These days a lot of mobile apps are becoming popular and coming to the forefront. This phenomenon is becoming rampant not only just in areas of social media and telecommunications but across various other fields like business, shopping, and e-commerce.

Why Developing An iOS App Is A Valuable Investment For Your Business

Especially in a digitalized world, investing in mobile apps for business has proven to be quite effective. And this is not only true just in case of the well established big business sectors. Small start-ups and entrepreneur houses are also switching to mobile apps to spread and enhance their activities through online marketing. 

Every day, thousands of these apps are submitted to big companies like Google or Apple. In recent years, these mobile apps have generated huge revenue through app stores and advertising. These are some of the basic reasons why a lot of companies, big and small alike, invest their finances in building mobile apps. 

Apple, in particular, provides a lot of opportunities to companies who want to promote and develop their business through iOS applications. iPhone apps are quite popular among its users in general. So it is a great opportunity for companies to capture their market share in these iOS applications. 

In this way, companies will be making a profitable deal by investing in the development of iPhone applications for the growth and enlargement of their business. This article will mainly be dealing with the reasons why investing in an iOS app might prove to be lucrative and valuable for businesses. 

The Brand Identity

It is true that if companies are trying to broaden their reach and build up a concrete share in the markets through the development of mobile applications, brand identity matters a lot. And who doesn’t dig a good iPhone app? Apple has created a name for itself since the initial days of its inception. And in recent times, the name “Apple” has its own identity. 

Apple products and applications have gained popularity throughout the world, be it in a first world country like the USA or a third world country like India. The brand is treated with reverence by people almost all over the world, and owning an Apple product is almost seen as an achievement. Hence companies that are trying to improve their reach should, without a doubt, invest in building an iOS app to promote their business. This will not only give it a sense of brand identity but also popularize it among masses globally.

UX/UI of iOS Devices

UX and UI refer to User Experience and User Interface, respectively. 

The user experience broadly depends on the foundations of good and solid interface design. Apple has an extremely user-friendly UI that makes the interaction with its devices smooth and effective. They have a lot of guidelines and key concepts for those who are planning to start coding for their devices. According to them, it will help create systematic and structured interfaces for a different variety of users. Some of these guidelines include: 

● Content formatting or creating well-structured layouts fit the screen of the device.

● The Touch Controls are designed in such a way that it makes interaction with its devices feel smooth and easy. 

● Hit Targets measure at least 44 points x 44 points so that they can be touched accurately by fingers.

● Text Sizes of any Apple Device are at least 11 points so that they are coherent without the need to zoom too much.

● There is sufficient contrast between the background and font color.

● Text Spacing is proper without the text overlapping.

● Apple always provides High-Resolution images which is one of its specialties. 

● Another specialty of Apple devices is that the image resolution is always displayed at their intended aspect ratio hence eliminating any possibility for distortions.

● Apple always provides easy to read layouts in their devices.

● The texts, images, and buttons are always properly aligned. 

All these features ensure that the users get the best possible experience from their products.

Benefits Over Competitors

The most prominent competitor of iOS is probably Android. However, deciding whether to invest in iOS or Android apps is not a very easy choice. However, there are a few specific reasons that prove that Apple is a better choice for app development for businesses.

  1. If money is concerned and you have decided to charge your users for downloading your app, Apple is the best possible option solely because those users will see much more of the paid apps than the free ones when they are looking for something to download. 
  2. App developers write their programs in codes that are compatible with the most recent and up to date versions of the software. In this area, Apple is a great choice as most Apple devices run on the most current version of iOS, which is not so in case, for example, Android users. Almost 95% of Apple users have one of the two later iOS installed on their devices. This aids in the programming and development of your app. 
  3. Apple devices ensure a whole lot more security to its users than its competitors. Therefore choosing iOS platforms for your app will come with a lot of security incentives.

These are some of the very basic reasons why Apple tends to topple over its competitions. Of course, there are also certain disadvantages to iOS; however, they can be considered not so important as to decline the overall ratings of Apple products.

A Growing User Base

Initially, Apple didn’t have much of a user base owing to the high priced nature of its products. However, a lot has changed in the past 45 years. During the mid-1990s Apple’s user base consisted of only a fraction of what it is today. Around that time the number of its users was typically restricted to 25 million. It didn’t have much of a user base to ensure its sustainability. 

