Holidays are a one-stop time for shopping if you are a customer or seller. This is the season consists of a lot of festivals and you know very well Discounts and bumper offers are outcomes of this festive season. 

From a seller’s point of view, you have to pre-plan your strategies and everything is going to be finalized after you conquer this period. To capitalize on any festivity, you need to be prepared everything in advance at the right place and at the right time with an efficient amount of capital.  

Increase ROI by Holiday


Mobile apps have become a turning point in the development of any venture. In today’s world, everybody loves to go digital and a smartphone is used by almost every person. Digital connectivity is at its peak, and this growth is triggered by mobile apps. 

Statistics show that more than a billion people are using mobile phones today! This means that companies have a market with millions of users experience choose to make an app and serve them. With a mobile app, there’s a massive trickle in the potential revenue for your business, and you’re connected to a wider audience.

This festive season you can bring home gifts of profits with a mobile app!  There are five ways to do this:

Advance Planning: 

Planning in advance needs to be done for its better implementation to ripen every benefit of Festive holidays. The super fresh example will be Christmas sale; the bells and stars would hanging everywhere, Christmas themed rewards and so on. And, this all is not getting ready on the spot, it requires months of planning to make it perfect accordingly. 

Inquire now

The most important thing is to analyze every point to avoid future miseries by employing an analytics tool to see Customers’ behavior. So, get your plan ready and have a good implementation!

Theme-Centric Offers

Everyone loves to be in trend and is attracted by the trendy surroundings nearby them. This is the most effective and efficient way to increase the appeal of your mobile applications and match them suitably. This all will be reflected in the responses and outcomes you’ll get in the end.

You’ll notice a Santa’s hat on several apps and frost-themed architectures during festivals like Christmas. This makes users excited and interesting. By reorganizing your design to fit a trend, you’re going to create a massive impact on customers, and the ROI is going to see a huge increase in the mobile app industry.

Price Variances

You may think while asking your customers to pay which discourages them from using our app but the real scenario says otherwise. When you are offering top and updated services to your customers, you are totally free to make certain variations in price slots. You will get definitely analytical and bigger for what you pay.

 In-app shopping is often shown in games, in which the user is welcomed to unlock levels, characters, etc. with a small fee. An implied user will not hesitate to pay for a service; but at the same time, the service must be of the highest quality.

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The statistics show the annual revenues of the Alibaba Group from 2010 to 2019. In the fiscal year ending 31 March 2019, the Chinese e-commerce company Alibaba recorded consolidated revenues of 376.8 billion yuan, which amounts to approximately US$ 54.5 billion.

Promotional Activities

The best way to earn your customers by facilitating them with attractive rewards and benefits to them. The most suitable example of this is Amazon Prime. 

Users can enjoy a wide range of services with a regular payment! The Prime upgrade offers users a bunch of goodies from films, music, and discounts. The same thing may seem unprofitable at first for your service, but as more and more people sign up, you will see a fantastic rise.

Push Notifications

The festival season is the key time to regain the profits out of your old customers. You can visualize this trend in several apps, and once the purchase is made, they send thank you, Visit again notification to them. 

According to a study, the Push notification can increase your app retention rates from 3 to 10 percent

This recorded data can be properly utilized in the festive seasons where you can earn a lot of profit from your customers by offering them discounts and the requirements according to their previous purchase. 

Mobile app development is an interesting field, as is incredible moneymaking. When you develop every strategy with a core focus to make your customers satisfied, it will imprint huge footsteps in the mind of users and make your reputation profile as a benchmark in the minds of users. Build your marketing strategies on these insights and prepared long-term engagement plans to get massive outcomes in the festive sales.

Build your app now and steal the customers this festive season and all the customers, don’t forget to steal the discounts!

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