In the field of passenger transportation, dozens of indicators must be constantly monitored and the work of a large number of people should be monitored. Without high technology in these matters can not do. The taxi application makes the service easier, speeds up the reception of applications, and solves several other important tasks.

How to Build Your Own Online Taxi Booking App in 2020

Residents of cities with busy traffic and a limited number of parking spaces prefer not to buy a vehicle, but rather use rented cars, taxis, public transport, and bicycles. Thanks to services like Uber and Zipcar, people get all the benefits of traveling by car, without worrying about car repairs or having a permanent parking space. Therefore, the development of a mobile application for renting a car or ordering a taxi is the right choice for a modern transport company.

Taxi app builder specialists will develop and launch a taxi ordering application. They will advise you on the possibilities that the taxi program creates.

Application As A Marketing And Service Tool

Thanks to the rapid development of information technology, taxi application has become an indispensable tool for marketing and service. But the application for calling a taxi performs other functions, complementing and expanding the capabilities of the site. These are two fundamentally different, non-competing tools.

Mobile services for iOs and Android are ordered by companies that are already working in the taxi industry and how to make an app like uber in android. What will give your business a program for taxi drivers and customers?

Acceptance and processing of orders will occur automatically, and all applications will go to CRM or another accounting service.

Your company will be able to offload dispatchers or even abandon them completely.

You will reduce telephone costs by 20-80%. The indicator depends on the positioning of your business and marketing strategy.

Improve customer service. In the application, we implement the function of tracking a machine on a map. Also, the user will see the brand of the car and its number.

The client will be able to order a taxi to one of the addresses that he entered in advance. This simplifies the work of taxi drivers and saves the time of users who use the mobile service.

The taxi service program allows you to pay for services with a bank card, which you will attach to the application.

A mobile service can show the driver’s rating and reviews about it.

The taxi app development services for drivers allow you to control the work of taxi drivers. It makes it possible to save data on completed orders, routes, and mileage.

The ability to control the process of each order in real-time.

If necessary, the taxi application for drivers allows you to quickly connect employees and disconnect them from the system.

The application will have a built-in loyalty program for customers. The ability to receive bonuses and discounts will increase the number of regular users of your service.

And, of course, you will save time on the acceptance of each order. It will take less than a minute to receive and process the application! This will work not only on speed but also on increasing the popularity of your service, as well as building an excellent reputation.

This is essentially a system of two applications and a CRM system. Let’s see how it works.

How to Make an App Like Uber in Android Studio?

The finished product includes:

An application for drivers that allows them to take orders and interact with administrators.

An application for customers in which passengers place orders, track their history and pay for taxi services.

The administrative panel of the application. Here, business owners will be able to track and analyze all the important indicators. The administrative panel can display the number of downloads, order history, reviews, statistics of each driver, etc.

Taxi Apps

Order And Launch The Product

Program For Taxi Service

You have already seen that a taxi application for drivers and passengers is necessary for business. But how to order its development? How much will the finished product cost?

The next step is a deep immersion in the needs and requirements of the business.  This offers a general concept for a future application with a detailed description of functionality and design.

The experts and marketers agree on all the details of cooperation. It determines what the new taxi program will be, the price, and other important details.

When all details are agreed upon, we sign a development agreement. It spells out all key details, quality guarantees, and deadlines.

In each of the projects, we use modern and effective solutions and technologies. They make mobile services convenient and most useful for users and customers.

Pay much attention to design development. This is necessary to make the application the most convenient and easy to use. So it will help to increase the brand awareness of your company. The taxi app development cost in India is very affordable and depends upon the app features.

The taxi app developers will help not only with application development! We can take on the comprehensive promotion of your business, using all the key tools of Internet marketing.

See examples of work in our portfolio and order development of mobile applications in Avada-Media. Call today and your business will be launched at a new high level.

Those taxi operators who started with barn bookings and now have successfully mastered the application for taxi drivers could not help but feel the difference.

Thanks to the program, there is no need for a bunch of actions – periodically phoning drivers to find out where they are currently, whether they are moving in the right direction, then how the order is being executed and, finally, if the contractor is freed, all this is displayed on the monitor with all the details necessary for the operator. However, first things first!

Application For Customers

It allows you to quickly and conveniently create an order for the carriage of goods, choose a suitable vehicle, pay by credit card, create a pending order for the date and time, tracks the location of the designated driver during the execution of the order, and much more

Service Consists of Modules

A simple application for the passenger is provided by the operation of four modules:

API Server and Databases

The system is built on instantly running Node.JS technology

Admin Panel

The panel for the Service Owner, Director of the connected taxi fleet, Operator is thought out

Mobile App

Well thought out applications for Passengers and Drivers.

Website For Ordering From A PC

A site for customers who do not want to install applications, but want to place an order

At the request of the Customer of the application, the composition of the modules can

How to Make App Like Uber in Android Studio

The possibilities of the program for taxi drivers, if not unlimited, are rather extensive:

Each operator of the company has his own account, which reflects all his activities – the number of orders received, drivers who have gone online, deleted orders, as well as refusals from them. In short, everything that can shed light on the work of a particular operator

Using the menu bar, you can access absolutely any program window. Perhaps this is its main advantage

All statuses of orders, “The driver accepted the order”, “The driver pulled into place”, “The driver refused”, “The client is in the car”, “Settlement completed”, etc., are in full view. But for greater clarity, it is recommended to use the coloring settings – this will facilitate their perception

Often, for technical reasons, the subscriber may not receive an SMS message or automatic call back of the robot. The taxi dispatch program completely excludes such torment: the status of the call or message is also displayed. If a checkmark was formed in the corresponding column, then the call was successful, and if they cross – the call was not successful.

This can happen for various reasons – the subscriber is busy, drops the call, or the telephone system does not work. To eliminate such embarrassment, the operator is obliged to periodically check his work by dialing a number

The pre-order 20 minutes before its execution goes into “Current orders”. If the driver has secured the order for himself as he arrives at the terminal, he must confirm it. If he doesn’t do this, any other driver may very well intercept him.

It is possible to track financial issues – top-up accounts of drivers working for a percentage, driver income per shift, and even organization income. You can also control the position of drivers and fuel consumption.

The program is undoubtedly convenient. Is it complicated? At first, it seems so. But, as you work, using it is very convenient. You just need to download the program for taxi drivers on Android and configure the application. In the settings, you can change the main menu items, as well as various information.

Using modern software allows you to improve the system and ultimately receive additional profit for a company that has been working in this area for a long time or very recently.

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