However, in recent times, Apple’s customer number has experienced a massive boom. Now, its user base is almost 40 times compared to what it was in the past. This can be the result of the fact that instead of trying to reduce costs to have a better customer reach, it kept selling its products to its existing number of users. Today, Apple brings in about 25 million new users every month. Apple today has a vast range of products with a considerable amount of customers worldwide willing to buy them.

Hence, if a company is planning to develop its app, iOS is the way to go. Not only will it have a better reach, but also there is a possibility that it will gain a lot more popularity in a short amount of time. 


As has already been mentioned, iOS provides top-level security at all times. It is comparatively a lot more secure than many other operating systems. Mobile applications, in general, tend to store a lot of personal data which tends to become an issue of security many times. 

However, the closed system and security restrictions imposed by iOS on all its products make it a much safer option for developing apps. Apple provides a lot of effective security mechanisms like Keychain, data encryption by passcode, or App Transport Security which enables app developers to use SSL.

Apple also provides a security framework to protect its user information, building trust, and control access to the software. Their security services tend to promote the following goals:

1. Firstly to establish a user’s identity through authentication and then granting access to its various resources. This is done through password autofill, shared web credentials, authorization services, authorization plug-ins, and sessions.

2. Securing data both in the device’s disk and across a network connection via Keychain services and prevention of insecure network connections.

3. Ensuring the validity of a code that is to be executed for a specific purpose through code signing services, notarizing software before distribution, preparing your app with Pointer Authentication, App Sandbox, and hardened runtime.

More Paying Clients

Apple emerges victorious over its competitors when it comes to clients who are willing to pay more. Apple attracts clients who in general, have a larger paying capacity than other customers. As discussed before in the article, iOS users are willing to pay for the apps more than Android users. An average cost of an Android app is $3.79, whereas the average cost of an iOS app is $2.01. This generates more who are willing to pay for these apps. 

The Apple App Store thus proves to be much more profitable than its Android counterpart. As per the revenue report of 2017, the revenue generated by the App Store was $38.5 billion, which was almost double the revenue generated by the Google Play Store, which was around $20.1 billion. Therefore, businesses that are cost concerned and want to generate money, especially the smaller start-ups should opt for iOS for developing their apps. 

This will fetch the company a lot more profit which will help in the overall development of the business. Investing in developing an iOS app is a great idea for companies running on smaller capital investments. This will help them to fetch larger amounts of revenue from launching an app in the App Store.

So if you are a company that is just coming up, or even if you are already well established, consider developing your business app on the iOS platform for a better reach and greater profits ensuring a brighter future for your business. 

Great Consumer Experience

Great consumer experience is an important thing to think about before developing any app. Because the ultimate goal of a businessman should be customer satisfaction which fetches you more profits. And as we know the main part of high-end users spend on iPhone devices

The numbers are also rising consistently with the release of the latest versions. Thus, there is a high demand for iPhone apps as businesses don’t need to miss on this segment of probable buyers. This is the basis for app development companies to comprise iPhone app development as a vital part of their service portfolio.

It is a known fact that Apple masters the perfect user experience for each device when designing and creating it. All from the graphical interface, screen layout, animation standards to navigation are intended with the expectations of the customer satisfaction in mind. 

This means that all variants of iPhone and iPad are extremely performance-driven, and therefore an iOS app can deliver a much better customer experience. This leads to happy customers with fewer complaints, higher benefits, and indeed improved sales. If your customers are happy, they are willing to upgrade faster and try new features which ultimately helps the app developers. 

The Apple Interface 

The reason behind an organization making its application is to give better customer service. It is believed that the more charming the application is, the better would be the organization’s association with the customer. Apple users always appreciate the regulated environment of their devices.

In addition to that, they also enjoy the easy and enjoyable interface of iOS apps. This helps to ease the work of iOS app developers. These highlights can make the organization’s application more attractive to utilize and increase sales. 

