What is Social Media Marketing?

It refers to the process of gaining traffic or attention through social media sites. Nowadays, most businesses engage in some form of social media marketing.

Best Social Media Marketing Softwares For Your Business

Over the last decade, numerous companies have released tools, apps, and other forms of social media marketing software. Social media can be a huge time suck, and anything that can free up valuable time for a firm’s employees must be of value.

Looking for all in one social media marketing platform to manage all your social media? If you are, you should try social media marketing software that can not only be used to manage multiple accounts but also to measure your marketing success. 

Here are a few SMM tools that are researched for features like collaboration, content curation, boosting, engagement, listening, monitoring, publishing management, scheduling, social analytics, and team management

And, each of them is listed with software details and verified client reviews. Service-seekers can leverage the information provided to assess and select the best social media marketing service

Here is the list of Top 10 Social Media Marketing Softwares


YouScan- Best Social Media Marketing Softwares For Your Business

YouScan assists with social media monitoring, along with social media analytics. Social media monitoring incorporates image analysis, giving greater insight into how consumers view a company’s product. YouScan’s primary goal is to help companies learn by listening to their consumers online. They have incorporated artificial intelligence (AI) and natural language processing (NLP) into their software.

YouScan offers four pricing tiers, from Standard to Ultra. The differences between the levels mainly reflect the number of mentions per topic and the number of rules that can be set per topic. 

Higher-level plans also offer more insights, APIs, and integrations. All plans include sentiment detection, spam filtering, analytical reports, smart alerts, auto-categories, and trend detection.


Sync2CRM- Best Social Media Marketing Softwares For Your Business

You can use Sync2CRM to automatically synchronize Facebook lead ads and custom audiences with Infusionsoft, Active Campaign, or MailChimp. This can be particularly useful if you have an active email list, as it allows you to target your Facebook advertising directly to your email list.

With Sync2CRM, you can instantly synchronize Active Campaign & Mail Chimp lists, and get automatic 1-hour batch sync of Infusionsoft tags & saved searches. You can match against all CRM email & phone fields

Sync2CRM allows you to integrate marketing campaigns using both Facebook ads and email campaigns, ensuring that they work together.


Socialbakers- Best Social Media Marketing Softwares For Your Business

Among some of the most impressive software developments in the last decade, the use of AI ranks high. One could argue that AI has been the missing link that all industries need to evolve. 

When it comes to social media marketing software, Socialbakers seems to have incorporated all that social media needs from AI. The tool helps marketers discover their personas and the types of content they appreciate. 

This makes for smarter advertising spend and higher quality content and customer engagements. 

Socialbakers also includes listening and intelligence features we’re seeing evolve more as brands need to control narratives around their products and images. Other features include influencer marketing management, measuring, and reporting functionality. 


TapClicks- Best Social Media Marketing Softwares For Your Business

TapClicks is a marketing attribution and web analytics platform. It features a unified database, providing you with a single screen for all of your reporting data.

You can use it to see exactly how your marketing campaigns are pacing, prioritize action, and calculate ROI. It offers an astounding 1,400 + data source integration, including all the leading social networks.

You can export and schedule automatic reports into the email, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and PDF. TapClicks allows you to create relevant metrics for analysis and visualization. You can even use pre-built visualizations or browse our library of widgets to set up your own.


MeetEdgar- Best Social Media Marketing Softwares For Your Business

MeetEdgar is likely one of the smartest and most powerful tools available on the market. It’s also one of the most affordable considering how robust its feature set is. 

You get social media automation and scheduling, the ability to automatically generate posts on your behalf by pulling quote-worthy text from marketing blog posts you’ve published, category-based scheduling, continuous posting, unlimited library content, evergreen, and time-sensitive posting, and so much more. 

An interesting note: MeetEdgar, despite its set of impressive features and functionality, is designed for brands to take control of their social media management and marketing, and therefore, the tool does not support agencies. It allows you to link up to 25 social media accounts, giving you all the opportunity you need to promote your brand. 

Zoho Social

Zoho Social- Best Social Media Marketing Softwares For Your Business

Zoho Social is a complete social media management platform for businesses and agencies. It allows you to manage multiple social channels, schedule unlimited posts, monitor keywords, and collaborate with your team—all from a single dashboard.

