Any website that utilizes WordPress as its content management system is a WordPress website (CMS). The backend of the website (where a user logs in to make improvements or add new content) and the frontend are powered by WordPress (the visible part of the website that your visitors see on the web). Here are only a few samples of the kinds of websites you can use WordPress to create:

Best WordPress Tutorial List

A blog is a specific form of the website dedicated to sharing tips, photographs, reviews, tutorials, recipes, and so much more. Blogs first view the most recently released content.

An e-commerce website helps you sell online products or services and receive payments via an online payment mechanism. To expand the default features of WordPress, you can download and install a WordPress e-commerce plugin so that you can have an online shop on your website.

Company Website:

Many firms will enjoy providing an online presence in the form of their website. WordPress is an ideal choice if your organization wants a platform for clients to hear about your business and what you have to sell. You will be called by customers, ask for a quote, arrange an appointment, and many more.

Website Membership

A website membership helps you to place content behind a paywall or login to an account. Users must log in or pay for the content to view pages or posts. With external plugins, WordPress will manage membership websites as well.

Portfolio Website:

With a portfolio website based on WordPress, show off your artwork, design skills, and more. A forum website may be a convenient place to ask questions or exchange advice with people. Believe it or not, several websites for the forum run on WordPress.

Website Of The Event: 

Organizing an occasion? WordPress makes it easy for you to share the specifics of your event and sell tickets.

E-Learning Website: 

From an e-learning website, students can take online classes, track their progress, download tools, and many more. You can deliver online courses from a WordPress website with a particular plugin called a WordPress LMS plugin.

Wedding Website: 

Share your big day’s info with a WordPress-built wedding website. You can get a website up fast and with an array of WordPress wedding themes. If you wonder why WordPress is such a used content management framework for websites, here are some of WordPress’s advantages as a website platform.


WordPress lets you publish and create content for your website. You can use WordPress, even as a beginner.

The Price Is Free

it is free to download and access the actual WordPress program available on But, for web hosting and a domain name, you would need to pay.


From personal blogs and online retailers to online magazines and newspapers, WordPress lets you create several kinds of websites.

Easy To Use– 

You can use WordPress to create and maintain a website or use a word processing app such as Microsoft Word.

Open-Source Tech

WordPress is open-source software licensed under the GNU General Public License (GPL), ensuring that a particular corporation or organization does not own it. To make things easier, hundreds of engineers and users cooperate and add to the app. The open-source spirit implies continuous changes for all, transparency, and free use.

No Need To Know To Code: 

To create a website, WordPress reduces the need to code. Though WordPress uses many coding languages to use WordPress, there’s no need to know any of them.

Extendable With WordPress Plugins

With WordPress plugins, the primary WordPress platform can be expanded. WordPress plugins are pieces of software that you can upload and add more features to your website (such as e-commerce, SEO, backups, contact forms, and more). The plugin directory and a flourishing premium paid) The plugin market has thousands of free WordPress plugins available.

Customizable with WordPress themes, the website’s architecture and configuration are provided by WordPress themes. You can alter your website’s whole look with the click of a button by applying a new WordPress theme. More complex WordPress themes are more like page builders for WordPress, allowing you even more control over your templates.

Website Security

While no website network is 100 percent stable, with a diligent security team of core developers and customers, WordPress security improves. Widespread security concerns with WordPress are due to user bugs rather than the program itself.

A Vibrant Group Of Users And Developers-

You can even get active with the broader WordPress community through your nearby WordPress Meet up, Word Camps, and more when you have a WordPress website. WordPress has a reputation as an accommodating, supportive, and creative community.

Although there are plenty of free plugins and themes, most serious WordPress domain owners invest in premium paid) plugins or themes. A premium plugin and theme industry. You’re purchasing a reputable premium plugin or theme, including new updates, security fixes, and more will pay for the continued growth and maintenance of the plugin or theme.

WordPress is a CMS (Content Management System) that is pretty simple to use, yet any job seems overwhelming while you are a novice. Here is a compilation of 15 excellent WordPress tutorials for beginners to help you cope with the challenge. General WordPress tutorials are the first ten tutorials covering all about it or a specific everyday job, such as setup after installation or creating an essential WordPress plugin and a simple WordPress theme. For those of you who prefer viewing over reading, there are even some video guides.

1. Lessons For WordPress From WordPress.Org Itself

The first tutorial worth testing (and reading) is from the WordPress developers themselves. It is a very detailed guide that discusses anything from beginners to sophisticated topics around WordPress. The parts for beginners are written in an easy language, but you will still understand the tutorial even though you have no idea of WordPress. It might take you weeks if you intend to read it all, but for a simple familiarisation, a day or less will do.

