What’s Black Friday About?

The day is named “Black Friday” after this American Thanksgiving day, inevitably being the last Friday of November. It all started in Philadelphia, which has always seen heavy traffic from shopaholic customers just the day after Thanksgiving. Since then, both shoppers and retailers have celebrated this day as a shopping festival.

Best Black Friday Marketing Strategies For 2020

This is not just the end; it begins long before Friday, i.e., from the beginning of Black Friday week and lasts until the next day, officially called “Cyber Monday.” By clearing their colossal stockpile, this five-day shopping festival is the most profitable period for retailers.

15 Best Marketing Tactics & Ideas for Black Friday 

Look at these attractive Black Friday marketing ideas to step up the ladder of growing web traffic and draw consumers with enticing deals and offers quickly.

1. Content Shoppable = Brand Sales & Confidence

You can get started with Shoppable galleries to start with the best and most useful Black Friday marketing strategy. Shoppable galleries or Shoppable feeds are social media or user-generated visual content from a brand featuring brand products that can be transformed by tagging products, price, information, and CTA into Shoppable content.

On blogs, emails, or your social media profile, you can collect visual content, tag your items on it, and publish these shopping galleries. It is an excellent strategy for eCommerce& online brands to boost sales, increase user interaction, create brand recognition, grow confidence, and much more with minimal investment.

Platforms such as Taggbox Commerce will help you convert Shoppable Feeds & Galleries into your social media, UGC, and other visual content.

2. The Deals & the Hours

What’s better with exciting and enticing deals and offers every hour than surprising the customers?

One of the most common Black Friday marketing tips that inspire and inspire them to regularly revisit your online store to take advantage of the offers.

Although running off their feet and getting involved with the changes in offers now and then, brands can also use the scheduling app like Buffer to advertise their one-hour deals on their social media networks. It lets the brands stay free and stay organized this weekend from noisy and hectic promotions. Not to overlook, the brands have to build an enticing homepage banner to display the smashing deals and offers every hour.

3. Smarter Social Marketing for Attracting Clients

In this world of social media addicts, the number of online customers motivated by social media, and its content is continuously growing.

Millennials are the most influential consumers of Black Friday purchases, according to a study. And the underlying fact that millennials are the largest proportion of social media users shows the importance of using social media platforms to showcase the brand and its goods.

Brands should plan the post within a reasonable period, i.e., the time of the day when people are most socially involved, using scheduling software. Brands should schedule their social media marketing strategies for Black Friday well before the sale begins and apply it successfully to raise visibility and sales.

4. Enticing Evergreen Advantages

You could link this word to significant discounts on brands with enticing promotions on Black Friday marketing campaigns. Still, this is not necessarily what the clients are getting.

They have lots more!

Easy returns, cashback, bonus points, discounts, gift cards, and whatnot, starting with free shipping! To make consumers feel overwhelmed about the company, all this comes with this festive sale. It is an easy and insightful way to meet your clients and raise the number of loyal customers.

5. Hashtags Allow Greater Discoverability of Brands

By using dedicated hashtags, the easiest way to extend your presence on social media platforms is. This enables the brands during the famous Black Friday sale to increase exposure among social media users and easy discoverability of their goods. It will help you to meet the customers who are searching for the day’s particular offers.

6. Don’t Ditch Coupons & Deals

Purchase 2, get one free! Or, refer this to your buddy on your next order and get 50 percent off.

You can also send personalized emails about the deals and promotions to your potential customers with an eye-catching subject line to directly communicate with their feelings and develop a good relationship with them.

All you need is to build an enticing incentive scheme to invoke the feeling of urgency in your clients that trigger them to buy with the expiry date.

7. Develop Brand Interest Pre-Sale

The issue that arises is how your customers can be stimulated and magnetized towards the Friday sale and motivated to engage in the sale.

As the timer next to the item causes the client to make the immediate purchase without considering dumping the product, it is a great way to make other sales. Even before the sale begins, it encourages the customers ‘ interest in preparing their purchase.

8. Reignite Customers from Past Potential

These days, discarded items in shopping carts are prevalent and are a significant concern for online retailers. Often, because of tricky purchasing obstacles such as high shipping charges and product tax, people pass through the website, add goods to their carts, and abandon them.

Customers have proven their trust in the brands by adding items to their carts. So, now is the best time to remarket your goods to those customers with enticing deals. With enticing and useful discounts that affect their decision, you can entice them.

9. Extend More a Little

For most of the seasonal days and festive days, many brands share the offers and incentives, contributing to losing out on many consumers who make late transactions.

So, to catch these early birds or late-wakers, it would be better if you intended to add buffer time to your Black Friday marketing strategies.

10. For Your Plans, Perform Test Runs

As if all marketing campaigns were implemented as planned, planning and implementation are two very different things; then, it would be all money for the brands.

So, to find out the holes and shortcomings that you can fix and bring into the field with proper planning & execution, you must perform test runs for your Black Friday marketing strategies.

