Are you looking for ways to monitor instant messenger chat and voice calls? The widespread adoption of WhatsApp, Facebook, Line, Snapchat, and many other instants and social messengers have revamped our way of communicating. With these messengers, communication has become more fun. You can exchange photos, videos, stickers, emoticons, links, locations, and more stuff through these high-tech instant messengers.

However, the excessive and unsupervised use of these communication apps can be dangerous for children. The apps like Kik and Tinder have been reported for causing severe damage to younger children by providing a haven to bullies and child predators. This article discusses how parents can safeguard their children from the potential dangers of the commonly used instant messengers by tracking chats and voice calls.


Monitoring App for Instant Messengers

The technologists have provided parents with monitoring software to keep an eye on the online and offline activities of their children by tracking the digital devices. Once you get your kid’s smartphone installed with an instant messenger tracking app, you can supervise all of their chats to protect them from online harassments, child molestation, and scamming.

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The surveillance app lets you supervise the use of popular instant messengers, including Facebook Messenger, Snapchat, WhatsApp, Kik, and more. You can gain access to text messages exchanged by your children through social messengers. Read on to know how you can spy on instant messenger chat and voice calls of your kids.

WhatsApp Messenger

WhatsApp is currently the most popular instant messenger having millions of active users across the world. The popularity of the messenger is credited to the high-tech features of the messenger that have made communication fun. Using the WhatsApp messenger, the user can exchange text, stickers, emoticons, photos, videos, voice, links, GPS location, documents, and more. The communication app also offers video and audio calling wit individuals and groups.

The spying software for WhatsApp messenger lets you supervise your kid’s chats on the online platform. The app automatically syncs conversations and calls logs of WhatsApp and uploads it to a secret online account. Parents can log into that account to read the uploaded chats and review logs of voice calls. Also, the high-tech spyware allows accessing media exchanged via instant messenger

Monitor Facebook Messenger

Facebook messenger offers more or less the same features as the WhatsApp messenger does. You can exchange messages and make audio-video calls with individuals and groups. The tracker software installed on your kid’s mobile phone lets you supervise your kid’s Facebook chats. It syncs conversations and calls logs and allows retrieving them anytime from the online account of the spy app.

Track Tinder Chats

Tinder is a commonly used social media and dating app messenger which allows partners to communicate and plan meet-ups. Parents can supervise their kids’ conversations made via Tinder to ensure their security and to protect them from sex offenders. The surveillance app for instant messenger also provides access to friend-list and dating preferences of children.

Supervise Kik Messages & Calls

Kik is considered the least secure instant messenger to be used by children. Due to the absence of parental controls, the messenger is being used by bullies, scammers, and predators. Parents can protect their children from the potential dangers of Kik messenger by overseeing their kids’ Kik chats and calls.

The surveillance software for cell phones syncs the incoming and outgoing instant messages and voice call logs to enable parents to review their teens’ online conversations.

Record Snapchat Messages & Calls

Snapchat is gaining immense popularity among social media users, thanks to its self-deleted messages and entertaining photo filters. The messenger lets you exchange your edited photos and videos with your online fellows. Whatever you trade with the help of this social messenger get automatically deleted from the sending and receiving device.

The automatic deletion of chats encourages teens to use this app for sexting. The consequences of sexting and sharing sexually explicit photos and videos are well-known.

Parents can supervise their kids’ Snapchat messages and calls with the help of the spying app for android smartphones App Solution. The Android spyware app automatically records a phone screen when your kid starts using Snapchat. It captures all messages, call logs, and friend-lists.

The screenshots taken with the help of the tracker software lets you oversee almost every activity performed on this messenger.

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How to Get Instant Messenger Monitoring App

To keep tabs on the social media and instant messenger usage of your kids, you can get their android mobile phones installed with a cell phone tracker app. Download and install the app on the phone and start tracking the most commonly used instant messengers right away.


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