include Healthcare, government, educational, non-profit, media. and consulting. The advantages of using Caspio include reliable support, secured database, user-friendly interface, cloud-based server, excellent features, seamless integration, and many more. 

Caspio offers integration to WordPress, OneDrive, Google Drive, Paypal, and some more. One of the reasons because of which Caspiois used by many industries is that any type of application can be made using Caspio. 


There are many applications available for developing software. Sometimes, it may be difficult to choose the one in which one of the software is perfect. In such cases, we need to check our requirements. Requirements will help us to choose the perfect software for development. Requirements may include having a team for developing software, many integrations, plugins, tools, or any other important thing. 

Many Softwares provide a free trial. So, it would be better for the person to start using the software in the free trial to check how comfortable they are with it. One can also contact the support of the software developer to clear the doubts or any other queries.

Apart from requirements, one must also know for which industry or niche they are developing the application. Not all the software provides templates or integrations for every business. So, it is better to know which software offers the templates, plugins, integrations for your business.

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