data entry software is a system that completely automates the entire workflow of transferring the data into your system. This tool provides certainty in data transfers and fully eliminates human errors. A data entry software allows you to save big on time and even offers you improved quality on data. Businesses like you can automatically capture, understand, and transfer documents such as forms, bills, and more into your PC with the help of a data entry software. 

10 Best Data Entry System Softwares of 2020

How Does A Data Entry Software Function?

The data entry software utilizes the technology called Optical Character Recognition Technology which automatically identifies the characters from several documents handling that an enterprise offers and then transfers the same into your PC of the business. Using data entry software the number of human mistakes can be effectively cut down to a larger extent as 100% of the same data is transmitted into your PC from the documents offered which have a high tendency to get erroneously punched if done manually. 

Steps You Need to Take While Purchasing the Data Entry Software:

Remember, everything is about the right evaluation. If your evaluation is strong, you tend to make the right purchase. It’s all about the correct evaluation, the better you evaluate, the better you purchase.

Look for the exact needs of your business: This is where your evaluation will start as this step will allow you to recognize the best data software for your work. And, don’t forget to take into consideration each probable user while writing your exact business needs and while making the decisions so that you reach a mutual agreement. 

Consult the expert: Since now you know what your specific business needs are, now is the time to consult the data entry software expert & seek his help in shortlisting different software that is best suited for your needs. 

Compare all software: After shortlisting a few software, now it is time to compare all software concerning their costs, quality, and services. It is recommended you make use of survey software. Keep talking to experts until you get that one software that matches your budget and offers the quality and services you have been looking for. 

Advantages of Using a Data Entry Software:

Whether it is about customer satisfaction or employee satisfaction, the data entry software provides myriad advantages. A few of these advantages provided by data entry software are mentioned below:

● A data entry software will only be called the best data entry software when it cuts down your labor charges along with reducing costs associated with document management & paperwork. 

● Automated data entry systems truly automate your PC, which allows you to grow your business processes. 

● A data entry software for your system keeps your employees rejoiced. It cuts down long manual data entry tasks, which leads to mental tiredness. Automation allows you to cut down on time spent doing data entry and improve time duration on productive things.

● Data entry software allows you to cut back human mistakes that are mostly related to manual data entries. Few errors may be small, but some mistakes can be so big that they can cost you a big fortune. So, using a data entry software is the wisest decision you can ever take. 

● The system for data entry tasks allows you to save big on taxes too. For instance, a paper-based return might cost you around $3 whereas a digitized return will only involve a cost of 35 cents. Now, if you count the number of paper returns you will be filing, you will know how much you are saving if you use a data entry system. 

● The automatic data entry system allows you to be quicker with form processing too. Automated data entry is utilized in several schools, competitive examinations, colleges to cut down the work pressures and enhance the productivity of teachers & professors.

● Data entry software allows you to improve your customer services, hence enhancing customer experience too. With this automatic kind of data entry arrangement, you can offer your people and users on-demand precise data. 

Few Common Functionalities of each Data Entry Program

data entry software provides a huge range of features that allow you to enhance business efficiency & customer satisfaction as mentioned earlier. While data capturing and data transmission is mostly used functionality of a data entry software for the majority of systems, abbreviation detection & data retrieval is a priority for larger firms. 

A Few Common Things Every Software Program has to Offer:

  1. Data duplication
  2. Data capture & transfer
  3. Verification of data entries
  4. Data retrieval
  5. Document identification
  6. Detection of Abbreviation
  7. Data Delivery

That being said, let’s quickly take a look at 10 best data entry software:

10 Best Data Entry Softwares of 2020


Emailmeform- 10 Best Data Entry System Softwares of 2020

One of the best data entry software, EmailMeForm helps enterprises worldwide to gather data & payments. But, how does EmailMeForm make it possible? By building a simplified HTML form & an app for making surveys that can be equally used by amateurs and experts. 


● It allows you to build forms that can open on any device. 

● It enables enterprises to link safe merchant services for various payments with company forms. 

● It allows you to accept all kinds of CC payment while on travel. 

● It enables you to integrate the forms with apps to save big on time & money. 

Furthermore, it provides amazing designs to complement your forms, built-in templates that are easily editable or you can also build our very own forms. 


PieSync- 10 Best Data Entry System Softwares of 2020

With this data entry software, you can sync your clients in both the directions with all your enterprise software, apps, and devices. This system mainly helps you save big on time that you usually waste in doing manual data entry. The best part about PieSync is that you don’t have to worry about coding. 


● It seamlessly syncs with 100s of applications

● It allows you to match your customer contacts in both the directions & supports the on-spot processing of new as well as old data. 

● It enables you to build your version of settings in very simple 3 steps which allows you to punch in your very own terms & implementations while mapping different areas in a few minutes. 

● Most of all, PieSync doesn’t need any installation or coding.


Tigersheet- 10 Best Data Entry System Softwares of 2020

With numerous data entry programs such as Tigersheet, business automation truly becomes a cakewalk. It allows you to handle and arrange all your haphazard spreadsheets with its no-coding norm that allows you to build a tailored business application. Not to mention, it removes the need for a developer. 


● It enables you to establish a custom CRM (customer relationship management) that allows you to make business sales by communicating with your prospects adeptly. 

● The software enables you to prepare & share top-quality bills for your customers that enables enterprises to receive fast payments while keeping a check on payments as well. 