The iOS user interface is nothing but based upon direct manipulation, using multi-touch gestures. Interface control elements consist of sliders, switches, and buttons. Apple has been significantly praised for incorporating thorough accessibility functions into iOS, enabling users with vision and hearing disabilities to properly use its products. 

Reach to the Tech-SAVVY Audience

The iPhone is always an attractive device for Tech-Savvy audiences because of it’s new models releasing which is increasing iOS users. For any business attracting new customers is as important as keeping the old customers. 

With well developed and attractive UI, any business can easily entice new customers. And when compared to Android, the iOS reach to the Tech-SAVVY audience is more. It is because of its new models entering the industry every year with the introduction to the new technology. Thus iOS app developers have more scope to reach out to people. And thus, to spread more awareness of the brand one should design & develop an iOS app in an innovative way. 

Allow to Penetrate Developed Countries Markets 

Growing the business and establishing the roots in foreign countries will be the ultimate dream of every company. It is a known fact that iPhones are quite popular in developed countries like the US and UK. Also, Apple’s legacy and quality are well-established enough to guarantee success for your iOS apps. Google’s legacy in-app domain is nothing when compared to apple’s. 

On the other hand, android apps have to struggle with millions of new apps released to the market. Even after investing highly in top-rated android app development companies, it is highly uncertain if the app will make sufficient revenue to recover the initial investment. 

But when it comes to iOS apps, it is not like that. Because it is said that once a smartphone user experiences iOS, then they will never be satisfied by any other OS. And android apps have to battle stiff competition as there are too many apps crowding this segment. 

Thus having an iOS app enables the company to expand its business in developed countries. Due to the popularity of iPhones in these countries, your company can have a good chance to take a firm stand in their market. And this is how you can spread the wings of your business just by designing an iOS app.             

Low Fragmentation and Easy Testing

There is only one update that apple develops every year on its existing OS. Also, the number of Apple devices is lesser when compared to android-based ones. Hence, Android apps have to be tested comprehensively to work well on all the versions of Android OS. Whereas iPhone apps just have to meet the testing process of the prevalent iOS versions. This greatly reduces testing time and guarantees a quick time to market for iOS apps.

The Android market is seriously fragmented. Only 10.4% of Android users are using the latest OS version and whereas the majority of users are still using three-year-old versions. This gives a big problem to businesses. They have to spend on developing apps that are suited to all popular versions of the Android OS. All this requires a higher cost of app development and is a bit hectic process. 

But Apple’s market is a consolidated one. Nearly 89.8% of iPhone users are using iOS 12, which is the latest version of OS. This is a good portion of a user base and practically possible for any business to reach. This is what triggers them to turn towards a reputed iOS app development company. 

Thus low fragmentation and easy testing help the iOS app developers

High Return on Investment

iPhone apps have a greater return on investment than Android apps. This is a fact that adds on to the benefits of iOS App development, to a huge extent. Android apps generate less than 10% of the total money spent on making it, so if we financially look at this, iOS is more profitable than Android. 

But to get the best of the revenue generation opportunities from your iOS application development process, keeping an eye on the mistakes, tips, and tricks, and other related information would be a great advantage for you. Thus designing new iOS apps without any mistakes can fetch you more money out of your investment.  


Whether you choose to create an iOS app or go the Android way, the decision needs to be taken after gathering deep insight into both the platforms. The choice should be defined by the various considerations, including your target audience, your budget constraints, and whether the focus of your application applies in making money or expanding your reach. 

And as we have stated above, iOS is more preferable by any app developer. Because iOS has a good reputation and rich consumer-base worldwide, it is the best platform that offers the highest security and tempts businesses to make it their priority in developing mobile apps. In any way, iOS is the best choice for app developers. 

Thus there is no other platform better than iOS if you plan to develop an intuitive and user-friendly application. Because iOS mobile app development is rightly considered as one of the most profitable resources which can increase your business growth. iOS is the perfect platform for secure mobile app transactions. 

These days, privacy is crucial, and no one wants to neglect it at any cost. So, if you have a platform where they feel secure of whatever activities you do, then surely you must without a doubt go in for it.

Bhavesh Kachhadiya

Bhavesh Kachhadiya is Sr. iOS Application Developer at USS LLC. He likes to share iOS app development tips & tricks.