Are you planning to blog? Or are you already a blogger? Even if you are a blogger or planning to become one, there is one crucial thing that you need to know.

5 Facts About Online Readers that Every Blogger Should Know

Without readers, you will NOT achieve your goal. Hence, readers are your priority. You must make an effort to understand your readers. If you have no idea about your readers, you will not be able to cater to their needs. This is just like running a successful business. If you are not aware of your target market, you will be confused about your ultimate goal.

Just like that, if you don’t know your audience blogging can become a tough task. So, I’ll mention the important 5 facts about online readers that every blogger should know. I hope the list will help! Let’s dive in!

Expected To Build a Relationship

When you are talking to someone, you don’t just speak instead you develop a conversation. By building a discussion, you will be able to make the other person get involved in the subject that you are explaining. He/she will have the interest to carry out the conversation ONLY if you build a relationship.

Thus, you must foster readership to meet your blogging goals. When you pen down your thoughts your mind should focus on the readers. you must build a relationship with them. For example, the comment section in your blog will help the readers to provide their ideas and thoughts.

When you let them comment on your posts, it makes them feel as if they are being connected to you. Through this, you can build a relationship. But, comments without your reply will not make your blog a success. There should be replies from the blogger.

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Hence, this is one of the facts that every blogger should know.

Don’t Crowd The Page With Words

Wear the readers’ shoes and think. Will you spend on a post that is crowded with words? You wouldn’t. Nobody likes to spend their time reading a messed-up post. You have to keep your blog attractive as well as reader-friendly.  Hence, you must be concerned about whatever you are posting on the blog. Nowadays, a higher percentage of people have opted for online reading than offline. It has become a common thing.

Based on average, people only spend 4.4 seconds to read 100 words. It is not reading but skimming. That’s what online readers do. Hence, you have to provide them what they look for. There are millions of similar posts that readers can find online, but why do only a few posts have millions of readers? Well, the simple answer is they provide what the readers ask for.

Your blog must have a direct answer in the starting section of the blog, and in the middle, you can spice up the content. But when you end the blog, it should add value to the reader. The fact is readers won’t spend a lot of time, so utilize the time you get!

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They Look For Quality

We all look for quality, so do they! You must ensure that your blogs have quality. If you provide poor content, the readers will not care to remain on the blog. You must use the headline in a way to grab their attention. But, don’t let the attention divert. Yes, keep them glued to the blog. Remember, headlines will create or crack your post! You are obliged to provide what you promised. Make sure to provide the content that you promised in the beginning.

If you want to turn viewers into readers, you must do the needful. As I said, readers can easily find a lot of poor quality content and blogs on the internet. But, in the meantime, there are quality blogs that serve the purpose. You must understand online readers are looking for quality. They will spend the time to find good quality content.
Hence, you must spend time creating it!

Engage Them Using Metaphors

Online readers get connected to metaphor. You will do better if you use metaphors in your posts. Why do you think that bloggers must use metaphor? Well, it engages the reader with the content. The problematic areas are made simpler using metaphor. You help the readers to understand the hidden details.

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The main focus is to provide explicit content to the readers, and thus, with the help of metaphors, you can do it correctly. The readers will relate to the post and will be engaged with it. Furthermore, it is one of the best ways to provide what the readers need. You can easily forward your ideas.

However, online readers do not want to feel distanced instead they want to be engaged in what they are reading.  Typical reading involves some real sources like papers and books. But online reading has the power only when it can engage the readers with the content.
So, do it!

Emotions Are Powerful

Yes, it is an obvious statement. But I’m talking about its power in the blogging world. Even in blogging, emotions hold a great place. But not every blogger understands it! You must understand the power of emotions. If a reader is reading your blog and reacting with a smile or cry, it means you have achieved your goal.

The emotions created in the posts have the power to attract readers. When talking about emotions, you shouldn’t forget humor. It is always better to add a pinch of humor to your content. Emotions are part of human nature. Thus, readers will relate to it in no time. You must know that your readers value emotions because they are humans. So, it is also one of the facts about online readers!


I hope the 5 facts about online readers that every blogger should know helped you in some way. If it did, please like and share. Plus, if I have missed any great tips that you know of, make sure to mention them in the comment section. I’d love to know about it.

Darek Luise

Derek Luise is working as a Jr. content writer and blogger with Ethane Technologies. He can be seen blogging about digital marketing, web design, SEO, SMO, PPC, etc.