● Lastly, it allows you to share the delivery and stock status with your clients. 

Furthermore, it also offers extra customer support if you need any help such as management and organization of timesheets, support tickets, and much more. 

Kizeo Forms

Kizeo Forms- 10 Best Data Entry System Softwares of 2020

This is an app made for mobile devices and Kizeo Forms makes your business truly digital while keeping you fully updated while on travel. Whether you’re looking for collecting customer data from the various fields or you want to unify customer data with various podiums, the software can handle all the things seamlessly. 


● It enables you to build forms & share your custom documents by email. Business institutions can easily share their docs in PDF, Word, and Excel formats. 

● A straightway & responsive console that allows you to keep a tab on your entire team and study the data collected. 

● It allows you to take hold of your on-field engagements right from your mobile device even if you are offline. 

This one of the best data entry software helps you customize your forms & reports, manipulate your customer data positively, automate internal business workflows which allows you to save big on time encouraging productivity and increasing receptiveness. 

Entry Point

Entry Point- 10 Best Data Entry System Softwares of 2020

It comprises a variety of user-friendly functionalities that allow you to build & install a range of custom data entry applications with integrated choices for export, authentication, and editing features. 


● It is made keeping in mind that it cuts down human errors with in-built native authentication features such as re-key validation, data recovery, choosing data from different search tables, extensive data analysis, etc. 

● It enables you to add strong functionalities & adaptability features to your existing programs with EntryPointScript that is highly customizable.

● Furthermore, it also provides high-level safety & security advantages crucial for your work.  


iQapture- 10 Best Data Entry System Softwares of 2020

iQapture data entry system software not only offers live training online but also trains its users via online seminars and documents. This all-inclusive software takes care of enterprises of sizes-small to medium. 


● It streamlines the ways by which customer data is stored, studied, and processed hence, saving big on time.

● It helps you build fully-organized surveys or quizzes which can be distributed across your entire business to streamline data capturing. 

● It keeps tabs on who is managing the data & how they are using its traceability. 

● It provides downloadable templates that you can easily integrate with the iQapture. 

● It enables you to build progressive schedules and allot managers for periodic audit trails. 

● It records all kinds of data even in offline mode. 

You also have a choice to upload different images and mini videos as strong evidence, handle issues through corrective measures, and update live KPIs in different forms like charts and graphs. 

B2W Inform

B2W Inform- 10 Best Data Entry System Softwares of 2020

B2W Inform allows you to gather & record high-quality data and take care of improving the coverage of safety, HR, quality, and more using mobile devices, digital media, and various cloud-based systems. 


● It allows you to build tailored form templates effortlessly using the drag-and-drop features. 

● Full coverage of robust and immediate notifications used in the form of data. 

● It is fully compatible with a mobile app for offline and online use. 

● It is most apt for handling safety, checking tools, and for various other construction works. 

● It provides data binding as well to build form fields. 

Besides, it also provides automated mapping and approvals, user-friendly interface, and multiple setting parameters to get hold of the security of form workflows. 


SlickPie- 10 Best Data Entry System Softwares of 2020

SlickPie data entry system software is renowned for its best services in handling work overheads that embrace creating online invoices and bills, automated mapping and data entries, building financial reports, and much more. 


● This system makes it effortless to build quotes & valuations, prepare steady bills, manage invoices, and keep a tab on business overheads and taxes, and even check previous transactions.

● SlickPie provides automated data entries for live bank updates, receipts, bank kind of security, and full customer support. 

● It also offers the choice to merge multiple bank transactions, see budget performance reports, prepare reminders in case of late payments, keeping track of things, and status on a mobile device. 

Zoho Forms

Zoho Forms- 10 Best Data Entry System Softwares of 2020

Handling data is a messy task but with Zoho Forms the data handling is simplified to a large extent. It allows you to build forms online, easily set for email notifications per se your specific needs or managing your data with various built-in applications. 


● This software equips you with everything you need to build a form with specific fields for formula & text etc. 

● It enables you to build your forms as per your need with customized colors, logos, themes, and even templates. 

● The data entry software also provides the flexibility to insert various forms to your web pages and also share those forms via social media platforms, emails, and more. 

● The system notifies you with an email upon submission of the form. 

● It integrates your forms, CRM, desk programs, & promotions all in one place.

The best part is it helps you stay abreast of your customer data, for example, the number of deals closed, report building, and exporting data. 

Abbyy FlexiCapture

Abbyy FlexiCapture- 10 Best Data Entry System Softwares of 2020

A great solution to gather, process, verify, generate, and implement data, Abbyy FlexiCapture is one of the top data entry software you need at your premises. This robust data entry system is particularly fabricated to cater to the demands and challenges of complex digital firms nowadays.


● It shows up on-field, in the cloud, and the SDK format.  

● It deploys Natural Data Processing (NLP) technology to automate the location and gathering of data from un-arranged documents. 

● It utilizes SI-supported classifiers with fully-automated user-based training so that they can automate things such as understanding, dividing & mapping all kinds of documents. 

● Searches validates and instantly processes essential data premises, situations, and things dependent on the various business requirements and terms. 

Apart from this, it also provides tools & reports to keep a tab on the essential parameters. 

What are you waiting for? Get the one that best suits your business needs and grow your business like never before. 

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