11. Optimize Landing Pages for Yours

It’s not the best idea to push all of your traffic to the homepage of your store or, worse, to a non-optimized product page that does not correctly view your product.

This is why you need to build unique “Best Black Friday / Cyber Monday offers and discounts” landing pages on [enter your niche]::

An excellent landing page should interact with the user. You can use this information to guide visitors to various landing pages according to the rules you set in Voluum, as Voluum gathers a lot of information about a visitor, such as a computer type or brand.

Also, to view this information on your landing page, you can use simple scripts. A landing page that presents a personalized message such as “Best cases for your beloved [iPhone]” designed specifically for iPhone users works better than a generic one.

Instead of making new unique pages every year, aim at updating the old pages annually. Google loves old content that is revamped with new data. Plus, each year, you get to leverage your old rankings for that page without creating new backlinks.

It would help if you decided which pages interact best with your audience once you have your landing pages in place. To automatically A / B evaluate various flows and routes, you can use Voluum. You’ll save yourself lots of manual labor this way. Testing is essential, but, following the 80/20 theory, don’t be afraid to work on various methods.

12. Give the Reason for Your Audience to Click Your Affiliate Links

It would help if you caught the attention of your audience to capitalize on the shopping craze. Here are our top ideas for Black Friday Marketing.

Write in-depth product reviews-The Perfect affiliate marketing plan for the Black week is product reviews and case studies on the items you use and suggest. Pro tip: With this perspective, build product reviews: Don’t buy X until you watch this product review.

Record video reviews-Even better is video reviews. This is like taking stuff to the next level. After Google, YouTube is the second largest search engine. You can use this platform to produce more conversions for Black Friday & Cyber Monday. Pro tip: Generate feedback on videos. Take the chance that you would put yourself out there. Most affiliates won’t make this move.

Prepare holiday packages- Customers are searching for discounts and themed gifts during this period. For a limited-time holiday deal, bundle your goods or services if possible.

13. Build a Sense of Urgency with Headlines from Black Friday and Catchy Slogans

Find a HOOK and build a sense of urgency in your Black Friday ads with temporary promotions and shopping codes to boost your conversions:

One-Day Deals-The ultimate touchdown is this. With an expiration at midnight, Launch deals without mentioning it’s a one-day deal. For one day or two, keep it open. It uses Voluum to steer people to a new landing page with a separate one-day deal until it comes to an end.

You can have one introductory offer that is active across all Black Friday promotions, including 20% off everything. 1-hour offers. But then give 50 percent off, which is only suitable for an hour, for a particular product or service. After that, you pick another commodity or a different offer.

When your bid expires, consider adding a timer.

14. Take Extra Care of Smartphone Users on Black Friday

According to statistics, fifty-three percent of mobile shoppers will leave a website if it does not load in 3 seconds (Google marketing platform). Site speed is even more critical in Tier 2 and Tier 3 countries. You will lose a lot of clicks due to page loading if your CDN is not configured.

This is why you need to ensure that your landing page is sensitive to adjust your templates and content, depending on the screen’s size on which they are displayed.

Ensure that the extra traffic that’s bound to come your way can be handled on your website. The best way to know whether your device will or will not be able to handle your anticipated load is through performance tests. Tests can be run using various methods, such as Google PageSpeed Insights, Pingdom, or Dareboost.

Impatient and demanding smartphone users are, so give them what they want. No need for some fuss:

Simplify the experiences in the mobile form by minimizing the number of fields requesting user information.

Eliminate redundant phrases from your pages.

Serve the customer with only the most essential information based on his current purchasing cycle process.

15. Make Sure that Your Affiliate Connexions Work and that Everything is Set Up Correctly

This is a very critical job. The worst thing that can happen is to do something right and then find out that your affiliate contacts have not appropriately worked… Nobody wants to end up like this:

Pay particular consideration to these:

• In one of the URLs, typos.

A blank space inside a token for monitoring.

An incorrect domain name in a clickable URL.

• A postback that does not return the click ID value.

A landing page that is not correctly shown on mobile devices.

HTTP protocol instead of HTTPS, which browsers would see as a threat.

We make mistakes; we’re human. How do you stop these Black Friday ad campaigns? In Voluum, you can configure alerts. When the number of conversions reaches 1, build the first custom warning to be launched. When you get the first notification, it’s easy to understand that your setup works perfectly.

Last but not Least: Run Remarketing Campaigns on Black Friday

There’s no doubt that Black Friday and Cyber Monday are massive for affiliate marketers, but there’s an actual life afterward. A big chunk of latecomers will be there, who missed out on the most important deals and will be shopping at the last moment for gifts and presents. Use the angle of “afterparty” and go for them.

To increase your conversions, extend your promotions by a few days. This is a perfect way to market any stock remaining and meet shoppers who have missed your initial offers. And don’t forget the abandoned carts, for God’s sake.

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