You can connect Zoho Social to all of the leading social networks. You can create an integrated content calendar, organizing your posts in whatever way you want them. It helps you schedule your posts for when your audience is most active on each of the social networks.

Zoho Social provides an intelligent monitoring dashboard, with multiple listening columns. You can respond in real-time and engage with any of your audiences directly from the dashboard.


Reputology- Best Social Media Marketing Softwares For Your Business

Reputology is a review monitoring and management platform that helps businesses monitor, respond to, and analyze their online reviews. It includes an app for Hootsuite that allows companies to engage reviewers quickly on Google My Business, Facebook, and more directly from their Hootsuite interface.

Reputology provides 24/7 review monitoring of Google, Facebook, and local search directories, employee review sites, app directories, and more.

Their semantic analysis technology converts the unstructured content from reviews & feedback into actionable data. Reputology also offers reporting and analytics that allows firms to gauge their KPI, spot trends, and compare storefronts at a glance.

Agile CRM

Agile CRM- Best Social Media Marketing Softwares For Your Business

Agile CRM provides all the services you would expect of a CRM package. It is a purpose-built for keeping up with a growing start-up or small business.

One specific use that Agile CRM highlights are the assistance it can give an organization with its social media marketing. Agile CRM includes social integrations, social listening capabilities, and more.

Businesses can use it to monitor social mentions of their brand. They can create data streams that alert them when someone mentions the company on social media. They can use Agile CRM to aggregate those comments and analyze them.

Likewise, Brands can use Agile CRM to track what influencers are saying to identify trends and insight and then incorporate them into their marketing efforts.

You can use Agile CRM’s social listening tool to get notifications when someone voices a concern or dissatisfaction with your company’s product or service.


Hootsuite- Best Social Media Marketing Softwares For Your Business

While Hootsuite has been around for ages, it’s easy to see why they are used by over 800 of the Fortune 1000. They simply offer a product that’s great to use. In addition to its social media management capabilities, Hootsuite also includes paid advertising functionality for various platforms. You’re able to run ads or promote already successful organic content to extend reach and impact. 

Hootsuite’s core functionality includes scheduling, monitoring, content curation, analytics, team management, and paid content promotion. Something this tool also does well is to allow for integrations with all social media platforms that offer them. 


Mention- Best Social Media Marketing Softwares For Your Business

Mention is a social media and web listening platform. It helps brands monitor conversations, analyze the content (and conversations), and report back on results of social marketing initiatives. The extent to which these features allow brands to elevate their social media presence is really what makes Mention stand out from the crowd. 

Monitoring is something that can be applied to competitors (including alerts for mentions of their brand names, or keywords), giving you the right level of insight into conversations taking place around competitive brands. 

And when it comes to using all the data you’ve acquired, Mention simplifies the look and feel of it through small but valuable features like sentiment analysis which supports strategy development and crisis management. You can also manage (schedule and publish) and curate content, and engage your audience. 

What are the Benefits of Using SMM?

An SMM tool helps to solve an organization’s communication hurdles by timely scheduling of posts. 

Social media marketing software responds quickly to any negative feedback and analyzes reports measuring the campaign performance. Social media marketing software is needed for varied reasons like: 

● Companies need Social media software to aggregate large quantities of data being generated from mobile apps and devices to single storage. This software allows better management of multiple social media accounts and helps nurture customer relations by brand storytelling as well. 

● Now, with interaction tools available in social media platforms such as– comment, share, like, and emoticons, the content penetration within the target audience has become fast. You need a social media marketing tool to keep posting the right content effectively

● With every brand’s social media presence, companies are inquisitive about the activities of their competitors. By analyzing the audience’s behavior, the companies can gain positive feedback and can earn the people’s favorite reputation on social media. Social media marketing software can monitor people’s activities and posts on social media and help to analyze their social media behavior.

● A social media platform has also been the biggest platform for people to vent their anger or disgust if dissatisfied with a particular product or service. Also, it is the greatest platform for customers who want to express their gratitude to brands for their exceptional services. Social media marketing software can keep a tab of the history of conversations enabling the companies to personalize the customer experience and improve customer service.

● Social media marketing software gives you updates about the conversations happening in real-time. Companies can immediately plan a remedial action where the negative and inappropriate messages are addressed quickly to ensure brand security. 

