Gone are the days when youngsters used to find their match sitting in a canteen or a coffee shop. Technology has changed this dating scenario completely, now you can easily find your perfect match sitting at home with the help of some amazing dating mobile apps.

The concept was introduced in the ’90s but back then it was not that popular but now with dozens of dating app solutions singles have started relying on the apps like tinder to find their perfect match.

Some Statistical Facts About The Dating World

As per the recent survey, it has been found that there are almost 8000 dating apps available, which are used by nearly 500 million people all over the world. The maximum number of people using these dating apps are from the USA, and this is the reason that the USA alone has 2500 dating apps in its kitty.

However, where on the one hand it is good to have so many options to choose from, it can also lead to massive confusion as with so many dating app solutions in the market, the quality is bound to deteriorate.

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In the same survey, it has also been revealed that 30% of users fall in the age group of 18 to 29. Surprisingly only 25% of these users log in to these sites for hooks ups. Otherwise, maximum numbers of people rely on these sites to find their perfect match for a relationship. Also, the inclination of men towards these sites is much more than women; almost 62% of dating app users are male.

However, if you think that these USA dating app solutions contribute nothing to the economy, then you are wrong as this industry generates almost 2 billion in revenue every year.

Looking at the stats, it is evident that there is still enough demand, but developers need to come up with fresh, vibrant, and value-for-money concepts to beat the competition. Those who intend to build their dating app must understand the superior functionality of the same.

The Principle of Dating App Functionality

Even if there are a plethora of dating apps available, but you may not find any two identical apps; thus, also if you are planning to launch your dating app, you must think out of the box to relate with the users. Following are some of the parameters which may help you to understand the dating app functionality:


The First Interaction With An App

The dating app is just like any other social app, but it caters to a different niche where people come to find their perfect match. While creating an app, you must never forget that the first impression is everything, and that is why you must never neglect the first interaction of the user with your app. No matter how impressive the rest of your app is, but if you fail to deliver initially, it will become challenging for you to make the user stay with your app for a long time.

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Matching Techniques

Users rely a lot upon these apps, thus the moment they enter their personal information, they start expecting to find their perfect partner. To match up to their expectations, you must use the best of the technology and must use complete matching techniques. There are several matching techniques that you may use, some of which are:

  • Location: Most mobile dating apps have a GPS component to find your perfect match within your area.
  • Mathematical Algorithm: This algorithm is used to find the similarities between two people with the help of a questionnaire. It helps to find the compatibility between two people.
  • Advanced behavioral matching: The technology is getting smarter and thus take help of advanced behavioral method to check the behavioral compatibility. Dating ios and Android app developers prepare a system wherein the data from social media is gathered for analysis. It is the same technique that Netflix and Amazon use to create the user’s personalized recommendation list.

How Much Does It Cost To Make a Dating App?

Now that you know the principle of dating app functionality, you must also know about the cost you may need to bear for WordPress dating website development.

As a dating app developer, you may need to decide whether you want to develop an app for iOs or Android, but as far as costing is concerned, there is minimal difference between the two. Costing may depend on an hourly basis at the rate of $50, which comes from around $16,500 to $24,050 to develop a dating app. However, this is the approximate costing, and it may vary based on features.

How Do Dating Apps Make Money?

If you think that dating apps make money by providing paid membership, then you are mistaken. Developers need not make the group paid to generate revenue as there are many other monetization methods to earn money from these applications.

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Here are some of the ways to generate revenue from these dating apps:

  • Premium version: Most of the features of these dating apps are free of cost; however, paid premium membership allows the user to have unlimited fun by accessing these apps without advertisements. Moreover, paid membership can help to boost the performance of the user’s profile.
  • Gifts: Those who have found their prospective match on these apps can have paid access to these gifts like kisses, greetings, and other love gestures.
  • Advertisement: 90% of the revenue is generated through advertisements only. Integration of multiple advertisements will help a dating app developer to create the receipt; however, make sure not to overuse the ads as it may hamper the user’s fun of using the same.

These dating apps have a lot of potentials to generate revenue, but it requires a lot of dedication, and out-of-the-box ideas for any developer to stay ahead in this dating app world.



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