Mobile app development has opened a lot of new opportunities for online dating. There are a huge number of dating apps are available out there with which many users are searching their partner online.

Dating-App: Advantages, Features & Cost

Because of the hectic schedule of people, visiting bars, going out to meet someone has become difficult. Luckily, with the help of dating, now you can meet someone special without spending much time. So, before you proceed with your business in dating applications, have a look at its advantages.

High User Retention Rate

The retention rate of an application is determined by analyzing the engagement of the user on the application after installing it on their phones. Of course, it is important to build a long-lasting connection with people rather than just attracting users to install the application. As you know the popularity of dating apps is increasing with each passing day. According to a survey, people on average spend 90 minutes in a day, therefore, you can consider starting your business in a dating application.

Huge User Base

It is not surprising that there is a huge user base which is one of the biggest advantages of a dating application. Mobile dating service is available for all kinds of people regardless of gender, caste, religion, age, and interests helping people to find one of their interests.

High Revenue

Developing a mobile dating application is a good option. According to sources, one of the most successful dating applications is Tinder and according to statistics, tinder makes up $800 million in revenue is generated with this application. So, you can consider the success and profit of the dating application. 

Now, What Features Should Be There In a Dating Application?

Some features should be there in a dating application at any cost if you want to generate a good application that is loved by all the people. Have a look at these cool dating app features:

User Profiles

It is the user profile that introduces users to their potential matches therefore your profile should be genuine. The people who will show interest in you, first check your profile, your interests, hobbies and the description you have given in profile about you. People want their profile to be a reflection of the personality you have.


Of course, when it comes to dating applications, matching is one of the most important features. The main task of a mobile dating application is matching the different profiles of the users with the available algorithms. With the help of the quick profile matching algorithm, you can focus on chats with your partner rather than spending time on matching profiles, interests, hobbies and so on.  


Of course, you can’t create a dating application like Tinder which a successful dating app without having a real-time chat column in it. So, the user can talk to the people whom they like to talk and can initiate a conversation and if the receiver also finds interest in the sender then he/she can reply as per his/her preferences.

Some Unique Dating App Features Need to Integrate into a Dating App

Apart from these common cool dating app features, some unique features should be there in a dating application. Have a look at these unique dating app features:


To improve user engagement, Geolocation is one of the best features. Not everyone wants to connect with the one who lives thousands of miles away so, for that Geolocation is a great feature integrated into a dating application. It offers a feature to the customer that they can themselves pick regions from the location suggestions given in the application.  

Social Media Integration

To keep your users engaged, social media integration within the application is a great step. However, at the same time, it should be noted that security and privacy should also be taken as the primary concern while adding this feature to the dating application.

Push Notifications

Any mobile dating application development services should have push notification features so that the application can keep the users engaged. It keeps the user’s information, catch up, engaged and keep your users encouraged so they will return to the application soon. 

What is the Cost of Making Dating App like Tinder?

The cost of the dating application depends on several factors such as the features included in the application and the development strategy used by the developers. Though basic features should be there in every dating application but some other features can be added gradually later to keep your users satisfied and happier. Of course, the better the application is, the better security it will provide, the worth of its bill is.

A native IOS app development cost can be up to $35,000 while the cost of a native android development can be around $30,000 and the cost of a hybrid dating application can be estimated at up to $50,000. The cost of making an app like Tinder can be up to $50,000.

Features That Make a Dating App Successful

While all the above-given dating app features make a dating application successful but at the same time there is a feature that we can’t ignore at any cost and that is the privacy and the security of the application.

Privacy and security

The main feature that makes a dating application successful is privacy and security. Whenever it comes to generating a dating application, the primary concern should be the privacy and security of the information of the user. As you know, you have to deal with the personal data, pictures of the users, therefore, it is your responsibility to keep all the data confidential and secure. All aspects of security should be taken into consideration while developing a dating application. 


So, in the end, you have got all the required information regarding the features of the dating application so if you are looking to generate a dating application, you can get generate a successful dating application. It is important to complete your customer’s expectations if you want to be successful in this field. Apart from that, it is important to analyze the market trend, needs of the market regarding it.

Kinjal Savaliya

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