2. Cheat Sheet for WordPress

Cheat Sheets are widespread with programmers and designers since the essential principles in a language or technology are seen. Here the same concept applies-the most relevant PHP snippets are seen on one page for models, navigation, loops, etc., which are useful for a fast search.

3. For Programmers, WordPress

While this is a video tutorial, I have listed it here: WordPress for artists because of its unique intent. A separate section of WordPress is described in each video in the series. The videos are supposed to be one a day, but you can watch them all in only a couple of hours if you have the time. The knowledge circuit might be a steep one if you have no idea about WordPress, but if you are not a total stranger, then this is an easy movie to see.

4. WordPress Learning: Most Useful Tips and Tutorials

This Smashing Magazine article lists several tutorials for WordPress, not all of which are beginner material. Still, because they are all helpful at one point or another in your WordPress meetings, it makes sense to search them. You may not recognize many hacks right now, but you’ll enjoy them when you master WordPress.

5. A Full Tutorial on WordPress

Here is one more full tutorial for beginners on WordPress. It’s written in the style of how-tos, unlike the others. This ensures that you can skip straight to it instead of trying to jump right to it if you are stuck with a complex mission, such as how to add a theme or how to backup your WordPress installation. To find it, browse through chapters and pages. The website also includes a video course that you may like to study.

6. An Ebook From WordPress

Youtube guides are adorable, and so are extensive online tutorials. If you want to download and read a tutorial offline, a much better choice is an eBook in pdf format. The tutorial in the link is this.

7. After Download, How To Customize WordPress

WordPress is known for its fast and simple download, so if you have already installed WordPress without a hitch, your job now is to set it up. After you complete the installation, this video explains in great detail what you need to do. WordPress configurations are very well defined, but even if a setting is not self-explanatory, this guide shows your configuration choices.

8. A Free WordPress Guide on How to Make a Website

This guide is another tutorial that covers WordPress moves for beginners. What’s more, before you launch WordPress, it starts-it also describes how to locate and register a domain name and how to set your host for the installation of WordPress.

9. How To Build The WordPress Plugin Very First

Within WordPress, modularity is a core term. You get the core features you later extend with plugins when you launch WordPress. If you can’t discover a plugin that does what you want, you will still need to write it yourself, while there are thousands of free plugins available. It is not an effortless job to write WordPress plugins, but if you want anything fundamental, you can do it, even if you are not a writer. More of this is discussed in this tutorial.

10. How To Build Scratch’s WordPress Theme

You may be asking why you chose to create a WordPress theme of your own with so many fantastic and free WordPress themes, not to mention the paying ones. Well, you won’t be asking this question after spending days looking in vain for a free or paying subject that does what you want. It’s not very difficult to construct a simple WordPress theme, and this guide, while a little outdated, is one of the best tools to develop your simple WordPress theme from scratch.

11. How To Build Scratch’s WordPress Website

This is yet another guide about creating a WordPress website from scratch, except this time, it’s a video tutorial. It’s a very detailed and very long lesson (more than an hour and a half), so this one is only for you if you like to learn from videos than from reading tutorials.

12. In One Hour, Create A Business Website (On WordPress)

Here is one more video guide that demonstrates how to create a WordPress website in basic terms. The guide attempts to create a business website because most people are presumably interested in this, but its tips are right for every website, not a business one.

13. In 15 Minutes, How To Build A Website Make A Website

This tutorial is excellent for anybody who wants a simple way to create a good WordPress blog. The site you’re trying to create isn’t going to be fancy, but it’s more than decent. One of the points I like about this video is that they even sell it as a download of an eBook, which is much more comfortable in my mind if you want to check something instead of watching it from beginning to end.

14. Sensitive Tutorial For WordPress Theme

This is hardly the most straightforward WordPress tutorial you can find, but I wanted to add it because sensitive themes are way more comfortable than other themes. This is not a single tutorial, but a multipart sequence (such as 25 series or more!), so it might take a day or more to watch everything, so this is one of the better outlets if you are concerned about responsive themes.

15. Build A WordPress Website For Ecommerce In 3 Hours!

Finally, here’s one more video tutorial for those of you who want to create an e-commerce platform using WordPress. Many e-commerce sites might indeed be easier to use than having a WordPress e-commerce site. Still, if you are already acquainted with WordPress itself, even if you choose to add an e-commerce segment to your WordPress site, WordPress is OK to choose as an e-commerce platform. To see what to do, watch the video. Some of these WordPress tutorials are easy-peasy, while others need more initiative (and some pre-existing abilities).

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