What are the Features to Look Before Buying Social Media Marketing Software?

Keyword Tracking 

To ace social media marketing, we must develop content that consists of words usually used by the searchers. Social media marketing software allows social media marketers to set up a stream containing allocated keywords. Tracking the keywords helps businesses in finding followers who would be more interested in their brand.

Automatic Bulk Scheduling of Posts

In peak times, posts can get maximum traction from the target audience. Those peak times differ from one social platform to another. The automatic bulk scheduling feature can track and identify those slots based on past data. It allows social media marketers to ‘time’ the posts when the target audience is live and publishes posts accordingly. They also eliminate the use of regular spreadsheets, that are generally used for social content calendars.

Social Media Listening And Monitoring : 

After brands publish their posts on social media, they know that people are talking about the brand, the industry, and their competitors. With people engaging with social media excessively, it takes no time to malign a brand on social media platforms. A social media marketing software keeps a tab of all conversations. 

Multiple Platforms can be Managed from a Single Dashboard

Companies have their accounts on multiple social media platforms. Marketing the content individually for every social media handle becomes a tedious job. A social media marketing software helps to market your brand on multiple social media platforms from a single dashboard. 

Social Media Advertising 

It helps to manage social media advertising along with posts and marketing campaigns. It also simplifies social media managers’ workflows. 

Software Integration

This feature helps integration enable social media marketing software to integrate with many external applications, websites, and services seamlessly. It increases the capability of standalone social media software.


Security features alert the team of any undesirable activity happening in social media channels. Also, if multiple people are handling social media accounts, we must give correct permissions to each team member. This prevents the publishing of content, which has not been approved and makes everybody responsible.


The engagement of a campaign may not be the same on every social platform. It means that the target audience may be unavailable on some platforms. Understanding the availability and traction of target audiences on social platforms helps businesses to plan better content strategies and also to optimize the advertising expenses.

FAQs Related to Social Media Marketing Software

Is Social Media Worth the Investment?

Building brand awareness and customer engagement are great reasons for brands to opt for social media marketing! In addition to that:

● Social media is a key driver of traffic to your website.

● Social media influences buying behavior.

● Customers expect and appreciate support via social media.

What is the Average Cost for Buying Social Media Marketing Software?

The costs of Social Media Marketing software depends on the following number of factors such as:

● Number of users/admins 

● The number of social networks you can connect 

● Inclusion of analytics data  

● Integration with Google analytics

How to Evaluate and Select the Right Social Media Marketing Software for You?

While buying, you must keep the following things in mind to evaluate which social media marketing app will work best for your business. 

● Take maximum advantage of the live demo and get maximum queries and doubts cleared. 

● Always select Social media marketing apps that can be operated from mobile as well as laptops. 

● While buying make sure the software can connect to platforms which are essential and make your evaluation basis the following questions- 

  1. Can they post to personal accounts? 
  2. Can they post to company accounts?
  3. Can they post to groups? 
  4. Can they access and use other platform features? Such as liking, commenting, using lists, and so on? 

What are the Different Types of Social Media Marketing Software?


These types of social media marketing services are licensed, and social media marketers can easily install them on their computer systems. 


It is a popular type of SMM tool as it can be accessed from anywhere. You just require the login ID and the password provided by your vendor to access these solutions.


These types of social media marketing services are hosted through third-party vendors that have cloud servers. 


These types of social media marketing tools allow users to customize the software source code to fit their requirements.

What is the Right Time to Invest in a Social Media Marketing Tool?

❏ When you want to improve your ROI

❏ When you want to improve the relations with the customers

❏ When you want to grow your social reach locally 

❏ When you want quality content to be published 

❏ When you want your marketing productivity to be improved

❏ When you wish to reach your customers in real-time

Which Industries would benefit the most from Social Media Marketing Software? 

  • Ecommerce
  • Education
  • Hotel
  • Technology
  • Real Estate
  • Entertainment 
  • Retail 
  • Fashion

How can I Measure the Success of My Social Media?

With social media, you will be able to see very early on how we are posting on your behalf. You will also see the number of likes and visitors to your platforms increasing. Over time this will help your rankings in the search engines increase.

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